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2009年AIC開催国やスケジュールも具体的になり、いよいよ Asian Inilne Cup が始まります。そこで、Doon Yuen & Bill Begg 両氏による The ASIAN INLINE CUP - Bill Begg AIC News Blog が更新され、経過情報をインターネットで速やかに入手できる環境が整いつつあります。ぜひ、アクセスしてみてください。

For sure skaters from other countries with a presence who have indicated they will be present at the Singapore opening events include.
India, Malaya, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Australia, Philiphines, Mingolia, Tawan, Korea and Macau.

Inline Skating Notebook:

Time Schedule AIC

Posted Bill Begg (Dec. 2, 2008)
Hi Skaters,
  1. No the ASIAN Inline Cup will not clash with the WIC Programme.
  2. The timming will be something like this for 2009 Commence in Singapore on the 28th February with a half Marathon.
  3. The next Saturday in Singapore the 7th March
    a) A mens 42 km Marathon. ( Including 7 Sprint Primes, 3, 2 & 1 Points.
    b) A Womens 30 Km. Semi Marathon ( Incuding 5 sprint primes, 3, 2 & 1 Bonus points.
    c) A 21 Km Recreation event for Recreation skaters & young Children.
    d) A 500 meter top sprint race for Men, top 8 points, 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 & 1 point
    e) A 500 meter top sprint race for ladies, same points apply.
  4. Note that the 500 meter sprint & Prime Sprint points are added on to your overall points total & will determine the overall ASIAN INLINE CUP Champion.
  5. The 21st & 22nd March will see a double header racing weekend inn Hong Kong & possibly ZhuHai China very close to Hong Kong.
  6. The Following Two weekends will see 2 races each weekend, in Either China or Taiwan, the First period taking us through till the 1st week in April.
  7. During end of May till July its likely that 2 to 3 World Inline cup races will be held, in either China, Korea or Singapore, any points gained in these events, will e added to the points for the overall title, with 125 points for the winner down to 1 point for 50th.
  8. After the WIC, GIC & FIC finish on the first week in October, the ASIAN Inline Cup will continue from the 2nd week of October, till around mid December.
  9. It is part of an overall plan to Develope the standard & the numbers, in a number of the Asian countries, Korea is already very strong in both standard & numbers & other nations wish to aspire to their level.
Till next time Happy Skating

Skaters excited & gearing up.

Posted Bill Begg (Dec. 6, 2008)
Hi Skaters,

Pleased to see a great deal of enthusasium amongst the Singapore skaters also, as the skaters strive toupgrade their sprinting techniques, for when the Asian Inline Cup kicks off. Singapore & Hong Kong, have in past time been well off the pace, when it comes to competing against neighbours Korea & Chinese Taipei, now skaters from both countries are excited & motivated, as a genuine Internation competition on a regular Basis will be available.

Hong Kongs top skater Doon Yuen will be about to represent one of the Hong Kong Based teams in the competition as a team leader, after representing Great Britian, at recent Worlds,it will comprise young Promising skaters, but already rumours of a top Japanese skater,joining the team.

Presently a top Singapore mens team could pose a problem, as there are that many starting to pick up, Daniel Chew Wee, Darryl Chan, Lai Yong Quan & June Liang are all likely to be pushing for a top spot, others like Roger (The Rabbit ) Ang, Benny Wong, Krabs, Tan li Bo, Edmund Tay are amongst others chasing the top group. With the Veteran & World competer former Russian Max Glazov compete or sit on the sidelines, as an organizor. The Hard Working Glazov & Eddie Chua, have been two of those most responsible for bring high levelcoaching & racing to this area of the World.

Posted Bill Begg (Dec. 21, 2008)
Well the competition willbe known as the "Asianic Inline Cup".
We are getting closer to the finalization of a numberof points.
My position will be Executive Consultant in the Asianic Inline Cuporganization.
Daniel Chua will be the Calender Monitor & one of those working in close with me.
The first year their will be no teams involved, but Individual entry.
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The ASIAN INLINE CUP - Bill Begg AIC News Blog:


(Jan. 13, 2009)
This link should provide the information many of you are looking for. The Lion City Inline cup is part of a competition run within Singapore, but some of the events will double as an Asianic Inline Cup, same as French, German or Swiss Inline cup ones double up as part of other competions.

A feeder type system is required to inter link with other competitions, so they can all grow, in particular over the tears Singapore has had many skaters, but only spasmodic events & lack of Vision has held the sport up from growing.

