WIC Berlin Inline Marathon 2008

WIC Berlin 2008今週末、WICの最終戦 WIC Berlin Inline Marathon が開催されます。個人もチームも総合順位は決まったような感じですが、Max Presti 不参加なら男子上位に変動ありそうです。ゴルフのシード権獲線上にいる選手と同じように、来年の契約を考えると表彰台に上りたい気持ちが強い選手も多いと思います。去年のように雨レースにならなければ良いのですが。

Germany. Berlin the capital of Germany has 3.5 million inhabitants and is different than the other German cities: a city that never sleeps, a fascinating city, and a city that is worthy of being the final venue for the World Inline Cup. For Inline skaters, the metropolis becomes a real paradise on September 27th 2008: Berlin World Inline Cup. Once again the world’s best skaters wheel together with 8000 participants on the 42 kilometres racetrack through the metropolis with great acclamation of 200 000 spectators. And after that, the great season’s end party in the Axel Springer Passagen is the place to be. On the dance floor at the latest, when you are enveloped in the bubbling atmosphere of the shaking bodies, it is time to take off and dance through the whole night!

Host city: berlin.de
Official hotel: hibe.info
City: Berlin
Country: Germany
Day: Saturday, September 27th
Class: Top Class
Competition: Marathon
Winner Points: 125 points
Expo: Bradenburg Tor
Start and Finish: Between Brandenburger Tor and Kleiner Sterns (Google)
WIC Race Start: 4:00 pm
Course: City course, point to point, 42 k
Participants: 8000 participants
Prize money: USD 32 000
Local organizer: scc-skating
World Inline Cup: world-inline-cup.com
The marathon is broadcast live on TV. On air at 15:50-17:25 of Saturday 27 September.
RBB Onlone : http://www.rbb-online.de/fernsehen/programm.jsp?key=ID121011203&noExport=true

WIC announcement: Berlin, last WIC, big finale

Still one marathon to race, and the 2008 season is over. But it's big deal with the Real Marathon of Berlin, the unique mix between running and skating marathon.
Vincent Esnault, Sep. 24, 2008
Just imagine a circuit taking the biggest avenues of one of the main capital city of Europe. Just imagine a race on a Saturday afternoon, in front of thousands of people, and with thousands of skaters. It's unique, it's the WIC finale, and it's in Berlin.

There will probably be more than 8000 skaters at start. Among them, the squad of Rollerblade MPC World, with real chances to win. Last year, Nicolas Iten captured the berliner crown, whereas Laura lardani finished with the bronze.

Rollerblade is also one of the sponsors of the event. The brand will give 200 MP3/MP4 during the week-end. You'll just have to get some chance to win one...

At least, the event will be broadcasted on TV on RBB (Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg) between 15:30 to 17:30. It's unique, but it's Berlin!
Team Rollerblade: WIC announcement: Berlin, last WIC, big finale

Hi Skaters,

Well the ladies overall winner has been sorted for a while & the top 3 have been decided, but 2nd & 3rd not finalized, but a BONT WHEELS 1,2 & 3.

Now Yann Guyader the Frenchman from Alessi Powerslide has won the mens overall,if he lines up in Berlin or not. with 946 points in the bank.

With the demise of Luca Saggioratto, Francesco Zangarini & Diego Rosero , in the wet Berlin Coni X race & not collecting any points,the challenge is over. But 5 skaters Saggioratto 803, Presti 767, Zangarini 744, Francolini 739 & Rosero 720 pts are all linning up to fight out,whoexactly will flank Guyader on the dias.

Max Presti seems to have recovered from a Biel health scare, with a win a week later in the Tough Inline 111km St. Gallen, so he should front. Lets hope its not wet, as Saggioratto is not a renowned wet weather skater for sure & would be likely to slip further down the ladder.

Bont Skates Message Board and News: World Cup Topics for 2008

The WIC Berlin 2008 Results

The temperature is increased by 8 clock in the inner city at around 8 through 10°C, it rises to a maximum of 18°C, 15 to 16 clock can be expected. The westerly wind takes something and reached over the day with gusts in the strength 5, isolated even strength 6.

