SsangYong BIEL WIC 2007

BIEL WIC 2007Cali World Roller Speed Skating Championships 開催前に欧米各地でレースが盛んに開催され、選手の調子は上がっているようです。その直前、8月4日の BIEL WIC は面白いかも知れません。WICのレース終了後にコロンビアへ向かい調整合宿するほどリキ入った選手や国があるとか・・・個人的には日本不参加なので盛り上がりに欠ける今日この頃です。

Switzerland. Cows, cheese, chocolate, banks and… What else comes in your mind when you hear the word «Switzerland»? Right: watches! The most sucessful and known Swiss brands have their headquarters in Biel: Rolex, Omega, Swatch. The people from Biel in general tick differently than the rest of Switzerland. They are bilingual, have German precision in their head and French charm in their heart – and in their blood that casual something, a touch of «laissez-faire» so to speak. This mix makes them so sympathetic that the Swiss Inline Cup Biel will be held for the first time with the international status Top Class: Biel World Inline Cup on August 4th 2007, three days after the Swiss National Day. The professionals do 36 kilometres, the first of the six laps by day light, the last by night. Thousands of spectators follow the race, sit in front of their coffee shops and bars and spur on the athletes – yes, they tick differently, the people from Biel.

World Inline Cup:
Local organizer:
Host city:

City: Biel Bienne
Country: Switzerland
Day: Saturday, August 4th 2007
Class: Top Class
Competition: Marathon 36km
Winner Points: 125 points
Expo: Parking congress centre
Start and Finish: In front of the congress centre
WIC Race Start: 7:00 pm
Course: City Course, 1 lap = 6 k
Participants: 2500 participants
Prize money: CHF 20 000
Organizer: Iguana Think Tank AG

The Results of the BIEL WIC 2007

Yann Guyader (Matter World Inline Center) won before the two Italians Fabio Francolini (Powerslide Phuzion) and Stefano Galliazzo (Alessi Powerslide World).
At the women's race, the Italian Giovanna Turchiarelli (Alessi Powerslide World) beated Nicole Begg (SsangYong Jesa Bont) and Sandra Gomez (Alessi Powerslide World).
Biel was also the final race of the Swiss Inline Cup 2007: The favourites Massimiliano Presti (Bont Hyper) and Giovanna Turchiarelli (Alessi Powerslide World) won the popular trophy.
Marathon Men 38km: All (SIC)
  1. Yann Guyader (Matter Inline Center) 53.52,88
  2. Fabio Francolini (Powerslide Phuzion)
  3. Stefano Galliazzo (Alessi Powerslide World)
  4. Elio Cuncu (Citius Skate)
  5. Massimiliano Presti (Bont Hyper)
  6. Nico Wieduwilt (Zepto Skate)
  7. Daniel Nation (Inline Center Spirotiger)
  8. Pascal Ramali (Zepto Skate)
  9. Severin Widmer (iXS Fila)
  10. Matthieu Boher (F-Talence)
  11. Kwinten Tas (Zepto Skate)
  12. Mauro Casu (Citius Skate)
  13. Adrian Leemann (iXS Fila)
  14. Nicolas Iten (Sportvital Rollerblade)
  15. Mathieu Grandgirard (World Inlinecenter Spirot)
  16. Giacomo Cuncu (Citius Skate)
  17. Giovanni Conte (World Inlinecenter BONT)
  18. Matteo Amabili (Alessi Powerslide World)
  19. Ewen Fernandez (Matter World Inline Center)
  20. Wayne Begg (World Inlinecenter BONT)
Marathon Women 38km: All (SIC)
  1. Giovianna Turcherelli (Alessi Powerslide) 1:03.15,43
  2. Nicole Begg (Ssanyong Jesa Bont)
  3. Sandra Gomez (Alessi Powerslide)
  4. Laura Lardani (Sportvital Rollerblade)
  5. Jana Gegner (Zepto Skate)
  6. Martina Taruscia (Henniez Women)
  7. Nadine Gloor (Athleticum Rollerblade)
  8. Nathalie Barbotin (Alessi Powerslide)
  9. Ghizlane Samir (SsangYong Jesa Bont)
  10. Cinzia Ponzetti (Alessi Powerslide)
  11. Valeria Giannella (Alessi Powerslide National)
  12. Andréa Haritchelhar (Athleticum Rollerblade)
  13. India Kuhn (Athleticum Rollerblade)
  14. Tina Strüver (SsangYong Jesa Bont)
  15. Franziska Stampfli (Athleticum Rollerblade)
  16. Livia Meier (Schänkel World Team)
  17. Michaela Neuling (Sportvital Rollerblade World)
  18. Nastja Gradisar (Rollerblade Speedodrom)
  19. Jenny Berndt (Zepto Skate)
  20. Vanessa Durlach (GB Racing Team)
Team Rollerblade World News: Biel World Inline Cup and Photos
Hi Skaters,

