Sk-force Racing 2010

Sk-force Racing2年前に採り上げた SK-Force Racing の Facebook で新製品が紹介されています。前回のOEMらしき怪しげなブーツがレベルアップ!。今年のフレームもウィールもOEM製造を依頼したメーカーが判る、由緒正しい、まっとうな製品となっているようです。

Sk-force Racing 2010

Sk-force Racing Pro Edge boots

2010 Pro Edge boots is now Available ,Soon your local distributors in your country will have it

Sk-force Racing Navigator Frame

Sk-force Frame Navigator Mounting 195mm
4x90 12.0 - 4x100 12.8 - 4x110 13.2 - 3x110 x100 12.9
stronger, lighter, and flexible order yours now

Sk-force ECLIPSE 110mm Wheels

Do you know? Sk-Force wheels use the best materials for the manufacture of the wheel. The mission is to improve the wheels increasingly to have the best wheels in the World, and is why the manufacturer of the wheels is called Wheels World record. Our chemist at the wheel has been in the industry for over 31 years. He has searched and found the best materials for the manufacture of the wheel.

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