WIC Berlin Marathon Men

  1. Joey Mantia, (Luigino Answer Wheels) USA 01:00:33
  2. Fabio Francolini, (Powerslide Alessi World) ITA 01:00:33
  3. Elio Cuncu, (Powerslide Alessi World) ITA 01:00:33
  4. Andres Munoz, (Matter Inline Center World) COL 01:00:33
  5. Stefano Galliazzo, (Powerslide Alessi World) ITA 01:00:33
  6. Matteo Amabili, (Powerslide Alessi World) ITA 01:00:33
  7. Alexander Bastidas, (Bont Bacata) VEN 01:00:33
  8. Severin Widmer, (X-Tech-Crocs) SUI 01:00:34
  9. Luca Saggiorato, (Rollerblade MPC World Team) ITA 01:00:34
  10. Yann Guyader, (Powerslide Alessi World) FRA 01:00:34
  11. Francesco Zangarini, (Rollerblade MPC World) ITA 01:00:34
  12. Diego Rosero, (Rollerblade MPC World) COL 01:00:34
  13. Inigo Vidondo Fernandez, (Marianistas Araba Eu) ESP 01:00:34
  14. Massimiliano Presti, (Luigino Answer Wheels) ITA 01:00:34
  15. Peter Michael, (Matter Inline Center) NZL 01:00:35
  16. Felix Rijhnen, (Powerslide Phuzion International) GER 01:00:35
  17. Nicolas Iten, (Rollerblade MPC World) SUI 01:00:35
  18. Patxi Peula, (Marianistas Araba Euro) ESP 01:00:35
  19. Victor Wilking, (Rollerblade Citius) GER 01:00:35
  20. Garikoitz Lerga, (Marianistas Araba Euro) ESP 01:00:35
  21. Nicolas Zamudio, (Powerslide Phuzion International) COL 01:00:35
  22. Ben Alchin, (World Inlinecenter-Spirotigers International) NZL 01:00:35
  23. Wouter Meulders, (CHAUVIN ARNOUX) BEL 01:00:35
  24. Giacomo Cuncu, (Rollerblade Citius) ITA 01:00:35
  25. Toni Deubner, (X-Tech-INTERSPORT) GER 01:00:35

WIC Berlin Marathon Women

  1. Cecilia Baena, (Bont Wheels) COL 01:13:24
  2. Giovanna Turchiarelli, (Powerslide Alessi World) ITA 01:13:24
  3. Simona Di Eugenio, (Rollerblade MPC World Team) ITA 01:13:24
  4. Jana Gegner, (Rollerblade MPC World Team) GER 01:13:24
  5. Nicole Begg, ((Bont Wheels) NZL 01:13:24
  6. Alexandra Vivas, (Bont Wheels) COL 01:13:24
  7. Sabine Berg, (Powerslide Phuzion International) GER 01:13:25
  8. Sara Erbiti, (Bont Bacata) VEN 01:13:25
  9. Sandra Gomez, (Powerslide Alessi World) ESP 01:13:25
  10. Hilde Goovaerts, (CadoMotus World) BEL 01:13:25
  11. Ghizlane Samir, (London Skaters Speed) FRA 01:13:25
  12. Katja Ulbrich, (Experts Race Team) GER 01:13:26
  13. Laura Ghezzi, (Single Licensed Skater) ITA 01:13:26
  14. Deisy Salazar, (Bont Bacata) VEN 01:13:26
  15. Tamara Llorens, (Bont Wheels) ARG 01:13:26
  16. Cinzia Ponzetti, (Powerslide Alessi World) ITA 01:13:26
  17. Martina Taruscia, (Rollerblade I.B.U Speedodrom) ITA 01:13:26
  18. India Kuhn, (X-Tech Crocs) SUI 01:13:27
  19. Sabrina Rossow, (Experts Race Team) GER 01:13:27
  20. Margo van de Merwe, (CadoMotus BoB) NED 01:13:27
  21. Sara Bak, (Rollerblade I.B.U Speedodrom) DNK 01:13:29
  22. Karin Widmer, (X-Tech Crocs) SUI 01:13:30
  23. Kathy Eisenhut, (World Inlinecenter BONT) SUI 01:13:30
  24. Jannitta Spigt, (CadoMotus BoB) NED 01:13:30
  25. Nienke Stenekes, (2008 Schankel World) NED 01:13:30
Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg Berlin Marathon 2008.


Skate Tv.de's Berlin Marathon DVD Preview

Overall Ranking after 11 races and 2 races of C1 class.

Men Teams
Yann Guyader
Yann Guyader
Luca Saggiorato
Luca Saggiorato
Fabio Francolini
Fabio Francolini
  1. Yann Guyader, FRA, (Powerslide Alesi World), 1006 Points

  2. Luca Saggiorato, ITA, (Rollerblade MPC), 873

  3. Fabio Francolini, ITA, (Powerslide Alesi World), 818

  4. Massimiliano Presti, ITA (Luigino Answer Wheels), 815

  5. Francesco Zangarini, ITA, (Rollerblade MPC), 801

  6. Diego Rosero, COL, (Rollerblade MPC), 744

  7. Stefano Galliazzo, ITA, (Powerslide Alesi World), 729

  8. Matteo Amabili, ITA, (Powerslide Alessi), 666

  9. Alexander Bastidas, VEN (Bont Bacata), 655

  10. Severin Widmer, SUI, (X-Tech Crocs), 654
Women Teams
Cecilia Baena
Cecilia Baena
Nicole Begg
Nicole Begg
Alexandra Vivas
Alexandra Vivas
  1. Cecilia Baena, COL, (Bont Wheels), 1370 Points

  2. Nicole Begg, NZL, (Bont Wheels), 966

  3. Alexandra Vivas, COL, (Bont Wheels), 918

  4. Giovanna Turchiarelli, ITA, (Powerslide Alessi), 804

  5. Sandra Gomez, ESP, (Powerslide Alessi), 706

  6. Jana Gegner, GER, (Rollerblade MPC World), 673

  7. Tamara Llorens, ARG, (Bont Wheels), 615

  8. Laura Lardani, ITA, (Rollerblade MPC), 600

  9. Nadine Gloor, SUI, (Rollerblade I.P.U.), 597

  10. Sara Erbiti, VEN (Bont Bacata), 561
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