Asianic Inline Cup Timaru 2010

今月の下旬に Timaru で開催される New Zealand Marathon Championships から AIC 2010 が始まります。日本からの参加は無いと思いますが、レースは23日から30日までの1週間近い長丁場、真冬の日本からすれば、南半球の現地気温は35℃の真夏となります。オセアニアに近い南アジアからの参加がありそうです。

Speedskaters to race after V8 championships

by STU PIDDINGTON - The Timaru Herald (Dec. 24, 2009)
Timaru will be abuzz with speedskaters in the New Year with the Asianic Inline Cup confirmed in conjunction with the New Zealand Marathon Championships.

The marathon championships will be held at the Timaru International Motor Raceway on January 23.

In a unique sporting occasion the skating will take place immediately after the New Zealand V8 Championship round is completed on the Level's track.

The marathon will be followed by an eight stage Tour of Timaru from January 25 to 30 which will include the final two stages being held in conjunction with Waimate Caledonian Sports. The skating will start an hour after the V8 championships.

Asianic Inline Cup executive director Bill Begg said they were hoping some of the car enthusiasts stay to watch the skating and no doubt it will also work in reverse, it's exciting to be back in Timaru and combine two class events.
Nicole Begg
HOT WHEELS: Timaru International Motor Raceway will became a dual venue in January when the New Zealand Inline Marathon Championship race immediately after the V8 Championships finish.

He hoped to have several world class skaters on display, including a couple of world champions in the international field, along with New Zealand's best. Begg said the organising committee was hoping for support in three ways, billeting some of the skaters, sponsorship and spectators supporting the events.

The naming rights for the Asianic Inline Cup, the Tour of Timaru and stage sponsorships were all available, he said.

"As we have eight stages in the Tour of Timaru there is the opportunity to include other sponsors with four different grades and varying ages from young children to masters and the elite.

Begg said skating goods can be given as prizes as usually money is for the top grade competitors only. "Hopefully, with the two events, skaters will see it as an opportunity to come to New Zealand."

Begg said it was three decades since the last speed skating Tour of Timaru. "With a resurgence of speed skating in Timaru and New Zealand it is time to bring back such events, as the local club has a strong and enthusiastic support base of club members who are capable of organising such an event."

Begg was also enthusiastic that the new group of up-and-coming skaters would be given the opportunity to compete on the world stage. "Staging top international events on their home circuits is one step to ensuring the opportunity for future international success of the young skaters."

Begg said three-time world junior champion and Halberg nominee Peter Michael would be making the trip south, which was great news, along with his daughter, Nicole, a former world champion. Speedskaters to race after V8 championships

Sports stars to share limelight

By STU PIDDINGTON (Jan. 22, 2010)
Two of Timaru's best-known sports personalities will be sharing the limelight at the Timaru International Motor Raceway tomorrow.

Johnny Hepburn is well known to motorsport fans at Levels for his racing feats on motorcycles, in trucks and, most recently, in a V8.

He will be joined by twice world inline champion Nicole Begg, who will be taking part in the Asianic Inline Cup skating marathon, which will start after the motor racing finishes around 5pm.

It is hoped the duel sporting event will have a spin-off in crowd support for both.

The car racing has been a regular event for fans but the introduction of the Asianic Inline Cup event in conjunction with the New Zealand Inline Marathon Championships is something new for Timaru.

Unfortunately a number of international competitors and New Zealand professionals have opted out of the marathon, but it will still feature two of the world's best.
Nicole Begg
HOT WHEELS: Timaru's twice world inline champion Nicole Begg and V8 driver Johnny Hepburn will be racing on the same circuit at Levels this weekend.

Palmerston North's Peter Michael holds the world record for the fastest inline marathon.

The former world junior champion stopped the clock at 51min 09sec over the St Moritz Engadine Valley course.

For Begg, it will also be special as it is the first time the 22-year-old will be able to show her talents in front of a home crowd.

Michael is expected to take just over an hour on the 2.4km Levels circuit.

Begg also starts as hot favourite in the women's marathon, but could be pushed by a surprise package in the form of cross-country ski champion Samantha Bondarenko.

Bondarenko is another top athlete trying to cross over to a new sport.

The cross-country skier made history in 2006 by winning two Federation International de Ski races and the FIS Australia-New Zealand Continental Cup Series.

Since then Bondarenko has been training in Dunedin with ice inline coach Brett MacCormack.

Bondarenko will, however, have a big job to beat Begg to a New Zealand title as she closes in on her 100th New Zealand senior or open championship.

Hepburn will also have his hands full tomorrow with his Holden in a very competitive field.

The Fords have had the edge so far this season but Hepburn is hoping to make his way into the top-10 shootout on his home circuit.

"I was within a two hundredths of a second of the fastest Holden at Teretonga so was happy with that and we are heading in the right direction."

