AIL World Championships 2008

AILYUKINIKKI によると、9月27日にカリフォルニアの Woodward West で開催された AIL World Championships 2008 の Vert Advanced 競技で、先月23日のJASPA大会で選抜された3選手が 1-2-3 フィニッシュしたそうです。優勝は相原裕介 (Yusuke Aihara)、準優勝に平野貴大 (Takahiro Hirano)、3位が角井洋昭 (Hiroaki Kakui) でした。まだ写真やビデオなど見つからず、後日、掲載出来ればと思っています。

Yusuke Aihara
1st Yusuke Aihara
Takahiro Hirano
2nd Takahiro Hirano
Hiroaki Kakui
3rd Hiroaki Kakui

Vert Advanced Awards Ceremony AIL World Championships Huge Success!!
Inline Skating Notebook: AIL World Championships 2009 New!

Yusuke Aihara Vert AIL WC 2008

Shawn Martin Vert AIL WC 2008

Friday night warm ups - AIL Championships 2008


David Sizemore owned the 1st place spot and a whopping $3000 to boot at Woodward West for the AIL pro 2008.

Amateur Inline League (AIL) World Championships

Announcement: Sep. 20, 2008
The Amateur Inline League is the largest amateur circuit in the world for inline stunt skaters. This event attracts competitors from all over the world!

AIL World Championships 2008

This event is free for spectators, so come on out and join us at Woodward West for a weekend of fun. You will have the chance to see the best athletes in the sport compete on the best facilities in the world!

The AIL is making sure that this year’s championship event is huge and has a lot to offer to the up-and-coming amateurs out there. The weekend will not only be full of great skating and fun, it will allow inliners of all ages and skill to come together to create a weekend of memories they will never forget.

The World Championships event will name a World Champion in eight different categories:
  • Beginners
  • 10-15-year-old Intermediate
  • 10-15-year-old Advanced
  • 16-years-old & up Intermediate
  • 16 years-old & up Advanced
  • Girls Invitational
  • Vert beginner
  • Vert Advanced

The event will also include an awards banquet to highlight the year and the competitors. In addition to providing every competitor with the largest goodie bag of the year, we will also award two free weeks of camp, one at Woodward East and one at Woodward West.

This event will highlight the girls in the industry by hosting a female division (open to all girls from beginner to Pro level). Rewards for Vert Advanced and 16-years-old and up Advanced with custom made electric guitars from ST. Blues guitars

The Top 10- (16-years-old and up advanced winners) will quality to compete against the pros for $5,000 at AIL's Pro Invitational.