WIC Weinfelden 2008

WIC Weinfelden 2008 6月はWICが4戦あり、今週末はスイス WIC/SIC Weinfelden になります。前日には去年同様、LAS-InlineDrom でチーム対抗 T-track rece が開催されます。

Switzerland. Weinfelden is the secret centre of the canton Thurgau. Since one year, the municipality with 10,000 inhabitants is a hot spot for the Swiss Inline skating scene - thanks to the LAS-InlineDrom, the most modern and covered Inline track in central Europe. In 2009, all national federations will focus on the official performance centre of the Swiss federation SRV, of which the construction cost 2,2 million francs: Together with Zurich (marathon and street), Weinfelden is the venue of the official FIRS world championships (track). A second reason, why Weinfelden organizes a world cup marathon. The premiere takes place on June 21st 2008 and will be the WIC event with the highest sum of prize money (20 000 Swiss francs) this season. Already on Friday 20th, the T-track races start: Relays of three compete on the track and change athlete after each round. A tingling and refreshing weekend!
Weinfelden WIC (SIC)
City: Weinfelden
Country: Switzerland
Day: Saturday, June 21st 2008
Class : Top Class
Competition: Marathon 42km
Winner points: 125 points
Expo: LAS Inline Drom Sport Center
Start and Finish: Deucherstrasse
WIC Race Start: 5:02 pm
Course: Lap Course, 1 lap = 14 k
Participants: 3000 participants
Prize money: CHF 20 000
Organizer: Iguana Think Tank AG
Website: www.swiss-inline-cup.ch
Hotel: Por Confirmar
Inline Skating Notebook: SsangYong WEINFELDEN WIC 2007

Weinfelden T-Track Races

Weinfelden: Girls 3rd, Roosenboom 11th

The track night at Weinfelden, Switzerland, ahead of the WIC Marathon produced a podium position for the CadoMotus World Ladies, with Elma de Vries, Bianca Roosenboom and Mariska Huisman finishing with 3rd place and sharing the podium with the teams from Bontwheels and Matter World Inlinecenter.
T-Track Races Women Results
  1. Bont Wheels (C.Baena, N.Begg, A.Vivas)
  2. World Inline Center Matter
  3. Cado Motus World (E.de Vries, B.Roosenboom, M.Huisman)
  4. Bont IDRD Bogotá Positiva
  5. Rollerblade MPC
A great effort by the CadoMotus World Ladies, skating their way onto the podium amongst a WIC field loaded with internationals who are based in and around the technical track at Weinfelden and regularly train there and take part in the 'Wednesday Night Racing' held there.
T-Track Races Men Results
  1. Matter World Inline Center (K.Dobbin, A.Munoz, D.Nation)
  2. Powerslide Alessi (Y.Guyader, F.Francolini, M.Amabili)
  3. Zepto Skate (S.Arlidge, N.Widuwilt, J.van Loon)
  4. World Inline Center SpiroTiger
The following morning's WIC Marathon would finish as a mass sprint affair, with Colombian sprinter Cecilia Baena claiming yet another WIC sprint victory with a few meters buffer at the line over the opposition. Bianca Roosenboom was best finished for CadoMotus, with 11th position at the line - with 23 girls finishing inside the first 2 seconds of the winner.

The mens event was won in another field sprint by frenchman Yann Guyader, over teammate Fabio Francolini and Luca Saggiorato - also interestingly with 23 men finishing in the first 2 seconds.
Pure Skating News: Weinfelden: Girls 3rd, Roosenboom 11th

T-Track Victory

Nicole Begg (June 21, 2008)
Tonight our team took the victory in the T-Track relay. In the final we attacked and formed a gap with about 9 laps to go and stayed well clear of the field for the remainder of the race. World Inline Center Matter came in second and Cado Motus third. Bont IDRD skated well in the heats and could have contested a podium place but Martha Ramirez fell with 6 laps to go in the change zone.
Roller Girl: Nicole Begg: T-Track Victory

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WIC Weinfelden Marathon 42km 2008

Men Results

  1. Yann Guyader, (Powerslide Alessi World), FRA 1:08.11,23
  2. Fabio Francolini, (Powerslide Alessi World), ITA 1:08.11,24
  3. Luca Saggiorato, (Rollerblade MPC World Team), ITA 1:08.11,25
  4. Matteo Amabili, (Powerslide Alessi), ITA 1:08.11,29
  5. Andres Munoz, (Matter WIC), COL 1:08.11,35
  6. Francesco Zangarini, (Rollerblade MPC World Team), ITA 1:08.11,48
  7. Peter Michael, (Matter WIC), NZL 1:08.11,49
  8. Max Presti, (Luigino Answer Wheels), ITA 1:08.11,51
  9. Carlos Puerto, (Bont IDRD Bogota Positiva), COL 1:08.11,59
  10. Stefano Galliazzo, (Powerslide Alessi), ITA 1:08.11,83