Hepburn has had one top-10 finish so far this season so is capable of mixing it up and because Timaru is a tight circuit, the further up a car qualifies the better its chances during the race.

Nelson-based Ford driver John McIntyre is the man to beat, with a 71-point advantage over his closest rival Craig Baird. Sports stars to share limelight
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Asianic Inline Cup

by Bill Begg (Jan. 16, 2010)
Hi All,

The N.Z. Marathon Champs doubling as an AIC event on the 23rd January, followed by the Tour of Timaru & AIC half marathon on the morning of the 31st January, will round up a good competition. The dates clash with national events in India & Indonesia, so we have missed out on several skaters who intended comming over.

The entries will be lead by Nicole Begg & Peter Michelle & a host of other New Zealand World representatives & Oceania champions.

So everyone is looking forward to a top event.


AIC Timaru 2010 ( New Zealand Marathon Championships )

Points System & Overall Grade winners ( In all grades the top 10 score points )
1st (20point), 2nd (16p), 3rd (13p), 4th (11p), 5th (9p), 6th (7p), 7th (5p), 8th (3p), 9th (2p) and 10th (1p)
Overall points for the 8 stages decide the winners of the grades, with the most points.
We like to be able to offer Billits with Families for those from far away.
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N.Z. Marathon champs Levels Raceway Timaru.

by Bill Begg (Jan. 23, 2010)
In near perfect conditions in a mild early evening on the 2.4 km levels car race track, the V8 cars finished & the skaters contested the New Zealand 42 km Marathon titles.

With The Seniors, Juniors & masters all off together in a mass start, the race got underway, master Brett McCormack was one of the first to lead an attack, as was Antony Nalder, before Peter Michael, Nicole Begg & Brayden Judd took up the challenge & steped up the pace, Micheal got away but Nicole Begg got to join him, then a little later Antony Nalder joined in, then after more attacks Micheal & Begg got clear, holdind a 100 to 200 meter lead over Judd & Nalder for quite a while, before opening a substantial gap & lapping all but Nalder & Judd.

Micheal came in 22 secs ahead of Begg in 1 hr.11.36.99 to take over 1in 34 off the old record he held, Begg won in 1 hr 11.58.71 to break the old record she held by 2 mins 29 sec.

Long road ahead: Timaru speedskater Nicole Begg (front, second from left) chats with other competitors at the start line of the New Zealand Inline Marathon Championships for men and women at Timaru International Motor Raceway on Saturday. Begg completed the 42km race in 1hr 11min 58sec to comfortably beat her own national record.

Results :

Senior Men 42 km
  1. Peter Micheal (Palmerston North)
  2. Brayden Judd (Palmerston North)
  3. Antony Nalder (Wellington)
  4. Dale Christopherson (Nelson)
  5. Mason Macarthy (Nelson)
Senior Ladies 42km
  1. Nicole Begg (Timaru)
  2. Samantha Micheal (Palmerston North)
  3. Samantha Bondarenko (Oamaru)
  4. Victoria Bayley (Blenheim)
Junior Men 42km
  1. Kierryn Hughes (Palmerston North)
  2. Mark MacDonald (Christchurch)
  3. Josh Whyte (Kapiti)
  4. Shane Mihare (Palmerston North)
  5. Millar Macarthy (Nelson)
  6. Nathan Henderson (Timaru)
Junior Ladies 42 km
  1. Renee Nyman (Wanganui)
  2. Stephanie Challis (Wellington)
  3. Chole Manning (Nelson)
  4. Tegan Rolfe (Palmerston North)
  5. Rebecca Smith (Wanganui)
  6. Emily Van der Heyden (Timaru)
  7. Nicole Travers (Wanganui)
  8. Jessica Van Bentum (Wanganui)
  9. Breigh Sample (Timaru)
Junior Boys Half Marathon
  1. Miguel Porteous (Christchurch)
  2. Guy McDonald (Timaru)
  3. Matthew Grigg Christchurch)
  4. Nick Frame (Timaru)
  5. Mark McCormack (Dunedin)
Junior Girls Half Marathon
  1. Ruby Ellis (Christchurch)
  2. Analiese Le Roy (Timaru)
  3. Emma Grigg (Christchurch)
  4. Sophie Lowen (Timaru)
  5. Leah McDonald (Timaru)
Masters marathon
  1. Brett McCormack (Dunedin) ( 5th Senior Men )
  2. Krystine Davies (Wanganui) ( 3rd Senior Ladies )
  3. Greg Gurau
  4. Ian Grigg
Novice 1,500 meters
  1. Nico Porteous (Christchurch)
  2. Nicole Grigg (Christchurch)
  3. Scott Henderson (Timaru)
  4. Keaton Swindells (Dunedin)
  5. Michiel van Heyningen (Christchurch)
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'World-class' Begg blitzes to marathon win at Levels

by STU PIDDINGTON (Jan. 25, 2010)
Timaru speedskater Nicole Begg showed her class in front of home fans winning the women's New Zealand Inline Marathon Championship in a record time at Levels on Saturday.

