Alexis Contin quits the ice track races

Alexis の記事によると Powerslide Phuzion に所属していた Alexis Contin が今月末でオランダのアイススケートチーム DSB から抜ける決断をしたそうです。WIC優勝した18歳の頃から21歳まで、1年中、インラインかアイスのレースに出ていたので、燃え尽きてしまったのかも知れません。昨年のWICでも成績悪かったし Powerslide で再起を図るのか、古巣 Rollerblade に復帰するのか定かではありませんが、故郷フランスに腰を落ち着かせたいような記事の内容です。

Alexis Contin はアイス長距離がフィールド、たとえ対戦相手に勝っても最終的には時間で順位は決まる訳で・・・孤独で虚しい自分との戦いです。その点、インラインマラソンはゴールで勝てば勝ち、分かり易いし条件も同じです。まだアイスマラソンには引かれているそうなので、また戻る可能性が残されています。個人的な問題なのかも知れませんが、インラインからアイスに参戦して頂上を目指すなら、いずれどちらか一方を選択しないと、先々、両方モノにならない事が危惧されます。

Alexis Contin stops langebaanschaatsen

Alexis Contin

Alexis Contin will quit the long track races on the ice, according to his own poor results and little progression. Thus he get out from the DSB ice speed team of Jac Orie.

Alexis ContinThe 21 years old Frenchman got 3 World Inline Championships titles on the marathon since 18 year old. He decided to focus on speed skating points which followed many titles and victory last year. Then he won in the A riders once with the difference between nose and lips at his first marathon.

"He has declared himself out of the DSB-team like steps," says ploegmanager Henk Heetebrij. "He has declared himself out of the DSB-team like steps," says ploegmanager Henk Heetebrij. "He felt that he made too little progress and he could no longer motivate. Likely he now wants to return to France and he return inline skate".

From an eventual transition to the DSB-marathonschaatsteam is Heetebrij no question, even though that team with riders is busy. "But I can not prejudge things, so I no statements about". Alexis Contin stopt met langebaanschaatsen (Alta Vista - Babel Fish Translation) Alexis Contin will fill up just as (Alta Vista - Babel Fish Translation)

Alexis Contin

Alexis is quitting longtrack and returns to the inlinetrack.

Alexis Contract wih DSB expired at the end of January. Long track is not exciting & he had not been enjoying it. Also the progress had not been happening, so he was having trouble motivating himself. He enjoys skating the Ice marathons, so perhaps he may continue with them. But it looks like he will return to France & Focus on the World Inline Champs. He is still a young man, so has time on his side.
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Alexis Contin chooses the Netherlands summer

Jan. 21, 2008
Alexis Contin

French Alexis Contin will do inline skating next summer in Netherlands. Previously it was already known that he did Inline marathon in Netherlands. The 21 year old Contin quit speed skating a few weeks ago and had langebaanschaatsen know when to return to his inline skating as roots. Also he wanted to return to inline marathon. Last week it was announced that he is going to skate under the Podium flag.

It is now clear that Contin go to the inline skating in the Nederlands league, under the same management. Contin was already the marathon world champion at the age of 17 and won several world cup games. Who are team mate in the inline skate competition is not yet known.

In addition to the Nederlands league Contin also directed at the European and world championships. Alexis Contin kiest voor Nederlandse zomer (This page was automatically translated from Dutch.)
In the article of Alexi is written that he will race inline this coming season in Holland.
In Holland a new concept is starting. The site is related to a company Podium which will be a sort of a management agency for inliners and ice skaters. Alexi is part of Podium. Podium will also take care of total organising the Dutch competition and also international (WIC) races in Holland.
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Championnat de France Route 2008

200 m chrono Elites Men
1. Alexis Contin
2. Thomas Boucher
3. Kevin Gauclin

500 m Elites Men
1 : Alexis Contin
2 : Julien Despaux
3 : Thomas Boucher

Course Elimination 20.000m Elites Men
1 : Yann Guyader
2 : Alexis Contin
3 : Julien Sourisseau

Course points Elites Men
1. Yann Guyader
2. Benjamin Douchin
3. Alexis Contin