Gross-Gerau 2010

Sportverein BLAU-GELB GROSS-GERAU時同じく、ヨーロッパ各地でレース開催中ですが、各国の有名選手が多く出場する "The 32nd International Speedskating-Kriterium" がドイツ Gross-Gerau で4月23日から25日まで開催中です。

32. Speedskating-Kriterium 2010

7th International Speedskating Sprint Cup : 300m Sprint

(Apr. 23, 2010)

Senior Women

  1. Erika Zanetti (Team Italia) ITA, 25.989
  2. Jercy Puello (Flyke Racing) COL, 26.371
  3. Erin Jackson (Bont Wheels) USA, 26.823
  4. Cecilia Baena (Powerslide Matter) COL, 27.113
  5. Desire Contenti (ASD Juvenilia) ITA, 27.260
  6. Laethisia Schimek (Powerslide Phuzion) GER, 27.287
  7. Bianca Roosenboom (CadoMotus) NED, 27.377
  8. Jana Gegner (Deutschland Team) GER, 27.539
  9. Mareike Thum (Powerslide Matter) GER, 27.546
  10. Paola Segura (Valle) COL, 27.661

Senior Men

  1. Andrés Muñóz (Powerslide Matter) COL 23.628
  2. Joey Mantia (Simmons-Schankel) USA, 24.029
  3. Andrea Angeletti (Team Italia) ITA, 24.144
  4. Matthias Schwierz (Bont Arena) GER, 24.146
  5. Kalon Dobbin (Powerslide Matter) NZL, 24.523
  6. Etienne Ramali (Team Deutschland) GER, 24.866
  7. Marco Beni (ASD Juvenilia) ITA, 25.065
  8. Niels Provoost (ZRC Zandvoorde) BEL, 25.278
  9. Carlos Pérez (Valle) COL, 25.335
  10. Riccardo Cavalli (ASD Bellusco) ITA, 25.345
  • 7th International Speedskating Sprint Cup: Results

Andres Munoz 300m World Record

Location: 32. Int. Speedskating Kriterium in Groß Gerau, Germany. April, 23rd 2010
Columbian superstar Andres Muñoz showing the audience why he is one of the fastest speed skaters in the world. See the groundbreaking world record of 23,628 seconds over 300m Sprint in Groß Gerau, Germany.

32. Internationales Speedskating Kriterium Groß-Gerau

(Apr. 24, 2010)

500m Sprint

Senior Women

  1. Jercy Puello (Flyke Racing) COL, 44,588
  2. Sabine Berg (National Deutschland) GER, 44,654
  3. Erika Zanetti (Team Italia) ITA, 44,660
  4. Paula Segura (Valle) COL, 44,811
  5. Nicole Begg (X-Tech MPC Team) NZL, 45,246
  6. Hanne Wouters (RSC Heverlee) BEL, 45,051(H)
  7. Mareike Thum (National Deutschland) GER, 45,109(H)
  8. Cecilia Baena (Powerslide World) COL, 45,623(H)
  9. Erin Jackson (Stouwdam Team) USA, 45,731(H)
  10. Mariska Huisman (Cado Motus Team) NED, 46,772(H)

Senior Men

  1. Andrés Munoz (Powerslide Matter) COL, 38,905
  2. Kwinten Tas (ZRC Zandvoorde) BEL, 39,426
  3. Kalon Dobbin (Powerslide Matter) NZL, 39,497
  4. Fabio Francolini (Powerslide World) ITA, 39,536
  5. Bart Swings (CadoMotus World) BEL, 39,599
  6. Carlos Perez (Valle) COL, 39,988(H)
  7. Joey Mantia (Simmons-Schankel) USA, 41,149(H)
  8. Reyon Kay (Bont Arena Geisingen) NZL, 41,367(H)
  9. Marco Rebagliati (National Italien) ITA, 41,458(H)
  10. Ferre Spruyt (CadoMotus World) BEL, 41,639(H)

Gross Gerau 2010 - 500m sprint

5000m Point

Senior Women

  1. Mareike Thum (National Deutschland) GER, 11p
  2. Nicole Begg (X-Tech Team) NZL, 10p
  3. Simona Di Eugenio (National Italien) ITA, 8p
  4. Paula Segura (Valle) COL, 5p
  5. Bianca Roosenboom (Cado Motus Team) NED, 4p
  6. Arianna Arcidiacono (A.S.D. POL. Bellusco) ITA, 3p
  7. Cecilia Baena (Powerslide World Team) COL, 2p
  8. Francesca Lollobrigida (National Italien) ITA, 1p
  9. Anniek ter Haar (Bemog/Powerslide) NED, 1p
  10. Jessica Gaudesaboos (Raps team) BEL

