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Integrated Dist. was nice enough to send RnR their Deshi Carbon sample. After playing around with it for awhile WeatherMike and Patrick decided to go have some Pancakes and talk about the skate.

DESHI Carbon boot 2009

The 4th generation Deshi skate is built on an all new FULL carbon fiber base platform. Using Powerslide's racing technology, these skates are rumored to ditch the soft and flimsy image of Deshi skates. Skates will also feature a non-removable liner, an all new buckle, and yet another redesigned soul 1 piece plate.

Deshi Carbon BLACK

Deshi Carbon WHITE

  • Has Appearance & Fit of a Shoe
  • 35% Less Volume Than A Standard Hard Boot
  • Extremely Lightweight (Under 1000 grams Size 9)
  • Allows for Total Control with Direct Power Transfer in All Movements
  • Allows for Better Feeling for Grinds and Jumps
  • Low Profile Boot & Soulplate Means you can Grind Just Millimeters from the Rail or Ledge
  • NEW Sifika Shock Absorber
  • 100% Genuine Leather for Long Wear Resistance
  • Neoprene Microfiber Inside Lining to Prevent Slip & Add Control
  • Fast Sliding Outsole with Ultra Groove

  • The Carbon Deshi boot consists of a shell that is made out of 100% Carbon and Kevlar, lighter and stronger than any other materials out there.
    Carbon and Kevlar are materials that hold their shape forever. something proven over many years and use in racing cars, racing boats, aircrafts and other sports that demand the strongest yet lightest materials.

  • The Carbon Deshi boot moulds around the shape of one's foot, most unlike a tank of plastic, the carbon shell is 3D shaped around the arch, angled with the heel and provides a perfect fit. Each size has its own shell, meaning that you are't stiffed into a liner entirely unrelated to your foot and boot, a common occurrence which often results in lack of comfort, control and performance. Of course, with no liner, and one size per model, this boot is the slimmest, smallest looking skate ever made.

  • The Carbon Deshi is more than 30% lighter than any other skate out there, jump higher, skate faster, be lighter on your feet and get more control and feel out of ever grind than ever before.

  • The Carbon Deshi has an extremely slim outsole, made out of the best materials in skating. Despite being light and slim, it is extremely strong and resilient, fitting perfectly to the shape of the new carbon boot. Remember, with no liner, a strong yet thin carbon base and this slim soulplate, the skater has never been so close to the grinding object, without the risk of wearing through.

  • The Carbon Deshi's upper design provides lasting support yet flexibility where needed. Made of 100% genuine, thick and strong leather this boot is truly abrasion resistant.

  • Despite it being soft boot, this boot holds up as well as, or better than any other skate out there. This skate has been fully tested by our pro team and has taken a serious beating. All feedback is that this is one tough boot.

  • The Carbon Deshi, taking all the about elements into account indeed offers a completely new level of performance. The team behind the creation of this revolutionary boot now think it is time for release, and we are sure anyone who tries this boot will find the same as all those skaters who have tried it have felt before them, that this a new sensation of skating, a new experience. Although not cheep, it is doubtless worth the money, especially when looking around at other industries and taking into consideration how much carbon products really cost. Forums: Deshi Carbon Out Now In Eu. Press Release And Views And Comments!

"Rollerblading is fun again"

Pics by Sascha Krautz. (Mar. 25, 2009)
Jochen Schmuda tells us how he feels about his new Deshi Carbons.
conference: "Rollerblading is fun again"

A Deshi Carbon Initial Review

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