14th Asian Roller Skating Championships

14th Asian Roller Skating Cnampionships第14回アジアローラースケート選手権大会が7月16日から中華台北高雄市で開催されます。参加国数は昨年とほぼ同様のようですが、現地情報は極々一部に限られ、追加更新は期待しないで下さい。韓国サイトか日本参加選手のブログの更新を期待したいところです。

The 14th Asian Roller Skating Championships 2010

The 14th Asian Roller Skating Championships 2010 will take place from July 16th to 26th at Kaohsiung City. Chinese Taipei .

Participating countries and regions:
Bangladesh, China, North Korea, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Macau, Singapore, Mongolia, Pakistan, Chinese Taipei ------ and other countries.

Kaohsiung City : http://w5.kcg.gov.tw/tourism/
Japan Roller Speed Team
    Senior Men : Shinki Yamamoto, Hideaki Kita, Takashi Komatsu, Keita Suga,
    Senior Women : Nachi Shinozuka, Suzuka Ohtake
    Junior Men : Kengo Kawabata, Ryu Watanabe, Nobuyasu Zetsu,
    Junior Women : Misaki Saika,
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Hideaki Kita Blog: ヒデポンの世界への挑戦
Nobuyasu Zetsu Blog: マイクロスーパーたっちのブログ
Team BLIZZARD: http://blizzardtokyo.blogspot.com/
daiskating: http://daiskating.spaces.live.com/
りゅうパパのきもち: http://8.pro.tok2.com/~yyz/hns-lite/ and 14th ARSC Photos

Track Day 1 - 19th July

Chinese Taipei team got 6 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze in track races of 19th July.
初日、E 15000m で山本選手が表彰台に上りました。

Junior Women T-T 300m
  1. Chen Ying-Chu (TPE) 26.638
  2. Kuo Yen-Ling (TPE) 26.848
  3. Jeong Eun Chae (KOR) 27.677
    Junior Men T-T 300m
    1. Im Jeong Hin (KOR) 25.035
    2. Kim Min Su (KOR) 25.334
    3. 季宥隆 (TPE) 25.470
    Senior Women T-T 300m
    1. Huang Yu-Ting (TPE) 26.369
    2. An Yi Seul (KOR) 26.393
    3. Yang Ho-Chen (TPE) 26.867
    Senior Men T-T 300m
    1. Song Ching-Yang (TPE) 24.085
    2. Lo Wei-Lin (TPE) 24.283
    3. Jang Su Chul (KOR) 24.499
    Junior Women E 15000m
    1. Fan Chih-Ling 范芷綾 (TPE) 28:17.481
    2. 李孟竹 (TPE) 28:17.541
    3. Lim Mi Kyong (KOR) 28:17.577
    4. Suh So Hee (KOR) 28:35.543
    5. Niloofar Mardani (IRA)
    Junior Men E 15000m
    1. 陳彥成 (TPE) 26:51.050
    2. Choi Gwang Ho (KOR) 26:51.721
    3. 林宗男 (TPE) 26:52.729
    4. Lee Sang Chol (KOR) 26:54.497
    5. Farshid Shayan (IRA) 27:04.949
    Senior Women E 15000m
    1. Woo Hyo Sook (KOR) 29:32.828
    2. Pan Yi-Chin (TPE) 29:33.236
    3. Lee Ji Hyeon (KOR) 29:34.902
    4. Yang Ho-Chen (TPE) 29:42.408
    5. Suzuka Ohtake (JPN) 29:42.836
    Senior Men E 15000m
    1. Liao Yen-Sheng (TPE) 24:07.084
    2. Son Geun Seong (KOR) 24:18.855
    3. Shinki Yamamoto (JPN) 24:19.201
    4. 張君丞 (TPE) 24:20.548
    5. Hideaki Kita (JPN) 24:26.249

    The 14th ARSC is begun at Kaohsiung


    Taipei 3 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze


    Song Ching-Yang win TT 300m.


