WIC Overall results 2010

WIC 2010 の総合ランキングのトップ3が発表されました。Powerslide勢強し、資金面で全レースに参加できなかったチーム選手にとっては、アンフェアなランキングのようですが、ルールではシンプルに累積ポイント獲得順で決定です。野球のように率とか平均とか違った評価基準のランキングも面白いと思いますが、いかがでしょう。

Overall ranking 2010 Men, Ladies and Teams

(Oct. 16, 2010)
Finally the official WIC overalls are available. Yann Guyader won his second overall title. Kalon Dobbin finished and impressive 2nd. PS/Matter dominated the overall teams classification.

In the ladies WIC Checy Baena took a close second place behind Giovanna Turchiarelli. It was an exciting battle right down to the end. As soon as we have the full results we will post them.

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Congratulations to Giovanna and Yann and a big thank you to all for the fantastic season!
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Interview with Yann & Chechy

To provide a little bit more than just pure racing, Joost van Schaik teamed up with POWERSLIDE skaters Cecilia "Chechy" Baena and Yann Guyader and had a nice little interview. Enjoy!