KIA Asia X Games 2008

KIA Asia X Games 2008Seoul World Inline Cup 主催を解消したKIAですが、KIA X Game Asiaがは上海で4月30日から5月3日まで開催されます。日本から安床タケシさんの出場が決まっているようですが、中国のチベット問題が関係しているのか、Google検索してみても去年ほどはネットでの盛り上がりが良くありません。とりあえず、オフィシャルページから告知の抜粋です。

KIA X Games Asia 2008 Beijing Roadshow

The Kia X Games Asia, the region's largest action sport event, is coming to China. Though the main event's going to be in Shanghai at the beginning of May, but you don't have to wait till then to see these amazing athletes in action. Come out for live demonstrations, dance shows, giveaways and free skate clinics.

The 2008 Kia Asia X Games schedule has finally been released and the organizers are staying commited to China until 2009. This is the second time for the continental championship are to be staged in China.

New this year are the X Games roadshows in Beijing and Shanghai. The roadshows will include demonstrations in in-line skating and BMX freestyle. Entertainment elements to be included are performances of bands, DJs, break-dancers, merchandise and lucky draw giveaways.

The main event will take place at the same venue as last year at the KIC Jiangwan Sports Centre from April 30th - May 3rd 2008.

As the ESPN X Games moves into it's tenth year, more than 200 top action sports athletes throughout the Asia Pacific region will once again compete for prize money and medals in 5 sport categories.

Date: April 30th - May 3rd 2008
Time: 11am - 10pm
Venue: KIC Jiangwan Sports Centre No. 346 Guohe Road Shanghai, China
Admission: Free


5 Sports Categories

Aggressive InlineSkateboardSport Climbing BMXMotoX
Speed VertBig Air

Competition Arena

  • Vert Ramp - Aggressive Inline Vert and Skateboard Vert
  • Park Course - Aggressive In-Line Park, Aggressive Inline Park Best Trick and Skateboard Park Best Trick
  • Climbing Walls - Bouldering, Spee

Brother vs Brother

By Eugene Han
Eito and Takeshi Yasutoko face-off in a battle for first

The Yasutoko brothers are perhaps the most exciting X Games athletes from Asia and they are set to return for the tenth edition of X Games Asia. In a classic case of sibling rivalry, Eito and Takeshi, who are both veterans on the local circuits, will once again be close rivals in Aggressive In-line Vert.

Younger brother Takeshi is the number one athlete in Vert on the AIL circuit and one of the most exciting athletes in this sport. Takeshi started out when he was only three-years-old and joined the ASA Pro Tour at the age of nine. Now 21, Takeshi is already considered a veteran.

His elder brother, Eito, has skated for 22 years - he's just 24 this year. For years, Eito has been revered as one of the most progressive Vert skaters of all time, but he has now entered a league of his own. The only obstacle to him being dominant in the sport is his younger brother.

Talking to's Eugene Han reporting from Shanghai, the brothers talk about their rivalry and thoughts ahead of KIA X Games Asia.

EH: Welcome back to Shanghai guys. Both of you have been in the X games circuit for donkey years. What things still surprise you in your sport?

Eito: Well, I am still surprised by the progress of my younger brother and also by my friends.

Takeshi: Both of us have been skating together in international competitions since 1995, so we now have about 13 years of competition together and it seems natural for me. So there's nothing special there.

Eito: We are brothers and rivals and, at the same time, also friends.

Takeshi: It helps that he can understand Japanese so it's good for me!

EH: Well that must help a lot. So where do you guys hang out when you are off your skates?

Eito: I am working for my parents’ company - called ‘Good Skates Inc’ - and I am helping them to create the website. You can check out the site at

EH: Well, we can help you publicise…(Eito laughs). What about you, Takeshi?

Takeshi: When I am not skating, I go free-style skiing and in my free time. I play the drums.

EH: Do you have a band?

Takeshi: No there’s no band, it's just for fun. (laughs)

EH: What do you think of the X-ification of the Olympics Games?

Eito: The Olympic Games has a bigger history than X Games. In Japan, it's a more popular competition. Of course I am interested. Now I am not sure. My sport is not included in the Olympics Games yet so I can’t really say. If there ever was, yeah I think I would want to do it.

Takeshi: Of course. I am interested.

EH: Do you it will attract more Generation X and Y people to the Olympic Games?

Takeshi: Yeah, kids are more interested in the X Games than the Olympic Games. I think the Olympic Games are about sports but X Games are about sports as well as music and many other things.