    Taipei got 6 gold in Track Day 1

    Chinese Taipei team to the first day until the deadline has won three gold two silver and one bronze, a very successful performance. As the roller skating at the Asian Games in Guangzhou in November this year, the first is listed as an official project, which also make this Asian Championships to be seen as "a prelude to the Asian Games", in particular, attracted much attention.

    Sidelines of the audience almost crazy, because the Chinese team player Liao Yansheng first thrust, or even a full lap ahead of other players a whole.

    With superior strength and willpower, Liao Yansheng lead all the way to the end, the Chinese team before making a gold medal.

    Asian Roller Sports Championships 2010, No. 19, the war in Kaohsiung, the first afternoon, the first activity is 15,000 m long-distance space racing, the Chinese Taipei team was outstanding, in addition to gold medal men Liao Yansheng, the women also won the silver medal Annie Zhen. Youth group is Houshengkewei, women, Fan Zhi Ling and Li Meng bamboo cover 12, the men's Chenyan Cheng and Lin Zongnan is separated 13.

    Total to date, has won three gold two silver and one bronze in the good results. Also coming soon to 300 meters short space Sprint also came under scrutiny, couples file Huang Yuting and Luo Wei Lin said that although the goal put the Guangzhou Asian Games in November, but the game must face the full sprint.

    In addition to Huang Yuting and Luo Wei Lin, recently won the World Cup in one hardware's Song Qingyang, the focus is also sidelines. The Asian Championships a total of 11 national team to participate, of which the world number one South Korean team is picked out with players in addition to fighting for individual achievements and also took the opportunity to gather information on competitors, to 11 months to prepare for the Guangzhou Asian Games .
    Asian Roller Sports Championships 2010 held in Kaohsiung , the Chinese team tournament on the first day off yesterday, 6 gold, 4 silver, 3 bronze proud achievements, especially in the male and female adult 300-meter time trial project, breaking the world slip record.

    Stretched ready to go, No. 32, Chinese Taipei's Song Qingyang back out of the starting line, the speed at which immediately set a remarkable progress.

    24.085 seconds for the results not only beat last year's World Games gold medal Songqing Yang brothers and Luo Wei Lin, also sliding world record, for the first time to participate in the adult 300-meter race, Song Qingyang blockbuster performance.

    In addition, last year's World Games tournament won four gold sector pulley couple files Luo Wei Lin and Huang Yuting, this time Luo Wei Lin Although placing him in the adult men's silver medal, but the performance is still brisk Huang Yuting, 26.36 seconds broke the world record the same.

    Although only kill a small scale, but the players from the first day of the Chinese calendar, including 10 005 1 000 meters and so on, to win six gold medals, so that everyone in the match against the Asian Games in November this year, before the confidence. Kaohsiung's report
    PeoPo 公民新聞: Songqing Yang, Huang Yuting gold and E 15000m Results (July 19, 2010)

