The Hub Problems of Matter Juice

先月から、Matter Wheel のハブ絡みのトラブルに関する書き込みが Inline Planet と SkateLog のフォーラムで交わされています。 ここに来て、検証ビデオまでYouTube に投稿され、Matter の対応が注目されます。個人的には企業イメージを考えるとリコール回収するのが正しいと思いますが、所詮は消耗品です。そこまでする義務があるのか疑問も残りますが、このまま放置すれば後々まで良い事ないのは確かです。

メジャーなウィールだけに、それだけクレームが多いのでしょう。細かいようですが、もしもの事態でも迅速に対応できるように AM Wing のハブには製造ロットナンバーが刻印されています。驕る平家は久しからず。

Matter Wheels - Loose Hubs

Defect Matter Wheels

Matter Juice F2 110mm Quick demonstration of the loose hubs on my Matter Juice F2 110mm inline wheels and a quick comparison vs. the Bont G4, etc.

It should be said I really like the wheels, they're fast as hell and wear pretty well, but this level of variation and lack of quality control in a $100+ set of race-grade wheels is a little ridiculous when plenty of cheap rec wheels manage to get it right set after set.

Matter Juice 110mm Bearing Fit Problems

by NYCSKATER (Jul. 08, 2008)
Is anybody else having problems recently with Matter 110s bearings fit. In a recent (yellow and natural) set from an established retailer the bearings fall out easily. Is this a systemic problem with Matter Juice 110s, or, hopefully, just a bad batch? Solutions and/or suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Inline Planet Skate Forum: Matter Juice 110mm Bearing Fit Problems

110mm wheels making noise

by mtech (Jul. 30, 2008)
hey guys,my matter yellow 110s makes a lot of noise because of the spacers inside,i use cado motus 4x110 13.2 frame,i use the spacers supplied with them,it does not make sound with mpcs,whats the solution,thanks in advance.
Inline Planet Skate Forum: 110mm wheels making noise

Matter Wheels - Setting the Record Straight

by ahansen (Aug. 14, 2008)
Did I understand your description of the Image wheels correctly? Are they the same wheel compound as the Juice's with a solid hub? The reason I ask is I really liked my Juice's (natural) but I'm in the 230lbs range and my I seemed to be too heavy for the hollow hubs as they broke rather quickly. I know another fellow (Clydesdale) who's had the same issue with the hubs. I was going to try the EMT's but those have become hard to come by. What do you recommend for heavier skaters? I'd like something in the yellow.
SkateLog Forum: Matter Wheels - Setting the Record Straight

Matter Wheels Press Release

by MatterUSA2008 (Aug. 19, 2008)
This problem has been taken care of. All of the bad hubs were all put out at the same time by the same distributor (Both Answer and Matter wheels). There seemed to be a large batch that was made wrong and was still sold for some reason? The new Matter wheels have been tested over and over and will all be back to normal. We as the new distributor of Matter Wheels will stand behind the quality 100%.
Inline Planet Skate Forum: Matter Wheels Press Release

New Matter Wheels

by Josh22 (Aug. 21, 2008)
I guess it must be super hard to make true wheels. The new matters wobble up and down and side to side.
HYPER-RACE 2008: New Matter Wheels

Quality control in wheel manufacturing

by albanyinline (Aug. 23, 2008)
There have been a lot of posts about quality problems with inline speed skate wheels. Several brands, including Answer, Hyper, Matter (names in alphabetical order) are affected.
Wheel prices have reached the mid-teens and a full set of wheels can be expensive, and sometimes price and value do not correlate well.
I would like to invite representatives of manufacturers also to share their ideas and solutions.
SkateLog Forum: Quality control in wheel manufacturing

Cracked Matter wheel hub

by Mike (Sep. 21, 2008)
Don't recall where I purchased the wheels but welcome advice on how to get these replaced or if it's a hopeless cause.
Inline Planet Skate Forum: Cracked Matter wheel hub
Inline Skating Notebook: Wheels Breaking