Mens race

Started at a real torid pace, Lap 1 Severin Widmer IXS Fila had a 100 meter lead. On Lap 2 of 6 Mattheiu Grandgirard World Inline Center spirotiger & one other skater had a 33 sec lead.

Lap 3 they had been gathered in & towards the end of the lap D.J. Nation WIC Spirotiger, drifted off the front, with a 50 meter lead, chased by Mattheui Boher Schankel Europe.

Lap 4 Adrian Kung & an IXS Fila skater had a 10 sec lead.

Lap 5 a 4 man Pack including Conte WIC Bont & Finster WIC Spirotiger had a 10 sec Gap, with World Junior Champion Peter Micheal chasing hard.

About 1 km to go the group was caught & came together for a very late sprint With Francolini Powerslide Phuzion going a little early & Guyader Matter World Inline Center
catching him, veteran & former World downhill champion Stefano Galliazzo was 3rd, with Elio Cuncu Citius 4th & WIC Master Max Presti 5th.

Nico Wieduwilt Zepto 6th & Teamate Pascal Ramali 8th gave Zepto their best Finish of the season with their 3rd member Kwinten Tas 11th.

N.Z. Junior World Champion DJ Nation was 7th, with the consistant Swiss star Severin Widmer 9th, while the experienced Frenchman Matthieu Boher Schankel Europe, in one of his few season 2007 appearances, was 10th.

SIC Final Biel

Ladies race

On lap 2 after some previous burts Nicole Begg Ssangyong Jesa Bont, instigated a break, along with the 3 Alessi Powerslide Skaters Turchiarelli, Gomez & Barbotin, Lardarni Sportsvital Rollerblade & Gegner Zepto, shortly after Gloor Athleticum Rollerblade, Samir Ssangyong Jesa Bont & Martina Taruscia Henniez joined them.

On Lap 3 the leading group of 9 had a 15sec lead, with Livia Meier Schankel chasing hard.

Lap 4 & 5 they continued to build the break to 2 minutes, With Gegner, Turchiarelli & Begg doing most the leading.<

With 500 meters to go Begg took off trough the winding section & opened a small gap, Turchiarelli caught her just before the last corner with 100 meters to go to claim another victory, the week before Giovanna won the European Marathon title & recently, has had a purple Patch.

Begg had one of her better performances for 2nd, with Gomez 3rd, Lardani 4th & Gegner 5th, but a sterling performance from Martina Taruscia, to finish 6th.

Cinzia ponzetti won the bunckhsprint for 10th.

SIC Final Women Biel

Bont Skates Message Board and News: 2007 World Cup Skaters!?
Hi Skaters,

Bont were tonights big winners, at the WIC Beil event.

Marathon King Max Presti Bont Hyper took out the mens Individual Title for 2007. As well as Leading Bont Hyper to the overall team win.

Today King Max was racing alone & came accross the line in 5th place.

In the mens race the Zepto Bont affiliated team had there best mens result of the season, with Nico Wieduwilt 6th, Pascal Ramali 8th & Kwinten Tas 11th.

In the overall Swiss Inline cup, Presti Bont Hyper won, Conte 9th & Begg 13th World Inline Center Bont, were well placed.

In the Ladies event Nicole Begg Ssangyong Jesa Bont was 2nd, Jana Gegner Zepto Bont 5th & Ghizlane Samir Ssangyong Jesa Bont 9th.

Overall SIC for 2007, Begg 4th, Gegner 7th & Samir 10th

Bont Skates Message Board and News : Bont Big Winners!