Nordic Blading Fun Biathlon

日本では馴染みの無い Nordic Blading ですが、北ヨーロッパでは愛好者が多いインラインのアクティビティーです。その中でも、インラインバイアスロンは最近始まったばかりの競技です。先月末に Powerslide と IPC のコラボイベント Nordic Blading Fun Biathlon がドイツの Kirchzarten (キルシュザーテン)で開催され、その写真を幾つか見つけたので、更新します。

Nordic Blading Fun Biathlon in Kirchzarten

Editor P.S. (Nov. 27, 2009)

Every year at the beginning of November the ‘Brettlemarkt’ takes place at Kirchzarten, a well-known spot for wintersports. Powerslide and IPC, the organizational commitee of the disabled worldcup races in the nordic disciplines took the chance to do a Nordic Blading Fun Biathlon for everyone. On a purposely delimited street-track competition with two or three participants were started, but instead of shooting at a target the participants had to throw a basketball in a basket.

The participants had to borrow the skates, poles and protection sets at the Powerslide Rental Bus. Beginners were taught by two professional nordic sportsmen. As a highlight of the event these athletes took part in a challenge with the olympic champion Georg Hettich, who attended the event for Powerslide, and of course Georg won after three rounds.The disabled athlete Martin Flaig and Vivian Hösch advertised well for their worldcup race in febuary 2009 when they were skating over the course and showing the people how fast they could go on their skates. It was a cool event with many participants and nice trophies for the winners.

Powerslide Newsletter November ´09: Nordic Blading Fun Biathlon in Kirchzarten
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The Nordic Inline Biathlon 2009

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On 30 August 2009 was held in Wasbek / Schleswig-Holstein, the 2nd Nordic Inline Biathlon held for all Nordic Cross Skating fans. Received 5 youths, 3 women and 14 men at the start.

The late summer weather was this weekend from his gruesome side - many rain clouds moved across Wasbek. At least during the race it was dry. At 14:00 the first person to clock started at the 1.5 km long circuit, which consisted of 50% each of asphalt and gravel roads - just Nordic Cross Skating needs. On the sports field then waited for the next challenge - a shooting championship. It was shot with non-hazardous light weapons on biathlon targets ". Only when all 5 targets were brought to light, it went back on the track. The young people and women completed 4 laps (total length 6 km), 6 rounds of the men (total length of 9km).

At the award ceremony, all participants a remembrance gift to the first positions were with medals and trophies were given consideration. With any luck at a raffle it was still a nice prize to take home. Despite the adverse weather conditions, it has made all the participants and a lot of fun it is already - next year will all be there again!
Nordic Inline Biathlon:
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