    Track Day 2 - 20th July

    2日目も台湾勢の快進撃が続き、メダル合計が金12、銀8、銅 9 になりました。
    Junior Women 1000m
    1. 官英蓉 (TPE) 1:54.792
    2. Chen Ying-Chu (TPE) 1:54.973
    3. Lee Ga Ram (KOR) 1:55.243
    4. Jeong Eun Chae (KOR) 1:55.787
    5. Niloofar Mardani (IRA) 1:57.785
    6. Bhalla Kanika Manjitsingh (IND) 1:57.786
    7. Elham Modir Dehghan(IRA) 1:59.740
    8. Lee Wai Yin (HKG) 2:00.120
      Junior Men 1000m
      1. Im Jeong Hun (KOR) 1:32.950
      2. Chao Tsu-Cheng (TPE) 1:32.999
      3. 张世豪 (TPE) 1:33.327
      4. Kim Min Su (KOR) 1:33.391
      5. Maniyar Parth Tushar Bhai (IND) 1:35.231
      6. Hooman Fahimi (IRA) 1:35.241
      7. Amirsepehr Rabiei (IRA) 1:36.364
      8. Zhao Xiaoyu (CHN) 1:37.512
      Senior Women 1000m
      1. Huang Yu-Ting (TPE) 1:33.621
      2. An Yi Seul (KOR) 1:33.701
      3. Pan Yi-Chin (TPE) 1:34.078
      4. Lim Jin Seon (KOR) 1:34.380
      5. Yan Yonghong (CHN) 1:34.510
      6. Hasthanthar Anand Pragna (IND) 1:35.225
      7. Suzuka Ohtake (JPN) 1:36.681
      8. Sharanya Mahesh (IND) 1:36.861
      Senior Men 1000m
      1. Lo Wei-Lin (TPE) 1:28.193
      2. Nam Yoo Jong (KOR) 1:28.559
      3. 尤仁澤 (TPE) 1:29.376
      4. Eum Han Jun (KOR) 1:30.129
      5. Raja Pratheek (IND) 1:30.429
      6. CHUNG Anthony Pui Wan (HKG) 1:31.232
      7. Pooria Ghasem pour (IRA) 1:32.560
      8. Takashi Komatsu (JPN) 1:32.978
      Junior Women P&E 10000m
      1. 李孟竹 (TPE) 17:58.496 30p
      2. Lim Mi Kyong (KOR) 17:57.063 15p
      3. Fan Chih-Ling (TPE) 17:50.040 13p
      4. Suh So Hee (KOR) 17:49.924 12p
      5. Bhalla Kanika Manjitsingh (IND) 18:03.300 0p
      Junior Men P&E 10000m
      1. Chen Yan-Cheng (TPE) 15:56.881 34p
      2. 林宗男 (TPE) 15:57.101 20p
      3. Lee Sang Cheol (KOR) 16:09.869 14p
      4. Choi Gwang Ho (KOR) 16:38.254 6p
      5. Venugopal Varshith (IND) 17:00.641 0p
      Senior Women P&E 10000m
      1. Woo Hyo Sook (KOR) 17:37.855 25p
      2. Pan Yi-Chin 潘怡蓁 (TPE) 17:38.985 20p
      3. Yang Ho-Chen (TPE) 17:41.132 15p
      4. Nachi Shinozuka (JPN) 17:38.455 9p
      5. Lee Ji Hyeon (KOR) 18:53.635 4p
      Senior Men P&E 10000m
      1. Liao Yen-Sheng (TPE) 15:58.506 26p
      2. Son Geun Seong (KOR) 15:48.224 14p
      3. 柯福轩 (TPE) 15:48.422 10p
      4. Shinki Yamamoto (JPN) 16:10.921 8p
      5. Hideaki Kita (JPN) 15:48.293 6p

      Taipei got 6 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze


      Taipei total 9 gold, 6 silver and 6 bronze


      Junior Women 1000m


      Junior Men 1000m


      Senior Women 1000m


      Senior Men 1000m


      Luo Wei Lin, Huang Yuting Double gold -Chinese Taipei 12 gold 8 silver 9 bronze

      Luo Wei Lin, Huang Yuting The 2nd day of the 14th Asian Roller Sports Championships, "pulley couple file" Luo Wei Lin, Huang Yuting both with gold in the 1000 meter sprint; total of 20 Chinese teams include 6 gold, 4 silver and 6 bronze medals, two-day total of more than 12 gold 8 silver 9 copper revenue. 21 racing track race there last day of the event, welcome to the Kaohsiung City Yangming Skating Rink cheer for the players.

      The day before losing in the 300-meter time trial Luo Wei Lin, 20-meter sprint in 1000 to take the initiative to take the lead twice in the final sprint speed to lead all the way to the end of the attitude Chuang gold. He was satisfied that he can "lead" competition, also feels that some action is not enough fluid, I hope to continue efforts to get back before the relatively smooth feel.

      Finally won the first gold of the Games, Luo Wei Lin said the Chinese team performance is really good to see so many people got a gold medal, some pressure is really mind.

      Two consecutive days are gold medal Huang Yuting, 20-meter sprint in the 1000's start was not good; she said, 1,000-meter distance is not long, only five laps, my greatest fear is beginning to be South Korea opened the gap . Fortunately, Huang Yuting although way behind, but the use of superior cornering skills, at the last moment of the turn ahead of the competition, and steadily to lock the second gold medal.

