Teaching Kids Skating

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Teaching Kids Skating

Tips on teaching kids

(Dec. 23, 2009)
1) Artificial grass:
I have been using this since the first summer course that I did and it really helped me out allot with the little kids ( age 4 to 8), although it can be used for almost any age and even for adults. You can buy a roll at Home Depot, it cost me about 10 $ to have one that is 2m long and 1 wide. Off course you can also do it on real grass if you have it near a skating track, just make sure it is smooth! The reason it will help you allot is because the kids can learn how to walk on the skates and get used to them, the wheels wont roll allot so it gives them extra confidence.
2) Tighten up the wheels:
On some skates it works if you tighten up the bolts so the wheels wont turn that fast, on the ones it doesn’t work just look for some old bearings that barely roll. The whole idea is to make sure that the wheels cannot go fast so the kids learn how to walk on skates first.
3) “Stroller”
In the following video you can see an example of what they use on ice to help kids in learning how to skate. I am currently working on fabricating one myself for inline skating.

4) Have Fun!!!!!
Make sure they have fun in the learning process, kids will get bored easily if you drill them how to skate. Include lots of games where they automatically learn the skills that you are trying to teach them.
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Teaching kids skating in 1 hour

(Nov. 10, 2009)
First let me define what I mean with “teaching kids skating in 1 hour”: the techniques that I applied in my classes served for almost every kid in a way that they can get up by themselves, walk without falling and build confidence to continue skating. I will describe you the 4 anchor points of the one hour class.

My camera ran out of battery when I was taking the pictures and videos so there are still parts missing, I will update it tomorrow or wednesday so you have a image or video for every technique. Also I filmed everything by myself so you will see me walking to the camera or a hand, I’m not a good director/actor yet…

For all techniques you should use a carpet with artificial grass as described in the article “Tips on teaching kids” , you can also use some surface where the wheels don’t roll. Kids build confidence if they learn how to walk on the skates first, this is allot easier on the carpet, then later when they repeat everything on concrete they will pick it up faster. The carpet which you can see in the video is very small, I have wider ones but couldn’t bring them since I don’t have my car back yet( crashed it).

1) Stand up
If you start with teaching them to get up they will get confidence from the fact that they can do something on skates. If from the beginning you try to teach them how to skate and they keep losing balance or fall then they will get frustrated and lose interest in learning more. Like I told you my camera ran out of battery so for the technique of getting up I don’t have pictures or a video yet.
2) V-stand!!!
This is the most important step that you should maintain throughout the first lessons of teaching. Tell them to walk with skates in V-stand, the kids like it if you tell them to walk like a duck or penguins.

V-stand ( Duck or penguin)

Basic skating position is not good to start with if kids can barely control the skates!
Video: This is what happens if you teach them in the basic skating position

3) Balance
Once they know how to get up and walk around then you should proceed with balance, skating is all about balance from left to right. Since kids are used to walking forward they will not understand the concept of moving forward on skates where the legs should move to the left or right. You should involve lots of exercises/games that involve moving the body from left to right and right to left.

There are a lot of variations that you can probably think off, these are some that I use in my classes. Feel free to mail me other examples, either on video or pictures, I would be more then happy if you let me publish it so we can all share ideas. Once the kids get more comfortable on skates you can do these exercises in races of 2 teams that compete against each other.

V-stand ( Duck or penguin)






4) Bending knees
In order to get more control all the time you should teach them to always bend the knees. Standing up very tall with straight legs will have them lose balance from the front to the back, when bending knees they will feel more stable and connected to the ground.

If you are interested in learning more then please check back late tuesday or wednesday as I will update this article! For now this is only half of what I wanted to write down, there are lots of pictures and movies missing. So check back later!!!


This is a little game that kids can do individual or against each other. By themselves you can take times to see if they become faster and if they play against each other you can see who collects the most cones.

I really would appreciate it if you comment on the post, feedback!!! Good or bad, doesn’t matter! We can all learn from each other and I would love to hear what you think about my approach.

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