Santa Skate 2008

Santa Skate 2008気が早い、早ければイイってワケではありませんが・・・6日にドイツ・デュッセルドルフで、まさかの Santa Skate。多分、最大規模のロンドンは13日の予定です。そして、東京・横浜でも滑るようです。

Skate London: On Saturday 13th December the biggest costumed street skate of the year takes place. HP
Yokohama: On Sunday 21st December. HP (in Japanese)
Tokyo: On Tuesday 23rd December. HP (in Japanese)

Skating with Mapu Noel in Buenos Aires
On December 25, 2008, surprise to find the "Mapu Noel" while skating with some guys in Buenos Aires.

Ruta Navidad APB Barcelona 2008
Inline skating routes in Barcelona.

Santa Skate 2008 in London
Hundreds of skating santas in London. Yearly event organised by LondonSkate.


Santa Skate in London
You spend a lifetime looking for santa.. and then.. one day, London bus style, they all come at once. But that's just how the big man from the north pole rolls. London Santa Skate 2008. Best viewed in high quality.
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Dusfor Niko Skate in Germany
The Dusfor Nicholas skate through downtown Duesseldorf and the Christmas markets on 6 Dezmeber 2008 - here at the Christmas market at the Schauspielhaus。
DUSFOR - United Sk8 Nations: Nikolausskaten 2008 am 6.12

Timaru Christmas Parade in New Zealand

Roller Girl: Nicole Begg: Timaru Christmas Parade

Inline Skating Notebook: Happy Christmas (Dec. 20, 2007) and Santa skates in the World (Dec. 19, 2005)