BONT New 2 Point Frames

BONT が 195mm マウントの 2 Point フレーム、4X110mm 13.2" と 4X100mm 12.8" を販売するようです。World Championships 2010 が開催される Guarne で撮られたスナップ写真から、この話題になったようです。リリースは年明け早々だそうです。

BONT New 2 Point Frames

by Danger Racing (Oct. 19, 2010)
Bont has been working on some new stuff that will allow 2 and 3 points. Alot of their skaters have the Boots, and I got word from Alex that a frame is do out VERY SOON.

Should be good for Bont.
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Bont Skates FB post:
(Oct. 20, 2010)
We will finally have a new 2 point frame called the 3PF. Funny name for a 2 point skate because this will not only be a 2 point 195mm frame but it will also accommodate a new high end setup for 3 points. This will really be an exciting new frame for 2011 because it will be a frame that will fit on any brand of 2 point boot + our new 3 point 195mm setup. As this new setup will not be released until early next year, I hope that you all can keep this 3 point setup a secret until then. I will be releasing photos that do not show the middle point of the frame for now as you can see in the photo attached. This frame will only be offered for the Z and Vaypor.

Here is a sneak peek at our new 2 point 13.2" 195mm 4x110mm sub 200 gram 7051 aluminum frame. The frame is scheduled to be released in January 2011. It will also be available as a 12.8" 4 x 100mm that will also fit 105mm wheels. The edges will be beautifully beveled and the graphics will be laser etched.

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Bont's 2011 Products

(Feb. 12, 2011)
Bont's new 2 and 3 point frame the 3PF will launch in April. It will be our biggest new frame launch since the release of the 3 point frame. Pics will follow soon.

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Bont's 3PF frame

(Mar. 1, 2011)

Like nothing you've ever seen.
Like nothing you've ever skated.

We set out on this project to create an object of desire while servicing the needs of professional athletes. By exploring recent developments in CAD/CAM engineering, we were able to create an extremely complicated concept that pushed the boundaries of modern design and crea...ted something truly exciting.

The design was then tested in our 3D simulator which tests the frames strengths and weaknesses in a real skating simulation. The design was tweaked and re-tested. The 3PF design went through over 200 days of virtual testing and tweaking before the first frame was crafted.

The 3PF frame can be attached to a 195mm 2 point boot or our new 195mm 3 point boots. This gives you the most flexibility of any frame available to mix and match a setup that suits your needs. For example, indoor skaters want the flexibility of a 2 point frame whereas road skaters want the strength of a 3 point.

Bont is all about challenging the industry's concept of what an inline frame should look like. Our frames really are a combination of science meeting art. Take the magnesium S-frame which is the world's lightest frame or the patented Sniper design which was the world's first no void frame. At a time when other frames on the market all look like knockoffs, it is refreshing to see another truly new design from Bont. You won't find a creation like 3PF at companies that make generic copies.

Bont engineered the 3PF with our legendary 3 point system which totally eliminates all base boot flex. The curved carbon boot base produces the stiffest sole on the market and guarantees that none of your energy gets absorbed by the boot. The patented 3 point design is brought together with the best materials and the most advanced inline frame computer stress test simulations on earth.

The 3PF frame offers you the highest level of design combined with the best materials and the most advanced testing procedures on the planet. Bont's 3PF frame provides athletes with a level of performance unrivaled in the industry. Like nothing you've ever seen. Like nothing you have ever skated.

Sizes 1054 and 1104
Weight of 1104 approximately 185g
Available approximately end of April See More
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