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BladieZ久し振りに"BladieZ "を見てみたら、ホームページがリニューアル更新され健在のようです。ところで "Bladiez" とは "Blade Ladies" をもじったモノです。いきさつは分りませんが、このサイトには2年程前からアグレッシブな「佐藤じゅん」の写真が載っているし、YouTubeでもビデオで見る事ができます。矢部さやかさん初め、日本でアグレッシブスケーターと呼ばれる女性達は気真面目です。それは海外でも同じなのかも知れません。 BladieZ の Team結成は2000年頃だと記憶してるから、いい加減な気持ちでは長続きしません。

I visited the website of the BladieZ Team, which is one of my favorite websites, after a long time. It has been updated with new design since last month and four aggressive ladies look fine.
Past Photo of the Blade Ladies
Ciska Hupkes, Sandra Koloc, Stephanie Van Der Leij and Julia Roeselers (Left to Right)
Past Photo of the Blade Ladies
It's a past photo. Please click this photo and meet them in brand new BladieZ website.

Well, the pic of Japanese skater Junko Sato, has been updated on this website since about two years ago but I don't know the reason. I know her as a fitness skater so I doubt she is a good aggressive skater like BladieZ ladies. It's OK. In Japan, there are many unknown female aggressive skaters who based on a local skate park.

Junko Sato

Sugoi !!! Two Japanese Female Skater 1day Story in Okayama ASPO Skate Park

Chihiro Azuma

Sayaka Tashiro
Past BladieZ: http://www.bladiez.com/ezine/ and http://www.bladiez.com/team/
Rollerwave Demo Team: http://www.rollerwave.nl/team/


Taia - Rollerblading girl

http://www.vimeo.com/822268/ or Download
Nathalia Kamura talked “Well, i wanted to say that here on Japan, thing arent that easy. This is one of the reasons I miss a lot being in Brazil, not only the places, but the people in general. And i wanted to say hello to everyone there,(smile) and, hopefully i’ll be back there once again.”
Rollernews.com: Taia - Rollerblading girl - Profile (Brasil)
Nathalia kamura (YouTube): Taia PROFILE and Taia new video and Taia pista 1 minuto
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Women inline Skating

This pod featires women in aggressive inline skating and discusses what it is like to be a female in this male-dominated sport. (August 09, 2006)