Certified Inline Speed Wheels of USA Roller Sports

USA Roller Sports2007年度の USA Roller Sports レースで使用が公認されたウィールのリストが発表されました。USARS では110mmウィールが公認されていますが、FIRS の国際大会などでは100mm以上のウィールが許められない場合もありそうです。ただ、これは不確かな部分もあり、まだハッキリと断定できません。

2007 List of Certified Inline Speed Wheels


For the benefit of speed skating competitors with an existing investment in speed wheels, USA Roller Sports is continuing the two-year moratorium for wheels previously registered but not included in the current listing from manufacturers.

The wheels listed below include the new listing as well as others registered for the 2005 and 2006 seasons that were not included by the manufacturers. Speed skating wheels may be used in USARS Championships for two additional seasons after the date shown in the last column on this chart. This date marks the date of the last registration.

USA Roller Sports, in order to comply with FIRS regulations regarding wheel size will not register any outdoor wheels over 100 mm for the 2006-2007 competitive season. Wheels over 100 mm will not be allowed at the Outdoor National Championships. Wheels over 100 mm may be used at any local, league, invitational, regional or national indoor competition as these events do not qualify competitors for the World Championships. Wheels over 100 mm may also be used at any outdoor competition other than the Outdoor National Championships. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the USA Roller Sports National Headquarters at 402-483-7551

