K2 Skates 2008

K2 Skates 20082008年版K2のサイトがオープンしました。表示画面がデカ過ぎて、私のパソコンだと左に右にスクロールしないと見えません。さっと見たところ、全般的にマイナーチェンジの品揃えみたいです。今年はビジネス的にも景気が良く無さそうなので、賢明な販売戦略だと思います。

K2 Skates 2008

Inline Skating Notebook: K2 Skate 2006 and K2 Skate 2007


ExoThe Exo is the ideal choice for the new skater that is looking for a stable, comfortable skate and doesn't want to break the bank. The Exo offers a smooth roll that’s great for beginners thanks to the combination of our Composite Frame, ABEC 5 bearings and 78mm wheels.

Exo AluWe designed the Exo Alu for the intermediate skater who wants a skate that is comfortable, breathable, supportive and responsive. We have outfitted the Alu with an 80mm wheel, ABEC 5 bearings and our Vo2 Aluminum Frame. If you are a value orientated skater who wants solid performance this is the skate for you.

MotoIf you use skating as your primary workout activity then the Moto is the ideal skate for you. It features K2’s convenient quick lace system, Hi-Lo Alu frame, 84/80mm wheels and ILQ-7 bearings.

AthenaThe Athena is the perfect skate for women who are new to skating, fitness oriented and want a good value. The Athena features the same Composite Frame, 78mm wheel and ABEC 5 bearing of the Exo but designed around a women’s foot to create a true women’s skate.

Athena AluThe Athena Alu is a great skate for women who want a high performance skate at a low price. The Athena Alu comes with an 80mm wheel, ABEC 5 bearings and our Vo2 Aluminum Frame. The Athena is designed to fit a woman’s foot and looks as good as it fits.

Hi-Lo Alu Women who workout on their skates are going to love the Alexis. It features K2’s convenient quick lace system, Hi-Lo Alu frame, 84/80mm wheels and ILQ-7 bearings creating the perfect women’s specific fitness machine.


Radical FLXThe Radical FLX is designed to create the most efficient skating stride available. The Klop-like frame found on the FLX allows skaters to utilize more muscle groups when skating then ever before, creating less fatigue and allowing you to skate for hours. The Radical FLX "features our Radical FLX frame", ILQ-9 bearing and is topped off with our medal winning Carbon Radical Cuff. Don’t forget to breathe.

Radical ProThe Radical Pro is the only skate that will allow you to experience the speed and smooth roll of a race skate along with the proven comfort and support of the K2 Softboot. This super light skate has all the features of its Radical 100 cousin along with our new Radical Hi-Lo frame and Carbon Radical Cuff (the same cuff that won 15 Medals on Madshus athletes at the 2006 Winter Olympics). It’s perfect for long training skates, marathons and anywhere else speed junkies want to roll them.

Radical 100Lasted for both men’s and women’s feet, the Radical 100 is the logical choice for skaters who want to experience the smooth roll of 100mm wheels along with the ankle support that our radical cuff provides. Outfitted with 100mm wheels, ILQ- 9 bearings and our Four Hundred frame, the Radical 100 is the perfect skate for long training skates and marathons.

Radical 90Lasted for Both Men and Women, the Radical 90 comes outfitted with K2's stable 4x90 frame, 90mm wheels and ILQ-9 bearings. These features, along with our low cut Radical cuff and heat moldable upper, create the best custom fit avaiable in any training skate on the market.

Moto 90The 90mm wheels and ILQ-9 bearings that come stock on the men’s Moto 90 roll smooth over any terrain.Our standard cuff height and high ankle lacing provide maximum stability and support that intermediate and advanced skaters will enjoy

Moto ExtremeThe Moto Extreme has all the features of the Moto 90 along with our V02 Hi-Lo 100/90mm wheel set up. This is the perfect skate for skaters who like to skate fast and far but aren’t ready to sacrifice the additional support our Enhanced Stability Cuff delivers

Nine ElectraThe T: Nine Electra is the perfect skate for women who want to train, skate marathons or just have fun at speed. The Electra features our V02 Hi-Lo 100/90mm wheel set up which creates the perfect skate stance, ILQ-9 bearings and the maximum amount of support created by our Enhanced Stability Cuff.

Nine CelenaThe T:Nine Celena is outfitted with 90mm wheels, ILQ-9 bearings, Enhanced Stability Cuff and standard lacing. The end result of this combination is a skate that’s so supportive it‘s a commuter skate with the ability to endure a marathon or training session.


MarleeBuilt like a K2 adult skate, there is nothing toy like about the Marlee. The Marlee features ABEC 3 bearings, 70mm wheels, and is styled to put a smile on any young skaters face. Her four size adjustability creates the perfect platform to learn and grow with.

RaiderThe Raider is perfect for the first time skater. Unsurpassed support, easy fit and superb comfort offer these junior skaters everything they need to have fun. The Raider features ABEC 3 bearings, 70mm wheels, is affordably priced and adjusts up to four sizes.

Moto JrThe Moto Jr. is the only junior skate on the market that adjusts for width as well as length. Our re-designed push button makes adjustments easy through five full sizes and the 72mm wheels and ABEC 3 bearings make the Moto Jr. the best skate ever designed for growing boys.

MissyThe Missy adjusts for length as well as with and features a push button adjustment that grows up to five sizes. ABEC 3 bearings, 72mm wheels and stylish looks make it the ideal skate for little girls.

Moto Extreme JrThe Moto Extreme Jr is the best junior inline skate ever built. It features our energy transfering aluminum frame, 76mm wheels and ABEC 3 bearings that is the perfect set up for any experienced junior skater. The Extreme is also size adjustable and features the unmatched comfort of the K2 Softboot.


K2 FattyThe original K2 Fatty started the inline street/vert craze in the mid-1990's. It's little brother, the Fatty Jr., is all black in 2008 and features push button adjustability and the unmatched comfort of the K2 Softboot.

Front-ManThe Front-Man is one of the most unique skates in our 2008 collection. With parts aggressive and parts fitness, this short framed skate is quick edge to edge and offers the most ankle support of any K2 skate model. The 80mm wheels and ABEC 5 bearings create a perfect hybrid street skate.

Jr K2 FattyThe original K2 Fatty started the inline street/vert craze in the mid-1990s.
Its big brother, the Fatty Pro, is all black in 2008 with full UFS compatibility, the known fit of the K2 Softboot and backslide plate proven to Royale like no other


Pro LongmountWe sought design advice from the world's top racers (including K2 Engineer and Race Legend John Svensson) to create the world's best inline speed skate. The Pro Longmount features longmount spacing that creates the lowest center of gravity available, a heat moldable arch and boot, and a ratcheting buckle. The Pro Longmount is the choice among the growing number of racers breaking records on Big Wheel setups.
K4: http://k2skates.com/ and 2008 Skates Catalog (PDF : 4.49MB)