New MPC wheels in 2011

MPC wheels の新作 Black Widow F and XF が CadoMotus Shop にラインアップされました。両方共に、何だコリャ!と思った StormSurge のウィールプリント柄を引き継いでました。

MPC Wheels

Inline speed skate wheels. Worn by the winners of 22 World titles in 2008, MPC Speed Wheels are the performance leaders in inline speed skating. Showing the world the benefits of flex and footprint shape with their patented technology in 2004, they have been imitated ever since. For 2010, CadoMotus introduced SPIN-R wheels, which offer the best prices in the market.

MPC reveiled its collection for 2011. New this year is the Black Widow, a price point single layer wheel, based on Road War compound. Never change a winning team. The Road War wheels remain unchanged. New for 2011 is the Storm Surge Firm. From now on, when it rains, there are two choices. For slippery and real slippery conditions

MPC Black Widow

MPC Black Widow F

MPC Black Widow Firm

MPC Black Widow XF

MPC Black Widow Ex-Firm

MPC Road War wheels broke all records in 2010. Now MPC introduced a wheel based on this compound, without using the multi layer MTECH technoly. The result: a price point semi-race wheel for road use. Available in Firm and Ex-Firm hardness..
Diameter: 84 mm 90 mm 100 mm 110 mm
CadoMotus: MPC collection 2011

MPC StormSurge

MPC Storm Surge F

MPC Storm Surge Firm

MPC StormSurge XF

MPC StormSurge Ex-Firm

MPC Mtech wheels are created via multi-step pouring/molding, enabling the creation of multiple layers of urethane material - each with specific, and different, properties.

Where rubber wheels are effective at reducing shock, they are easily abraded or worn down. Urethane and hard plastic wheels offer durability, but they provide a rough ride. The dual-material construction of MPC Mtech wheels combines shock reduction and durability.

MPC's patented Mtech (multi-layer technology) wheels use a soft (super-ball like) highly resilient inner layer that acts as a pneumatic tire, wrapped in a highly durable outer layer. The inner layer acts as a cushion for the hard outer surface. The inner layer deforms, flattening on the edges during a turn to provide a larger footprint, then returns to its original shape for less rolling resistance when upright.

Mtech provides the largest footprint (for grip), highest rebound (for speed) and firmest outer tread (for durability) available.

MPC Mtech wheels are the product of fundamentally different engineering than regular speed wheels. Each MPC wheel type is different in feel and performance characteristics, so a particular MPC wheel can be suited to more track/road conditions than you might expect.

FIRM and EX-FIRM are relative measures of hardness WITHIN a wheel type, and represent a difference of approximately 2 durometer on the A-scale.

For example, STREET FIGHT EX-FIRM is harder when compared to STREET FIGHT FIRM, but its EX-FIRM rating is not comparative with FIRM or EX-FIRM in another wheel (eg. The VT).

Weight/wheel (grams): MPC Mtech (all models) 90mm = 114g, 100mm = 121g, 110mm = 139g
Diameter: 84 mm 90 mm 100 mm 110 mm

Wet surfaces, rain.
For‘dry road’performance in wet conditions.

The STORM SURGE has redefined wet-weather skating.

The only wheel specifically designed for performance in the rain. Far superior grip on wet surfaces, combined with good roll, mean the STORM SURGE has no equal. Rain races around the world in 2007 have been split in half - with those who‘have STORM SURGE’at the front, and those who don't at the back.

Official announcement: MPC Road War recall

(May 26, 2011)
Wezep, Netherlands
To: all MPC wheels skaters and dealers

Dear MPC user,

As the MPC distributor in Europe, we have become conscious of delaminating MPC wheels and braking hubs. Despite the percentage of failure wheels is not any higher than previous years and still matches high standards, we are aware of the impact and possible consequences of the wheels that do fail.

After extensive testing and research, we found out that it is one specific shipment of wheels, that faces delaminating problems. This batch went to the European market Februari 1, 2011. More specifically, the problems occur with Road War wheels, 110 millimeter, Firm and Ex-Firm. Please note that according to our research, delaminating of the urethane is the main failure. The braking of the hubs is in almost all cases the effect of a crash, not the cause.

We sincerely ask you to send back all MPC Road War 110mm wheels to your CadoMotus/MPC retailer. Only wheels purchased at a CadoMotus retailer after February 1st 2011 and only new wheels or minor used wheels are subject of warranty. This recall is valid until June 15th. After returned wheels will be examined by your retailer and CadoMotus, we will replace the wheels which are subject of warranty mid-June. Replacement wheels come from a new batch of MPC wheels which cope with our high quality standards.

We have set up our own Quality Research and we assure you that we handle every new MPC delivery with extra carefulness, in order to avoid any of these problems in the future. Our first tests have ascertained us that the new MPC wheels, which arrive mid-June, are of even better quality than in 2010. This means MPC wheels will remain to be the best inline skating wheels in the World.

We sincerely apologize for this situation and for any inconvenience which might have occurred as a result of failure wheels.

Sincerely yours,
CadoMotus Skating BV,
Diederik Hol


Pure Skating News: Official announcement: MPC Road War recall