The List of Certified Inline Speed Wheels in 2007

Company/WheelColorDiameter (mm)HardnessYear
Bont International
Invasion G2Purple80, 8483A, 84A, 85A2005
CragerWhite8484A, 87A2005
CragerWhite8882A, 84.5A, 86A2005
Featherbedders, LLC
Taylor's Team Florida Flyers“GP”Green/Purple8491A, 89A2005
Taylor's Team Florida Flyers“ZB”Green/Yellow8485A, 83A2005
Hyper (Bravo)
Agent OrangeOrange90, 100, 104Grippy2005
Green MachineGreen90, 100, 104Fast2005
Mach 2Natural80, 84, 90, 10082A, 84A2005
PrototypeGreen90, 100Fast2005
StripesNatural84, 90, 10082A, 84A2005
Bank RobberClear80, 8482A, 84A2006
HyoctaneNatural80, 84, 90, 100, 104Soft, Hard2006
Hyperformance+GNatural80, 84, 90, 10083A, 85A2006
SGBBlue80, 84Soft2006
Track GrabberNatural100, 104, 110Fast2007
Track GrabberBlue100, 104, 110Sticky2007
Track GrabberGreen100, 104, 110X-Fast2007
Fusion ReactorYellow84, 90, 10084A2006
Black Track (Black Hub)Red80, 84, 10084A2005
Street Fight (Purple Hub)Orange80, 84, 10084A2005
Black TrackRed84, 90, 10084A2006
Black TrackOrange84, 90, 10082A2006
Street FightSilver84, 90, 10081A2006
Street FightGold84, 90, 10083A2006
MTECHGreen84, 90, 100Firm2006
MTECHBlue84, 90, 100EX Firm2006
VTOrange84, 90, 100Firm2006
VTYellow84, 90, 100EX Firm2006
Street Fight (White Hub)Metallic Green84, 90, 100Firm2007
Street Fight (White Hub)Metallic Gold84, 90, 100Ex Firm2007
Storm Surge (Black Hub)Metallic Black84, 90, 100Ex Firm2007
Black Track (Black Hub)Trans Red Ring/Clear84, 90, 100Ex Firm2007
Black Track (Black Hub)Yellow Ring/Clear84, 90, 100Firm2007
VT (Black Hub)Trans Pink Ring/ Clear84, 90, 100Firm2007
VT (Black Hub)Metallic Gold Ring/Clear84, 90, 100Ex Firm2007
Mtech (white hub)Trans Blue Ring/Clear84, 90, 100, 110Super Firm2007
Mtech (white hub)Trans Pink Ring/Clear84, 90, 100, 110Ex Firm2007
Mtech (white hub)Trans Green Ring/Clear84, 90, 100, 110Firm2007
Nistevo dba Powerslide
G-Force (Blade Core)Green84, 90, 100F12005
G-Force (Blade Core)Orange84, 90, 100F22005
G-Force (Blade Core)Red84, 90, 100F32005
G-Force (Blade Core)Blue84, 90, 100G22005
G-Force (Solid Core)Green84F12005
G-Force (Solid Core)Orange84F22005
G-Force (Solid Core)Red84F32005
G-Force (Solid Core)Blue84G22005
Pista (Blade Core)Blue84, 90, 100F1, F22005
Mundo (Blade Core)Red84, 90F22005
Mundo (Blade Core)Green84, 90F32005
Super Mundo (Blade Core)Red100F22005
Super Mundo (Blade Core)Green100F32005
G-ShockLemon Yellow84, 90, 100, 110X-Firm2007
G-ShockBlue Flame84, 90, 100Firm2007
Super GLemon Yellow110X-Firm2006
Super GBlue Flame110Firm2006
Code RedClear/Red84, 90, 100X-Firm2007
XGPink/Green84, 90, 100Grip2007
G-ShockWhite90, 100, 110-2007
G-Shock (solid core)Yellow84-2007
G-Shock (solid core)Blue80, 84-2007
G-Shock (black hubs)Sonic Blue110-2007
G-Shock (black hubs)Sonic Yellow110-2007
JuiceYellow84, 90, 100-2007
Juice (solid core)Yellow84-2007
JuiceNatural84, 90, 100-2007
JuiceGreen84, 90, 100-2007
Juice (solid core)Green80, 84-2007
Juice EMTGreen100-2007
Juice EMTNatural100-2007
Code Red EMTNatural100-2007
XG EMTClear100-2007
Ocra, Ltd.
OCRANatural80, 84, 10083A, 85A2005
Precision Sports (Labeda)
HybridNatural80, 82.5, 84, 90, 10084A, 85A2005
Icon DynastyPink80, 82.5, 84, 100Hard2007
Icon DynastyPink90Hard2005
Icon DynastyBlue90, 100Hard2007
Icon DynastyBlack90, 100Medium2007
Icon Black CoreGreen80, 82.5, 84Soft2007
Icon White GFC CoreBlack80, 82.5, 84, 100Medium2007
Icon White GFC CoreBlue80, 82.5, 84, 100Hard2007
Icon White GFC CoreNatural80, 82.5, 84, 100Hard2007
Icon Black GFC CoreNatural80, 82.5, 84, 100Hard2007
LegacyOrange80, 82.5, 84Hard2007
Road Rage Black CoreNatural80, 82.5, 84Medium2007
Road Rage Black CoreBlue Tint80, 82.5, 84Hard2007
Team LabedaBlue Tint80, 82.5, 8484A2007
Team LabedaClear80, 82.5, 8482A2007
TLSPurple Tint80, 82.5, 84, 90, 10084A2005
TLSClear80, 82.5, 84, 10082A2007
Supersonic Racing Wheels
Serial Winner EditionYellow84, 90, 10083A, 85A2005
Tru-Rev, LLC
TitanGrey Tint10084A2007
USA Rollersports: 2007 List of Certified Inline Speed Wheels (PDF)
Inline Skating Notebook: USARS 2006 List of Certified Speed Wheels

Germany allows 110mm

The German Federation has reportedly announced that 110mm skates would be permitted in Marathon competitions in their country - with Barbara Fischer (herself an ex-World Champion) making the announcement on behalf of the German Referees. The first real move by a Federation to permit 110, after what turned out to be inaccurate announcements earlier this month indicating that France had made a similar resolution. They had not.
With the German announcement, rumours are now circulating that France may review their 100mm-limit decision. In Holland, Skatebond Nederland are under renewed pressure to allow 110mm skates in the World on Wheels and Dutch Inline Cup competitions in the wake of the German news.

Although the World Inline Cup regulations permit 110mm skates in all WIC events and have been published for some time, decisions by individual European National Federations have been delayed as discussions continue within their ranks. All the while, in the United States, no such 100mm limits have been imposed (other than for the National Championships where the World Team are selected). In the USA, 110mm skates have been permitted for some time - with athletes such as Joey Mantia and William Bowen taking indoor and outdoor victories on 110mm.