Senior Men

  1. Bart Swings (CadoMotus World) BEL, 11p
  2. Fabio Francolini (Powerslide World) ITA, 5p
  3. Diego Rosero (Bont Arena Geisingen) COL, 5p
  4. Joey Mantia (Simmons-Schankel) USA, 4p
  5. Scott Arlidge (Powerslide World) NZL, 3p
  6. Reyon Kay (Bont Arena Geisingen) NZL, 3p
  7. Kwinten Tas (ZRC Zandvoorde) BEL, 3p
  8. Lorenzo Cassioli (Cardano Inline Italy) ITA, 2p
  9. Carlos Perez (Valle) COL, 1p
  10. Felix Rijhnen (National Deutschland) GER, 1p

Gross Gerau Update

by Nicole Begg (Apr. 24, 2010)
Just a quick update before I go to bed. One word to sum up today, LONG. Racing started at 9.30am and finished up at about 8.30pm.

The 500m heats were first up and the quarters and semi's followed soon after. With so many competitors and a tight time schedule everything was run pretty quickly often with no chance to actually warm up on skates.

In the first round of the 500's I finished second behind Erica Zanetti, who broke the 300m World record the night before. Round two second behind Jersy Puello, who was second the night before in the 300m. The third round was stacked, I had Jersy, Erin Jackson, Cecilia and Thum. All skaters that have had medals at either Junior or Senior World Championships and three of them (that I know of, 4 including me) that have placed in that particular event. I finished second behind Jersy and the time was good enough to qualify for the final.

I didn't have the legs to match the girls in the final and finished fifth, Jersy won and Sabine Berg second. The other finalists were Zanetti and Paola (Colombia).

The men's 500 final was stacked with four skaters from Powerslide and Bart. Munoz lead from the start and no one ever looked like passing him. Kwinten Tas surprised everyone, maybe even himself finishing up second and a wobbly Kalon third.

I qualified comfortably in the 5km points race heats, 15 from each heat went through to the final.

The final was tough, I felt like I was at a World Championships on the start line. Colombians to one side, three Italians in front of me, a team of Germans and skaters even wearing radios. It was hard against all the strong national teams with numerous skaters. The early points I got I had to work hard for because I was being marked by a skater. I then managed to get on a few small breaks and collect some points but with no one to catch me in the pack it was hard to recover. I led on points for most of the race until the last sprint, Mareika won the last sprint collecting three points and winning the race. I was second and Di Eugenio third. I was pretty pleased with the race, it was always going to be tough racing against teams of four and five skaters.

The men's race was packed with strong teams but the Powerslide Express (as the announcer called them) couldn't stop Bart Swings and I think Ferre finished second. The men's race was only 5km as well, by the time I got off the track and took my skates off I only managed to see the final sprint.

Tomorrow we have the 10km elimination, I'm not sure how the overall points system works and couldn't find official results before I left the track but I think I'm leading and Mareika in second.
Nicole Begg News: Gross Gerau Update

(Apr. 25, 2010)

10,000m Elimination

Senior Women

  1. Mareike Thum (Na Deutschland) GER 15:53,118
  2. Laura Lardani (National Italien) ITA 15:53,124
  3. Nicole Begg (X-Tech Team) NZL15:53,180
  4. Francesca Lollobrigida (Na. Italien) ITA 15:54,590
  5. Simona Di Eugenio (National Italien) ITA 16:18,967
  6. Sabine Berg (National Deutschland) GER
  7. Tina Strüver (National Deutschland) GER
  8. Paula Segura (Valle) COL
  9. Irene Schouten (Bemog/Powerslide) NED
  10. Mariska Huisman (Cado Motus Team) NED

Senior Men

  1. Bart Swings (CadoMotus) BEL 14:27,356
  2. Fabio Francolini (Powerslide World) ITA 14:27,404
  3. Diego Rosero (Bont Arena) COL 14:28,318
  4. Matteo Amabili (Powerslide World) ITA 14:33,485
  5. Kwinten Tas (ZRC Zandvoorde) BEL 15:02,337
  6. Andres Munoz (Powerslide World) COL
  7. Ferre Spruyt (CadoMotus World) BEL
  8. Scott Arlidge (Powerslide World) NZL
  9. Joey Mantia (Simmons-Schankel) USA
  10. Lorenzo Cassioli (Cardano Inline Italy) ITA