Now some people with a much wider perspective can see an organized country like Singapore being a central base, in the development of other Southern Asian countries & many of Singapores close neighbors.

In many of these countries we will start off with what we have got till we find better, so the Motorbike racing track is not the most suitable Venue,but wide new Bitumen, track will be ideal to start off with, till the numbers build up in the future years.

Asianic Inline Cup On Saturday the 28th February, the First Asianic Inline Cup event gets underway with a Half Marathon, as an opener. The Flollowing week the Asianic Inline cup will get into full blast, starting with the mens & womens 500 meters sprints, with Bonus points for the top 8, then the Mens 42 km & Ladies 30 km AIC races & the Recreation & Junior Half Marathon.

See you all in Singapore.

Finally we are ready to release some information about first two Asianic Inline Cup stages which will double as two stages of Lion City Inline Cup series of Singapore races.

1st stage - February 28 (Saturday) 21 km M/W mass start races. Info
2nd stage - March 7th (Saturday) 42 km M / 30 km W mass start races & 500 m sprints. Info
Venue - 850 m car racing track (width 8 to 10 m). Please see attached file for track configuration.

Registration charges - SGD 50.00 per race.
Please confirm your participation as early as possible.

During week between 1st and 2nd stages AIC organizers are planning to run series of training clinics conducted by Bill Begg and Cheryl Begg.

Visit for more details (it should be up and running later this week).
You can also read AIC blog by Bill Begg at

AIC organizers are preparing tour packages for foreign athletes coming to race in Singapore.
For questions/help re accommodation etc please e-mail to

All other inquiries -

Hope to see you in Singapore soon.

On behalf of organizing committee.
Maxim Glazov
Inline City: AIC 2009

Interview with Bill Begg (New Zealand).

We saw your detailed reports on AIC blog. But can we have a short summary from you on first two stages of AIC?
Bill BeggYes, thank you for the opportunity; I would be pleased to answer.

Thank you, Bill.
From spectator point of view do you think it was exciting races to watch?

For sure I really enjoyed both of the men's events, attacks, counter attacks, attempted breakaways, with the field reduced to around a dozen skaters, still with a chance going into the last lap.

What do you think about courses/tracks for the first 2 stages of AIC?
Tuas was a great test of technical skill & cornering ability, but could accommodate a race of around 200 of similar ability, the F1 track was more open, but the wet surface & tight corner exerts added another dimension to the racing, but an open course with long straights, both good for starters & size of field.

Can you compare Singapore AIC stages to other international events? What do you think Singapore organizers of AIC should change/do differently when AIC will be back to Singapore in June?
I could not fault the organizers, Eddie & Daniel on the promotional side, with Max on the technical side. Rick and the team of volunteers were very efficient and despite a heavy downpour to test everyone (organizer and skaters alike); only one skater took the easy way out. The organizers need to find more skaters & bring the recreation skaters into the AIC to create the numbers to cover costs.

Any surprises (pleasant and not pleasant) during first two AIC stages in Singapore? Organizers, participants, authorities, etc - anyone fell short of your expectations?
Bill Begg at AIC-2. Photo by Lawrence Ang Well the win by Daniel Chew Wee was a great booster for Singapore skating and it was pleasant to see as Daniel, June and Jenevieve had really embraced the sprinting technique that I had been teaching in my earlier visits. It was great to see them putting it to good use. June was unable to perform to the best of his abilities, as technically he can be very good. However, it was pleasing to see some great technical shots of people like Roger Ang who was skating very well. Jenevieve not competing was heartbreaking for me, as in December she was really putting it all together & future international medals looked every possibility. The young Indian Boys 4th & 5th at Tuas & 3rd in the F1 race, really provided India with some extra credibility in the skating World. Eri Marina Yo from Indonesia, whom I've taught the double push back there in 1995, has one of the best versions of the technique for a women in the World, then to wrap it up Doon Yuen from Hong Kong, won the men's 500 meters in the rain. Overall I saw it as a "WIN FOR EMERGING NATIONS". There could not have been better results to encourage the unrated nations, if we had tried to rig the results.

How did you get involved in AIC?
Well, a group of countries in Asia were concerned about the gap between them and the Koreans at the Asian championships, so a need to support coaches & skaters was required. As a coach and a promoter, I guess I fitted in. There was also a need to create competition to give the skaters exposure, so the idea of the Asianic Inline Cup was born. Having considerable involvement with Coni, the Guru in the World Inline Cup, it was a right step to take, in helping to develop the sport and blend in with the WIC.

