Halloween Skate 2008

夕方のTVニュースでインタビュー受けていた外国人は、なぜか東京の山手線で騒ぐのが Halloween のハイライトだと思っているらしい返事をしていた。アメリカではドアをノックした12才の少年が強盗と思って撃ち殺された。何か違うんじゃーないの?、本当のハロウィーンって何だ。

MPD, JR boost security to stop Halloween havoc

The Yomiuri Shimbun (Nov. 1, 2008)
Security was tightened on Tokyo's train network Friday in a bid to prevent foreign merrymakers causing mayhem in trains and stations during Halloween celebrations.

Last year, about 300 costumed foreigners gathered at JR Shinjuku and other stations after the event was advertised online. Many of the revelers were drunk, and some services were delayed after they removed fluorescent lights on trains and caused other damage. East Japan Railway Co. put up warning posters at all 29 stations on the Yamanote Line and boosted its security personnel with help from the Metropolitan Police Department's railway police unit.

Halloween Skate 2008 in London


chuci's photostream: Halloween Skate 2008 in London (Flickr Photos)

Friday Night skate in Taiwan - Halloween Hhavoc

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週五夜溜-萬聖節驚魂 of Oct. 31, 2008 : http://taipeifirefly.blogspot.com/2008/10/20081031.html

Halloween Skate 2008 in Amsterdam


Halloween Kangarooz Scary Movie!

Rollerskate Parade for Halloween in the creepy streets of Kortrijk, Belgium.

Rollers et Coquillages Halloween 2008


RollerJam USA's 2008 Halloween Party



2008年11月10日 16:20
I am carlo from taiwan taipei friday night skate team
thanks for your showing our video
I watch your blog every week
also thanks for your share world roller news
maybe you can come to taiwan
join our hualian-taidon (2day 200KM)roller tour^^
my MSN
Yukio Masuda
2008年11月10日 20:16
Hi Carlo, Thank you for visiting. And I am interested in your 200km skate. Will it take place next January? I wish to update the information of this 2 days 200km skate. Please give me more informations.