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スケートパークで滑っているのは若いスケーターだけだろうと思っている人は多い。しかし、10代の高校生も10年以上経てば30歳の社会人になっているわけで、実はイイ大人だって滑っている。どんなスポーツでもやり続ける事で知る奥深さ、面白さがある。そう言う意味ではインラインスケートも成熟したスポーツと言える。やめないで良かったと思えるまで、続けよう。社会人の Jeremy Cloe さんがレクチャーしているの投稿ビデオを見て、もっと自然体でパークスケートを楽しむ大人が増殖して欲しくなりました。

Jeremy Cloe

Jeremy Cloe, a UNLV Film graduate, has been working full time as an editor and cameraman since 2005. He grew up in Las Vegas, spending most of his time freestyle competitive rollerblading. Unable to skate for a year after a serious injury, he picked up a camera to film his friends. It was here that he discovered filmmaking. Within two years he had released his first skate video nation wide and decided to attend college to hone the craft. During his time at UNLV he made numerous short films, which won him three audience choice awards, two best director awards, two best short film awards, two best screenplay awards, one best cinematographer award and one best editor award. He had two films shown at Cinevegas international film festival in 2008 and another two in 2009. With no plans to slow down, Jeremy currently has several music videos and a feature film in the works.
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Off the Couch - Rollerblading

(June 2nd, 2010)
Tonight I had the unique opportunity of embarrassing myself in front of the highly acclaimed Jeremy Cloe, named in ONE rollerblading magazine as one of the top four Elite rollerbladers of 2009. It started as I dug out my rollerblades – handed down to me by my nephew seven years ago, and used precisely twice since then.

Even knowing Jeremy was there to merely teach and coach, I was intimidated. I put on enough pads to be accused of being the Michelin Tire guy, and Jeremy took me over to a small three-foot quarter pipe. After Lesson #1 (“Don’t lean back – that’s how you fall.”), I put my skates on the edge and leaned forward (which feels like you are going to fall flat on your face). Then I rolled right down. From there he had me drop in from three-foot, four-foot and six-foot bowls. I started to actually build some confidence.

I think Jeremy thought it this was the opportune moment to push me to the limit. Now he wanted me to drop in, come up the other side on an angle, then slide or “grind” along the coping for a few feet, and turn and drop back in. Well this one was a little more difficult. But out of the 10 times I tried it, I only ended up on the ground…every time. I scraped my knee, tore a hole in my pants, hit my shoulder, and had truly never had a better time injuring myself. There is just great joy and pleasure that comes from learning something new and accomplishing something you faced with some initial trepidation.

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