The MPC's price goes up!

CadoMotus Shop が扱っている MPC wheels の価格を来月から値上げすると告知しました。これだけユーロが値下がりすると、企業努力だけでは対応できなくなってきたのでしょう。とりあえず、私は円高の恩恵を受けている事に感謝。

Price increase MPC wheels

May 21, 2010
CadoMotus ShopWe have avoided raising MPC prices for as long as possible, but we can no longer prolong the inevitable.

Due to high demands, limited production capacity and thus limited availablity from the MPC factory, we are forced to do multiple courier shipments to cope with urgent needs from the market.

The Euro-Dollar rate put margins under pressure once more, going 'up' from € 1,35 to € 1,23.

This means Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP) go up € 2,00 per wheel:
    84mm - € 14,00
    90mm - € 15,00
    100mm - € 16,00
    110mm - € 18,00
This price increase goes into effect June 1st, 2010.

We hope you will understand the necessity for this price increase.

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