Nicole Begg and Peter Michael
IN MOTION: Timaru's Nicole Begg and Palmerston North's Peter Michael made an impressive pair as they blitzed the field at Levels.

Equally impressive taking out the men's crown was Palmerston North's Peter Michael, who also comfortably broke his own New Zealand record.

The race doubled as a round of the Asianic Inline Cup and it was the first time the event had be held at South Canterbury's home of motor racing.

The pair skated together for most of the 42km journey around the Levels track with Michael skating away from Begg with about 3km left to race.

Earlier both Brayden Judd and Anthony Nalder had been part of the four-person breakaway but could not maintain Begg and Michael's pace over the final third of the race.

Judd grabbed second on the line from Nalder to give Manawatu Speed Skating Club the top two men's places.

Michael's sister Sam was second in the women's field ahead of former cross-country ski champion Samantha Bondarenko, both of whom had been lapped by Begg on the 2.4km circuit.

In a world-class performance Begg stopped the clock at 1 hour 11 minutes and 58.71 seconds, 2 1/2 minutes under the time she set in Palmerston North two years ago.

The 22-year-old was pleased with her performance considering it was her first attempt at the distance since last year's World Championships.

"It was certainly tough as I have been mainly cycling lately but I'm pleased with the time and it's great to do it in Timaru."

Michael, a four-time junior world champion, beat his record from last year by over a minute and half winning in 1h 11m 36.91s.

Both regularly travelled at speeds of over 45kmh on parts of the circuit.

The race was held in near-perfect, overcast cool conditions at Levels, after a motor racing V8 shootout.

Begg led a large contingent of young South Canterbury Rolling Skating Club participants whom she has taught to skate.

Analiese Le Roy and Guy McDonald both finished second in their junior (under 12) half-marathons.

Organiser Bill Begg was delighted with the racing but admitted he would have liked more competitors.

"Nicole and Peter hold the world record times for the marathon from St Moritz and they put on a world-class performance."

Begg senior was also pleased with the junior girls (under 17) marathon field that included Emily van der Heyden and Breigh Sample. "To see the nine girls finish the 42km was fantastic and it gives some depth to the sport in New Zealand."

Skating will continue to be focus with the Tour of Timaru starting tomorrow evening at Caroline Bay skating rink. 'World-class' Begg blitzes to marathon win at Levels

World-class Tour of Timaru

by STU PIDDINGTON (Jan. 26, 2010)
After an absence of more than 20 years, the speed skating Tour of Timaru is back in action with a couple of world-class athletes on display.

Palmerston North's Peter Michael is the headline skater for the men's events and he is almost an accidental junior world champion.

Michael's inline speedskating career started after his mother took him as an eight-year-old to the wrong place.

At the time he was far more interested in giving roller hockey a go but impressed with his speed and was persuaded to stay by the coach and the rest is history.

Since then he has gained four junior world titles over a variety of distances and also won two bronze medals at the senior world inline championships, in the relay and 20km elimination race.

He spent two seasons racing in Europe as a professional.

Something of an allrounder, Michael is also more than handy on a bike and spends time training with Olympian Jesse Sargent.

The 20-year-old is unsure what 2010 will bring in terms of Europe but hopes to represent New Zealand again at the world championships, in Venezuela.

Michael has been impressed with Timaru so far.
Nicole Begg and Peter Michael
STARS ON DISPLAY: Inline speedskaters Peter Michael and Nicole Begg are set to entertain with the return of the Tour of Timaru starting tonight. They are pictured together after both breaking New Zealand records at Levels on Saturday.

"It's not often you get to skate more than a couple of days at an event so the opportunity for multi-days is great.

"Saturday was really cool and well put together."

The women will be led by Timaru two-times world inline champion Nicole Begg.

Both skaters dominated the New Zealand inline marathon championship titles at the weekend, both in record times.

Begg is excited to finally be able to show her skills to the people of South Canterbury and her sponsors, who have supported her over several years.

The first two stages of the Tour of Timaru start at the South Canterbury Roller Skating Club's bank track at Caroline Bay at 6pm tonight.

While the track surface is not ideal, Begg and Michael, along with several others should be able to put on a good show.

Entry is free and some close skating is expected.

The event will be followed by road skating races at the Timaru International Motor Raceway at Levels tomorrow before returning to the rink on Thursday.

After a day's rest the skaters join others, including cyclists, in Waimate at the Combined Sports Carnival. World-class Tour of Timaru