BONT Arena Team 2010

2009年のWICチャンピオン Diego Rosero が移籍すると噂されていた BONT Arena Team のメンバーが決定した。発表されたメンバーは Diego Rosero (COL), Nayib Tobon (COL), Victor Wilking (GER), Reyon Kay (NZL) and Jose Bastidas (VEN) の5人です。


Bill Begg (Dec. 5, 2009)
Diego Rosero to Bont Arena, still conjecture but rumours stronger by the day, But this rumour & negotiations have been going on since around 2004, but with Rollerblade & many other pro teams in doubt, perhaps it is the real deal, with Cali teamate Tobon.

2010_BONT Arena_Skinsui

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Diego Rosero presents the new BONT arena geisingen Team suit

(Mar. 7, 2010)
This week the BONT arena geisingen Team tested the new team suit produced from BONT. During the BONT wheel tests on the VESMACO track in Cali, Columbia we took some pictures of the team.

Diego and Nayib testing new BONT wheels

BONT arena geisingen race suit
arena2009: Diego Rosero presents the new BONT arena geisingen Team suit

BONT arena Team 2010

Press Release of the arena2009
BONT and arena2009 start with a new team in the season 2010

Geisingen / Sydney , we are proud to announce the new BONT arena Team today. It is exiting, that it was possible to launch this new team in the world of skating. With a huge effort from Alexander Bont (Director of BONT) , Sabine Uhrig (CEO arena2009) and Jörg Dietrich (Team Owner) we are able to bring together a professional speed skating team for 2010. In times where some of the big brands stop supporting their teams, we still look ahead in an optimistic way and invest in the sport.

Alexander Bont has been involved as a sponsor of international World Cup skating teams for many years. As a small and innovative Australian skate company he has always been a strong supporter of the sport not only in terms of marketing budgets.

Sabine Uhrig, the CEO from the arena2009 was already closely involved as a sponsor in the 2009 ZEPTO / BONT team. She was the host for the team already in 2009 when many athletes stayed in Geisingen. With the new skate facility soon opening, the BONT arena team will help to promote this facility in the whole world.

Over the last 5 years Alexander Bont has worked closely with Jörg Dietrich, who was the person behind the development of the German ZEPTO/BONT team. The experience of running a team and the engagement with the brand made the decision easy for BONT to support the new team based in the arena2009.

When finished in March, the arena2009 will be the biggest skate arena in Europe. A completely closed 200 m banked track and a beautiful 480 m road course will bring new aspects in the world of skating.

The arena2009 will host its first international track meeting as an opening event from the 17th until the 18th of April 2010.

The race calendar of the team will not be dominated by the World Inline Cup calendar. In the current situation of the sport it is not possible for teams to take part in all international races. The team will be present in most of the big European marathon and track events.

The members of the BONT arena Team 2010

Diego Rosero
WIC-01 (Rollerblade)

Nayib Tobon

Jose Bastidas

Reyon Kay

Victor Wilking
WIC-27 (Experts)

We are proud to announce, that it was possible to convince the World Champion and World Cup overall winner 2009 Diego Rosero (COL), to join our new team. Diego had one of his most successful seasons last year with the overall victory of the World Inline Cup, the overall victory of the Suisse Inline Cup and countless great results. Diego has more than 10 years of experience in international teams and this will be of great importance for us explains Team Owner Jörg Dietrich. Diego will not only be a high profile skater in our team, he will also be an important ambassador of the arena and a key figure in the marketing of BONT. We are thankful for the trust Diego has in our new team. Diego once again is able to skate on Bont, the skates that he grw up on.

One of the biggest talents in the sport and one of the most consistent skaters in the World Cup 2009, Nayib Tobon (COL) will follow his friend and fellow countrymen Diego Rosero. Nayib finished 4th in the 2009 World Cup overall ranking and was third in the Suisse Inline Cup. He won the German Inline Cup in Koblenz 2009 and finished 2nd in the Overall competition. Diego and Nayib already skated together in the Rollerblade Team in the season 2006 and 2007. They both live and train in Cali, Columbia.

One of the most active German skaters in the international field, Victor Wilking (GER) will be a valuable support for the team. Victor was 2nd in the Suisse Inline Cup in Sursee this season and has developed into a very strong marathon skater over the years. He is a member of the German National Team and one of the talents from the Berlin training group. Victor goes to the University in Berlin and will try to spend as much time as possible with the team in Geisingen. Victor is looking forward to the season with his new team and highly motivated in his preparations.

Joining from the ZEPTO Skate Team are also Reyon Kay (NZL) and Jose Bastidas (VEN). Reyon had a great World Championships in 2009, coming home with two medals from China. Jose Bastidas is a very loyal team skater and showed in the season 2008 what he is capable of. He finished in the TOP 10 of the World Inline Cup overall ranking and won a World Cup stage - the X-race. This year he won the marathon in Frankfurt and was second in the German Inline Cup in Koblenz

Right now we are in negotiations with additional skaters for our team finding the right mix between marathon and track skaters. We keep you posted about all new developments.

arena2009: BONT arena Team 2010

BONT arena geisingen Team 2010

Victor Vilking (GER), Jose Bastidas (VEN), Nayib Tobon (COL), Diego Rosero (COL), Justin Stelly (USA), Reyon Kay (NZL) and DJ Nation (NZL)

Interview with Diego Rosero - April 2010
Inline Skating Notebook: ARENA2009 in Geisingen (Nov. 6, 2008)