Darren Kauffman's Journey

Darren Kauffman今年3月4日に再起不能といわる自動車事故に遭った Team USA Junior 選手、当時19歳、Waynesboro, NJ,出身の Darren Kauffman さんですが、その後、自らの脚で立ち歩行リハビリ訓練に励んでいる様子が MySpaceTV.com で紹介されています。奇跡が起きる!って気がします。I am sure that a miracle occurs.


just got text from my son who told me he heard Darren was in serious car wreck.....I wont post anything more because i dont know more but keep him in your thoughts!......we love you Darren.......im with you man!
Tony Camaioni
HYPER-RACE 2007: D-Train (Posted: March 4, 2007)
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Darren Kauffman Hurt in Crash

Hello Everyone, as most of you already know Darren Kauffman (D-Train), a former USA Junior World Team member, was in a very serious car accident early morning of March 4th, 2007. Darren is currently in intensive care at Maryland's Washington County Hospital. His injuries are extensive, when he was admitted Darren had a collapsed lung, seven broken ribs, five broken vertebrae, a broken hand, and a broken collarbone. Since then Darren has had many surgeries but his injuries are severe.

Darren does have an internet access in his room at the hospital, you can email him at slimmy15@msn.com or you can write a post to Hyper Board.
Redline Speed New York City: Darren Kaufman (Posted: March 20, 2007)

Bootcamp to benefit Darren "D-train" Kauffman

by JandKLarson (Apr. 4, 2007)
Our team is hosting a Bootcamp this Saturday, the proceeds of which, will go to benefit injured speedskater Darren "D-Train" Kauffman. Those of you who post to the Training Log may recall that I've posted about past bootcamps, which our team has once a month as fundraisers for the team. Darren Kauffman is a world class speedskater who was in a serious car accident in the beginning of March. He broke his collarbone, a wrist, punctured a lung, broke ribs, and most seriously, broke 5 vertebrae in his back. Darren has been a member of the US Junior World Speedskating team and over the years has been sponsered by K2/Empire, Mogema, Wolf Racing, and this year he was signed to skate for Hyper. He was coached by Patty Leazier, our team's Head-head coach of Fast Forward (our club is a branch of Fast Forward) for years. In recent years, while still coached by Patty, he skated for Frenchtown Speed and their Senior 4-man relay team won at Indoor Nationals a number of times. Here is a picture from last year's nationals, when they won the title again.
SkateLog Forum: Bootcamp to benefit Darren "D-train" Kauffman (Apr. 4, 2007)

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The Debbie Kohl Memorial Race of The Eastern Seaboard Series.

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