Chad Hedrick got married

インラインだと、今や過去のヒトに成ってしまうのか?、アイスに転向してオリンピックで金メダル取った Chad Hedrick さん御結婚!のニュースがネットで流れています。6月7日の夜、ヒューストンの教会で挙式された時の写真が Rainy Day にアップされています。保守的テキサス出身だけに、厳粛な雰囲気が伝わってくる、結婚式です。

Chad Hedrick and Lynsey Adams wedding…

Chad Hedrick and Lynsey Adams were married last night, June 7, 2008. (6/7/8 haha). TLC (the learning channel) was on hand to film this wedding for an upcoming edpisode of ‘A Wedding Story’ and will air on the TLC channel sometime in the fall - be sure and look for it.

OK, the wedding was fabulous! This is more a personal observation than a photographer one. This is my best friend’s daughter, and both Lynsey and Valerie (my daughter) were engaged within a week of each other and their weddings are within 2 weeks of each other’s as well. Lucretia (Lynsey’s mom) and I have been planning these weddings over breakfast once a week (our guilty pleasure) for the past year and a half.

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Chad Hedrick is father

(Mar. 18, 2009)
Last weekend it was clear that it no longer would take Chad Hedrick went after day 1 of the World Distances in Vancouver already back home to his wife to assist in childbirth. Last night was come, Chad has become father of a healthy daughter, the name of the girl Hadley Hedrick. Earlier Hedrick said in an interview that this is a big turnaround in his life would be. Hedrick would like to pop one in Vancouver and is likely to stop skating.
Schaats Chad Hedrick is vader geworden

Here Comes Chad!!!

(Mar. 18, 2009)
Hadley Hedrick was born March 18th at 12:10am weighing 7lb 15oz and was 21cm long.
HYPER-RACE 2009: Here Comes Chad!