      Huang Yuting, said the quake sprint is very important, she began to start a little slow, but fortunately was not a gap, a chance to reverse the situation in the final.

      PeoPo 公民新聞: Chinese Taipei got 12 gold, 8 silver and 9 bronze and Point 10000m Results (July 20, 2010)

      Track Day 3 - 21st July

      Junior Women 500m
      1. Chen Ying-Chu (TPE) 44.791
      2. Kuo Yen-Ling (TPE) 45.287
      3. Garam Lee (KOR) 45.376
        Junior Men 500m
        1. Im Jeong Hin (KOR) 42.856
        2. Chao Tsu-Cheng (TPE) 42.976
        3. Kim Min Su (KOR) 42.981
        Senior Women 500m
        1. An Yi Seul (KOR) 43.857
        2. Liu Fu-Jen (TPE) 44.027
        3. Huang Yu-Ting (TPE) 44.579
        Senior Men 500m
        1. Lo Wei-Lin (TPE) 41.948
        2. Song Ching-Yang (TPE) 42.184
        3. Eom Han-Jun (KOR) 42.380
        Junior Women 3000m Relay
        1. Chinese Taipei 4:20.784
        2. Korea 4:22.724
        3. India 4:37.3834
        Junior Men 3000m Relay
        1. Chinese Taipei 4:04.624
        2. Korea 4:05.290
        3. India 4:18.298
        Senior Women 3000m Relay
        1. Korea 4:51.450
        2. Chinese Taipei 4:51.572
        3. India 5:05.709
        Senior Men 3000m Relay
        1. Chinese Taipei 4:05.869
        2. Korea 4:05.793
        3. Japan (Yamamoto/Kita/Suga) 4:12.351

        Luo Wei Lin, Song Qingyang 500-meter sprint with gold and silver medals
        At Kaohsiung in a heavy rain, making the finals of racing venue schedule, delayed start to the evening until 10. The results, Luo Wei Lin, Songqing Yang Jin M 500 meters at the Asian sprint Zhaijinduoyin; Huang Yuting is step on the runway caused by rain break, the gold medal lost to South Korea An Yixiu.

        With 3000 meters relay, Asian Youth Male, Asian young women, Asian men's gold medal Kam, Jin Asian woman silver, Chinese Taipei and then revenue 21 5 gold, 5 silver and 1 bronze, a total of 17 gold, 13 silver and 10 bronze.

        Zhaijinduoyin's Luo Wei Lin (41.948), Song Qingyang (42.184), 21 in the race, did not run with the lead; result, around the second corner after the use of straight ahead Luo Wei Lin, Song Qingyang in the also caught up the last corner, both won gold and silver. South Korea's attempt in the final 200 meters, Luo Wei Lin pull shot, but did not catch up with Luo Wei Lin, but so Songqing Yang grabbed the opportunities.

        Horse before the stumbles of Huang Yuting (44.579), before discovered after the corners are caused by rain break, to remind everyone to be careful. The results did not expect to start running a race, but slid into a crevasse Huang Yuting own, slipped to lead South Korea's An Yixiu vacate (43.857), Chinese Taipei athletes Liu, Fu Jen Catholic (44.027); the last 200 meters, Huang Yuting no longer those firms, and everything is "not injured" as a principle.

        According to the rules of roller skating races, the rain delay was at least the first game in three hours, three hours, if the weather conditions, site factors, or failing that, to declare a delayed schedule. 21, the afternoon rain, at 3 pm has been from the bottom at 9 pm, the game scheduled 6:00 to 9:00 first announced the delay, the rain stopped, the more immediate site preparation, determine the race resumed from 10.

        A heavy rain led to delayed four hours schedule, Huang Yuting, said the runway water is quite soft and easily broken by pushing one more may cause injury, it must be done to restore competition venues to confirm. Although still very much care about performance, but she stressed that the heavy rain caused slippery site, race strategy will be adjusted, and everything is "not injured" as a principle.
        PeoPo 公民新聞: Chinese Taipei got 12 gold, 8 silver and 9 bronze (July 20, 2010)