What is AIC main objective?
To lift the standard in Asian countries more in line with Korea, create new members, open up new countries to international speed and create a win win situation for equipment manufacturers, retailers, Federations, officials & skaters and to ensure that not only the sport survives, but it flourishes in these hard economic times.

So looking back at first two stages do you think AIC is on the right track?
For sure, we did not have the numbers of local skaters, but with 11 different nationalities competing and thanks to the 4 experienced Italians, the locals learnt a lesson or two. I really enjoyed the standard of competition. We are on the right track and the light at the end of the tunnel, is not a train coming, it's the daylight we are about to move into. Personally it will cost some people a lot of time & money, but we are seeing something for our investment & it will happen, as we have the "Make It Happen" Ron Barrasi types involved.

What is next for AIC?
Well the financial & time investors have to sit down & have a close look, at the reaction to date; we have the competition, now we need the numbers. Next year we should see more than 20 events, with Australia, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and hopefully Japan. Philippines and Iran could be participating and Korea may want another international marathon event, we will try for double up weekends, to make it worth the travel, but keep the time stays down to a minimum.

At end of AIC-2 it was announcement about June night AIC race in Singapore central shopping district. Do you think it will it be a big one?
Well the race in the middle of the most well known Shopping & hotel road in Singapore will be a big bonus for our sport. Hopefully the middle of the night venture will not deter the recreation skaters, with a great promotion and with something like a 4 km course.

In the past few years you have been visiting Singapore quite often. Any special reason for that? Do you have "soft spot" for this country?
Well a number of times the route home can be through Singapore, but I had developed many close friends here & Team Revo Racing had the financial outlay to get me here on a few occasions. But it saddens me to see some are not presently skating. People like Jason, Lawrence, Anne, Jenevieve were individuals who added some different color and flavor to the sport, in one way or another. The skaters wanted to learn and after missing out on the finer points of coaching over the years, it was refreshing to see them put in the effort to learn. The skating world needs Singapore, as a launching pad for South East Asia, so I am happy to work in the country & the hosts are great.

What do you think about Singapore as skating destination for overseas athletes to come and train/race here?
Well its already had the stamp of approval, that's basically what the Italian masters came to do, get some early season quality training done, the racing & hospitality was a big bonus and the East Coast Park cycle / skateway for over 20km is a great cruising road to skate on & view a nice talent or two.

Do you think Singapore has potential to hold bigger international events like WIC stages in the near future? Will you support this idea?
For sure, one or two people put in a huge effort to put this together, once those who should be promoting our great sport also get behind it & give support, it will be a piece of cake. A double header WIC in Malaysia & Singapore on the same weekend could happen as early as 2010, but certainly by 2011, this would be the way to go.

You have seen quite a few local skaters. Anyone with potential to make it big internationally? Let's say at Asian Games in 2010?
What's this 2010 rubbish, they need to be there in 2009, sitting around procrastinating & not sending some skaters would return the sport backwards 5 years. However, last year the team in Asian Championship encountered some bad attitude problems & one should have been on the plane early heading home, there is nothing worse than a national representative, who treats national honors with contempt, fortunately for them, I was not the coach. Daniel Chew Wee has to go, he proved he could mix it, Darryl Chan is tough, but technique is restricting him and he needs to train in a stronger training group. Good to see "Fast Boy" Lai Yongquan who had finished his 2 years in the military & back in racing. He is tough & tenacious and can regain good form. Lim June Liang has great technique, but has to toughen up; we did not see what he was capable of. Terence Chew showed spirit, but he has not endeared himself to the skating authorities in past ventures. Edmund Tay, Alan Tan Chee Wee, Bertrand Chew, Roger Ang and Kabes are showing glimpses, that they may have what it takes to compete internationally. Jenevieve certainly was showing out & let's hope she can return, as the women's cupboard is very bare at present.

What Singapore skating needs in order to grow this sport and compete successfully at highest level?
Like most other countries, a purpose built 200 meters bank track, with the Vesmaco Urethane surface, put on top of asphaltic concrete paving, now required for World Championships. Basically a standardized track that is surrounded by a 400 meters asphaltic carpet road track. Some of the people are holding back the sport. Wake up and move on with it. We need to grow and a little backyard politics have no room in our sport. We need to identify "Make it Happen" people to lead our sport, in the form of officials & coaches.

Thank you very much, Bill. We will talk to you again in a few month time when AIC back to Singapore in June.
LION CITY INLINE CUP: Interview with Bill Begg