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あの Mogema が社名を Cado Motus と改名し、新しくスタートします。すでに一部ディーラーはウェブ上で2007年 Cado Motus ブランドを明記、2007年もニューモデルを継続販売するようです。

Cado Motus 165 NEO Frame with Hyper 104 mm wheels
Cado Motus 165 NEO Frame
The lengths of the Neo Solid CNC Frames: 10.4, 11.2 and 12.0
Cado Motus 195 Comp Frame with Hyper Mach2 100mm wheels
Cado Motus 165 NEO Frame
The lengths of the Comp Solid CNC Frames: 12.4, 12.8 and 13.2
Cado Motus 165 NEO Frame
The packages available with the “07 Plus Grip wheel that is sporting the new lighter core.
Neo – 165 mm spacing will come in multiple lengths (90mm,100mm,104mm)
Comp – 195 mm spacing will come in multiple lengths (90mm,100mm,104mm)
Pro – 195 mm spacing will come in multiple lengths (100mm)
Pro + - 195 mm spacing will come in 13.2 and will hold 110mm wheels

Dual Box Frame Pro
Cado Motus Dual Box Frame
Product DescriptionSizeRetail MSRP
Dual Box Frame Pro12 $275.00
Dual Box Frame Pro12.4$275.00
Dual Box Frame Pro12.8$275.00
Dual Box Frame Pro13$275.00
Dual Box Frame Pro13.2$275.00
Dual Box Frame Pro Plus13.2$300.00
Dual Box Frame Pro Plus13.2$300.00
Solid CNC Frame Neo10.4$150.00
Solid CNC Frame Neo11.2$150.00
Solid CNC Frame Neo12$150.00
Solid CNC Frame Comp12.4$175.00
Solid CNC Frame Comp12.8$175.00
Solid CNC Frame Comp13.2$175.00

Cado Motus
Cado Motus Boots Comp 165Cado Motus Boots Pro 195
Cado Motus Dual Box Frame
Product DescriptionSizeRetail MSRP
Cado Motus Boots Pro195mm Spacing$375.00
Cado Motus Boots Comp165mm Spacing $250.00

Cado Motus T Shirt Everybody’s Talking $30.00
Cado Motus T Shirt That’s how I roll $30.00
Cado Motus T Shirt Skate Enemy $30.00
Cado Motus Cap Baseball Cap $15.00
Cado Motus Bag Skate Backpack $75.00

Kelly Springer
Synergy Inline Racing
Team Cado Motus, USA
(Dec 13, 2006) Forum: Cado Motus Pics you asked for

Cado Motus is not the successor of Mogema !
M25 front
The lengths of DualBox frames: Pro 12.0 12.4 12.8 13.0 13.2 and Pro+ 13.2 13.4
... but you will see a lot of Technologies coming from there ( Diederik was the Designer of em e.g. the famous Clapskates ).

Prices will be very very very nice ... Sales start will be begin of 2007, website is avaliable at the 1st Jan 2007.


Rolf (Posted: Dec. 04, 2006)
RaceReportsNet: One more new frame
Inline Skating Notebook: Cado Motus Frames (Update: Jan. 20, 2007)
Inline Skating Notebook: Cado Motus PRO 195 Skates (Update: Dec. 28, 2006)
Inline Skating Notebook: Mogema New 2007 Frame Models (Update: Nov. 07, 2006)

Cado Motus:
Many of us have been using the 13.2 Mogema with 110's to hold us over till January when the new Dual Box Cado Motus Frames are released. Just like Mikey said the new frames will still be just as stiff with new iterior supports, but 35 grams lighter. There should be another pic on the Cado Motus thread to look at.

Kelly Springer (Posted: Dec 13, 2006) Forum: mogema 110 frame
The rumors are getting pretty wild out there, and my phone is blowin up.

Our sport has seen some fantastic changes in the last 12 months. All of the manufacturers have stepped it up. That is how progress is made. Today CADO MOTUS steps up!

When we made our new series, we asked ourselves, “What can we do to help the skaters get 100% out of their abilities with our products?”

Very soon you will be able to mount the answer to your feet!

Kelly Springer (posted: Oct. 12, 2006)

I saw someone use rockets on skates or skateboards on the movie Jackass II. It did not work out for them.

They actually used them on bikes, shopping carts and a few other objects not ment for rockets. It seems on all accounts the same results.

So save the $500 for hospital bills, cuz retail for CADO MOTUS is much more skater friendly.

Kelly Springer (posted: Oct 13, 2006 )

I am really happy everyone is having a good time with this post. It is true that no product with turn a so/so skater into a champion, but everyone knows the top 10 pro men and ladies around the world are very closely matched. If you don’t believe me ask Joey. He is without a doubt a world class champion, and he is smart enough to know there are at least 10 others around the world that will sneak up on him if he makes a mental error.

I have worked with many world champions over the years, and each of them trains body and mind to get the most out of their personal abilities. Each of them also would admit a slight advantage in equipment can make just as much of a difference as making the best timed break in a marathon, or a perfectly timed hawk before the finish line.

I still believe inline equipment is in its infancy. We have not even been racing on them for 15 years yet. How much have we improved? How much room for improvement is there? Last year was a great year for inline product design. There is good competition in the marketplace. A few years ago there was little competition in the market place, and there was little improvement. Most of the companies today are reputable, stable and not going anywhere. They are making good product. We will all be here improving, competing and pushing the sport to new heights just like you!


Kelly Springer (Oct 24, 2006)

Diederik Hol (the designer of Cado Motus) is truly an innovator. He is a student of our sport. I have known him for years, and when we are at worlds or watching skaters work out all he can think of is how to make his product better for the skaters he is watching. He is always asking questions about form, technique and how his design can help you do what you do better. So, I will pass on your complements Pete. Thank you.

Kelly Springer
Synergy Inline Racing
Team Cado Motus, USA
(Nov 30, 2006) Forum: Get Ready for Cado Motus
I just spoke to Daniel Junker about 4*100 frames. He recommended a new brand called "Cado Motus". Apparently they are designed by a former Mogema employee, and CNC-machined from a single block.

Does anyone have any knowledge about this new brand ? Searching on the internet results in virtually nothing...

rosengrenerik (posted: Oct 19, 2006)
LondonSkaters Speed Team Forum: Frames 4x100
Mogema's skate business is being reorganized. The people involved will announce when they are ready. A different forum has said the name is Cado Motus, and they've said since September that new products would be available in 2007.

Jim White (posted: Nov. 13, 2006)
SkateLog Forum: Mogema Retreats From Skating (Ice and Roller)


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