EH: Shanghai has been a vibrant hub for action sports events like X Games Asia. Is Japan catching up?

Eito: In Japan it's getting more popular and we have a skate-park. There're more and more people buying the merchandise. I want to bring X Games into Japan one day.

EH: So Eito, what's your aim for this year's KIA X Games? Beat your brother?

Eito (laughs): Yeah, I am just coming back from my neck injury but I will try to enjoy the competition and do my best.

Takeshi: I will try to skate my best too.

Who: The Yasutoko Brothers
Where: Catch them at the KIA X Games Asia in KIC Jiangwan Sports Centre, Shanghai
When: 30 April - 3 May 2008
Nicknames: Takeshi - Samurai / Eito - Eight

AIL Vert Final: Takeshi Yasutoko takes Vert title

By Eugene Han reporting from Shanghai
Takeshi is the name, inline is his game. On Day Three of KIA X Games Asia 2008, Takeshi Yasutoko retained his Aggressive In-line Vert title at the KIC Jiangwan Centre in Shanghai, China.
His closest rival and older brother, Eito, had a bad start when he missed his landing just seconds into his first run. He scored just 61 points for that run and in the end, despite a great second run, the 24-year-old had to settle for second place. Australian Shane Yost just made it onto the podium after he also missed his landing during his second run.

In contrast, Takeshi had two flawless runs and, at times, he was out of this world. His moves ignited an already lively crowd that was eager to see the famous Yasutoko brothers. Takeshi too was ignited by the crowd.

Takeshi Yasutoko in Asia X Games 2008
A huge crowd watched Takeshi retain his AIL Vert crown. (photo by Charlie Xia)

“Yes, the crowd played the part, they are good. Shanghai people are great! Thank you!” said an excited Takeshi after receiving his gold medal.

Meanwhile, his brother Eito attributed his mistakes to the dreaded butterflies in the belly saying he was ‘a little nervous’ before the first run. At the same time, he enjoyed himself and he hinted at a little bit of sibling rivalry.

“He (Shane Yost) is my good friend and we are all just excited to be able to skate with my friends - and him (Takeshi),” said Eito pointing towards his younger brother.

Yost who finished second in last year's X Games Asia event, was gracious in defeat and he was impressed by the set-up and organisation in Shanghai. The Australian hopes to see the X Games held in Australia one day.

Ayumi Kawasaki in Asia X Games 2008
Japan's Ayumi Kawasaki also managed to attract lots of eyeballs in the AIL Vert Finals. (photo by Charlie Xia)

The other notable highlights in the AIL Vert Final was another set of brothers, Takayuki and Tomohiko Nakamura. The brothers were tied on points and on count-back, Takayuki edged ahead of his brother. Also, the crowd was treated to a female skater - Ayumi Kawasaki - who finished a credible eighth position.
Alan Mak's photostream: Asia X Games 08 (Frickr Photos)

*Eito Yasutoko BLOG*にVertの結果が載ってました。

The Results of the X-GAMES ASIA 2008 Inline VERT

AIL Vert Final
  1. Takeshi Yasutoko (JPN) 88.66/91.33
  2. Eito Yasutoko (JPN) 61.00/88.67
  3. Shane Yost (AUS) 82.33/69.00
  4. Sven Boekhost (NED) 64.67/80.33
  5. Nel Martin (ESP) 79.67/67.33
  6. Takayuki Nakamura (JPN) 76.33/72.00
  7. Tomohiko Nakamura (JPN) 64.33/76.33
  8. Ayumi Kawasaki (JPN) 73.33/70.33
  9. Yuusuke Aihara (JPN) 69.33/72.33
  10. Sam Fogaty (AUS) 69.00/72.00
*Eito Yasutoko BLOG*: Shanhi Inline Vert Results
Yasutoko Bros. Blog: Shanhi Games

Asian X Games 2008 Shanghai, China Beginning of Sven's vert at the axg 2008 4th place

The Results of the Aggressive In-Line Park Final Games

  1. Rain Amold 89.00
  2. Nicolas Schopher 88.00
  3. Soichiro Kanashima (JPN) 86.33
  4. Gavin Drumm 84.67
  5. Brian Shima 80.67
  6. Worapaj Boonim 80.33
  7. Killer Kai 78.33
  8. Sevn Boekhurst 78.00
  9. Fariq Esa 74.33
  10. Chris Merwe 71.67
Bladers of Aggressive In-Line Park
Aggressive In-Line Park Final

Soichiro Kanashima

Nicolas Schopfer X-games Asia 2008