Women Results

  1. Cecilia Baena, (Bont Wheels), COL 1:19.14,17
  2. Kelly Martinez, (Bont IDRD Bogota Positiva), COL 1:19.14,47
  3. Marta Ramirez, (Bont IDRD Bogota Positiva), COL 1:19.14,70
  4. Shaneen Howard, (Bont IDRD Bogota Positiva), COL 1:19.14,72
  5. Liana Holguin, (Matter World Inline Center), COL 1:19.14,73
  6. Giovanna Turchiarelli, (Powerslide Alessi), ITA 1:19.14,76
  7. Wanda Galvis, (Bont Bacata), COL 1:19.14,79
  8. Natalia Castellanos, (Bont Bacata), COL 1:19.14,82
  9. Valeria Gianelli, (Powerslide Euroteam), ITA 1:19.14,94
  10. Alexandra Vivas, (Bont Wheels), COL 1:19.15,00

WIC Weinfelden Men

WIC Weinfelden Women

ZEPTO Skate Team: Furchtbarer Massensturz überschattet den Weltcup in Weinfelden
Quartier Zopf Online: SIC Weinfelden 21.6.2008 (Photos)
Sportfotos: x-tech-IDEEprint Weinfelden World Inline Cup 21.06.2008 (Photos)

YANN GUYADER and FABIO FRANCOLINI 1st and 2nd in Weinfelden

Yann Guyader just won the WIC stage in Weinfelden. 2nd his teammate of Powerslide Alessi Fabio Francolini. To complete the success Matteo amabili came in 4th and Stefano Galliazzo 10th. A dark shadow over this race was a massive crash in which nearly 50 skaters were involved and some of them got injured badly. POWERSLIDE wishes everybody a fast comeback!

Clean sweep for Powerslide in Weinfelden

by Yann Guyader (Jun. 23, 2008)
The big success begins on friday night with the T-Track race. Both Matter and Alessi Powerslide teams got through the heat to be qualified to the final. In the final Matter took the lead right from the start till the end and caught the victory quite easily.

On saturday, was the 6th stage of the World Inline Cup, with Yann begin the current leader of the Swiss inline cup, the Powerslide Alessi team had to work hard to be able to keep the leadership.

The race started at 5pm with a really good weather close to the Weinfelden's train station. On a new course the race was supposed to be much easier than last year with a 14km lap and few hills. The race started quite slowly till the first hills, with Massi Presti being the first attacking, the race was launched. After arround 10km a big crashed occured with not less than 49 skaters falling down, and few of them being bad injured. We wish them by the way a good and fast recovery.

After that big crash the race was going to be pretty different with only few teams still racing with their all crew. The last two laps were fast without much brakeaways, the only big one was done by DJ Nation that broke away alone for arround 10 kms. Unfortunatly the young kiwi was caught 5km to the finishing line at the top of the last hill.

Then nobody really wanted to waste energy before the sprint. The Powerslide Alessi team took the lead with Elio Cuncu, we have to notice that Elio was in the big crash and got back to the peloton with DJ and Felipe Munoz.

Elio did an amazing lead out till 600 meters to go, then Stefano Galliazzo took the lead and went full till 400 meters to go. Yann, Fabio and Matteo only had to finish the work.

With 1st, 2nd, 4th and 10th the Alessi Powerslide team shows he's now able to win the overall team ranking.

Matter skaters did also a pretty good job with Felipe Munoz catching the 5th place followed by his team mate Peter Michael being 6th. We hope the season is going to be as succefull in the coming races for all Powerslide's team.
Powerslide Racing News: YANN GUYADER and FABIO FRANCOLINI 1st and 2nd in Weinfelden

Weinfelden WIC

Bill Begg (Jun. 21, 2008)
Well one stupid act by a part time WIC skater caused a very bad crash, after the fast downhill section, a skater had been chasing a breakaway & could not make it, he came backwards to the fast moving main bunch and then tried to get in front of one of his teamates, which caused the Carnage. which put an end to half the WIC Men Skaters.

But a humungous effort saw DJ Nation & Andres Munoz chase down a 1 1/2 min gap & get toy

A Big Crash in the mens race 50 involved due to one stupid act.