3,000m Relay

Senior Women

  1. National-Team Italien (35 L. Lardani, 37 E. Zanetti, 36 F. Lollobrigida) 04:25,920
  2. National-Team Deutschland (33 M. Thum, 29 S. Berg, 31 L. Schimek) 04:26,417
  3. Venezuela / Columbia (53 J. Puello, 64 D. Guzman, 65 P. Segura) 04:26,446
  4. Stouwdam Team (293 E. Jackson, 55 M. Kamminga, 56 B. Lochland) 04:26,532
  5. Cado Motus Team (16 M. Huisman, 17 B. Roosenboom, 18 M. van der Merwe) 04:28,250

Senior Men

  1. CadoMotus World (89 F. Spruyt, 90 B. Swings, 91 M. Swings) 04:03,931
  2. Venezuela / Columbia (195 D. Alvarez, 291 C. Perez, 292 A. Campo) 04:03,973
  3. National-Team Italien (117 A. Gherardi, 116 A. Angeletti, 118 M. Rebagliati) 04:04,149
  4. National-Team Deutschland (113 F. Rijhnen, 111 E. Ramali, 112 P. Ramali) 04:04,328
  5. Chauvin Arnoux (94 B. Meulders, 95 K. Meulders, 96 W. Meulders) 04:07,085

Overall Lanking in GG

Senior Women

  1. Mareike Thum (National Deutschland) GER 9p
  2. Nicole Begg (X-Tech Team) NZL 10p
  3. Paula Segura (Valle) COL 16p
  4. Sabine Berg (National Deutschland) GER 20p
  5. Francesca Lollobrigida (National Italien) ITA 24p

Senior Men

  1. Bart Swings (CadoMotus World) BEL 7p
  2. Fabio Francolini (Powerslide World) ITA 10p
  3. Kwinten Tas (ZRC Zandvoorde) BEL 15p
  4. Ferre Spruyt (CadoMotus World) BEL 19p
  5. Andres Munoz (Powerslide World) COL 20p

2nd Overall

by Nicole Begg (Apr. 27, 2010)
I haven't had internet the last couple of days but now that is sorted so I'm back online.

On Sunday we had the last race in Gross Gerau, the 10km elimination. I ended up finishing third and Mareika won so I finished up second in the overall ranking. At times during the race I felt like I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. I ended up having to lead a lot because it was either that or be in about 9 or 10th place in the pack behind the German and Italian teams and sprinting each lap not to be eliminated. Watching some of the elimination races beforehand I thought it was safer to be at the front. A lot of skaters were being caught out and eliminated with big trains swooping off of the corners.

I didn't have any skaters that could sacrifice being eliminated for me so I only had one life. I made it to the final five but had to use a lot of energy. On the last lap I tried to pass Laura up the inside before the final corner. If I could race it again I wouldn't have made that choice but at the time she left the gap open and I took the opportunity but it didn't end up paying off. The problem was I didn't get in front of her enough before the final bend and ended up getting jammed into the edge of the track as she started turning in. I couldn't get full cross overs in so I ended up loosing a lot of my momentum. Mareika wound up around the outside and got the swoop. Laura was still at the front a few meters before the line but neglected to lunge so ended up finishing second.

Bart won the mens elimination and Fabio second, with Bart also taking out the overall ranking.

Overall I was pleased with my results, 5th in the 500m, 3rd in the elimination and 2nd in the points race. I didn't do any specific training on my skates in the off season and haven't worked on speed at all. I generally tend to be stronger on the track than the road so I'm happy with the results from the weekend against World class skaters and national squads.
Nicole Begg News: 2nd Overall
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31. Internationales Speedskate-Kriterium 2009, Gross-Gerau


2010年04月26日 10:20
>>> Bart Swings (CadoMotus World) NED, 39,599
>>> Ferre Spruyt (CadoMotus World) NED, 41,639(H)

When did Bart Swings and Ferre Spruyt move from Belgium to the Netherlands?
Yukio Masuda
2010年04月26日 15:16
Hi unicycle,
I have copied official results of the GG. But I know there are many mistake like "Mantia, Joey Powerslide World Team USA". I corrected those. Thank you for a comment.