The ladies a blantant foul cost Nicole Begg 20 places, as she was grabbed by Artero & almost fell, in the insuing melay from Begg losing balance Hatichelhar had a bad fall, falling asleep, so try again tomorrow

Niki Neck (Jun. 21, 2008)
Aaron ArndtYes there was some serious injuries. Canadian Aaron Arndt was choppered away with a suspected broken thighbone, Some bad head injuries with a cpl knocked out cold, The ambulances were working flatout ferrying the casualties to hospitals in the region. 49 went down and alot did not get up in a hurry. Lots of walking wounded in the village afterwards and more or less only the winners and their supporters stayed behind for the prizegiving.
Inline Skating Notegook: Aaron Arndt Injury Update

ErinO (Jun. 22, 2008)
Aaron is doing okay (hes on pain meds)... he broke both the leg bones in his lower right leg... dont know the name of the hospital he's in (its a smaller one, and he is hioping to move to a larger one for surgery)... i havent talked to him yet, will try today or tomorrow... but he's talked to his mom

Bill Begg (Jun. 22, 2008)
I have talked to Aaron at length today,he is in high spirits as usual distite his situation, he is at the Frauenfield hospital & will be for some time,so visitors much appreciated, as Aaron likes nothing better than a Chat. 0041 52 7237711 His room number 0041 52 7239 899 he does not know what ward he is in.

These are the Words of Aaron. " They can not operate till 10 days when the swelling goes down, as at present they have had to stabilize his Foot to his leg. " It reminded me of the field of dreams, one after another comming out of the Cornfield, I remember Kalon comming out getting to the road & crashing again" So we wish Aaron & anyone else involved in the crash a rapid recovery.

The fact that the accident was not caused by a deliberate foul is good news, by all accounts a not so experienced WIC skater who tried to chase a break & was comming back to the bunch, tried to get in the line with a teamate, but misjudged the speed of the bunch & the resulting clip of skates, resulted in the big fall.

One company should look seriously at the metal quality specification of there skates, as a number on them involved in the crash, could not continue due to twisted frames.

The big push for upping the wheel size, is creating greater speeds & therefore particuarly downhill crashes become more serious. We know from research about car & motorcycle crashes, the differences between 5 & 10 km an hour more speed that damage does..

We are racing without major protection & often crashing at greater speeds than some people in sports with full protection, but like Cycling its not possible to wear restrictive gearing.

The WIC can only rely on skaters common scense, the men are usually O/K in race etiquite,but some of the women are not & in serious instances, must take action, which has occurred in a couple of instances this season.
Bont Skates Message Board and News: Weinfelden WIC

Overall Ranking after 6 races and C1 class.

Men Teams
Luca Saggiorato
Luca Saggiorato
Yann Guyader
Yann Guyader
Francesco Zangarini
Francesco Zangarini
  1. Luca Saggiorato, ITA, (Rollerblade MPC), 588 Points

  2. Yann Guyader, FRA, (Powerslide Alesi World), 538

  3. Francesco Zangarini, ITA, (Rollerblade MPC), 519

  4. Diego Rosero, COL, (Rollerblade MPC), 448

  5. Stefano Galliazzo, ITA, (Powerslide Alesi World), 414

  6. Massimiliano Presti, ITA (Luigino Answer Wheels), 383

  7. Andres F. Munoz COL (Matter World Inline Center), 380

  8. Alexander Jose Bastidas, VEN, (Bont Bacata), 376

  9. Fabio Francolini, ITA, (Powerslide Alesi World), 371

  10. Antonio Ruales, COL, (Bont IDRD Bogota), 362
Women Teams
Cecilia Baena
Cecilia Baena
Nicole Begg
Nicole Begg
Alexandra Vivas
Alexandra Vivas
  1. Cecilia Baena, COL, (Bont Wheels), 760 Points

  2. Nicole Begg, NZL, (Bont Wheels), 526

  3. Alexandra Vivas, COL, (Bont Wheels), 496

  4. Liana Holguin, COL, (Matter World Inline Center), 450

  5. Nadine Gloor, SUI, (Rollerblade I.P.U.), 411

  6. Jana Gegner, GER, (Rollerblade MPC), 380

  7. Sara Irviti. VEN, (BONT Bacata), 377

  8. Giovanna Turchiarelli, ITA, (Powerslide Alessi), 362

  9. Tamara Llorens. ARG, (Bont Wheels), 358

  10. Kelly Martinez , COL, (Bont IDRD Bogota Positiva), 356

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