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アメリカ東海岸では週末の金土日と3日間開催されるスケートイベントが毎年開催されています。その中で有名なのはマイアミのGreat EsSkate、フィラデルフィアのPhilly Free Skate、ボストンの Skate Boston やニューヨークの Big apple Roll の4大イベントになります。みな似たようなイベントスケジュールですが、それなりに地方色が出ていて参加者にリピーターが多いのも特徴です。

組織的にも安全面でも問題なく楽しめます。でも、ネイティブで早口な英語に耳が慣れるまで、すこし時間が掛かりそうです。さて今年、その中のサマーホリデーイベント3つ全てに参加されたスケーター "GustavoAMH" さんがYouTubeに投稿したビデオを紹介します。GustavoAMH's Channel :

Big Apple Roll 2008 in New York City

Friday, 15th - Sunday, 17th August 2008
Just as Spain offers "The Running of The Bulls in Pamplona", the US offers "The Running of "The Yellow Cabs in New York City" as part of the Big Apple Roll. This year, the 6th annual Big Apple Roll Weekend (BAR) took place in NYC offering an exciting weekend of group skates, adventures exploring and experiencing the busy streets of New York on skates. There were a few bruises, but no one got seriously hurt.
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Big Apple RollThe sixth annual Big Apple Roll Weekend (BAR) is an exciting weekend of group skates, adventures exploring and experiencing New York City on skates. Party with old friends, make new ones, feel the rush of skating the New York City streets. Enjoy the city’s beautiful scenery, smooth pavement, rolling hills and fast straight-aways. Central Park is also the capital of dance skating where you can join the worlds greatest skate dancers for a truly unique experience.

A weekend to explore NY, party with friends, and feel the rush of NYC street skating.

City skating, island hopping, beaches, parks, night life and of course our skates through Times Square.
Big Apple Roll :

Skate Boston 2008 in Boston

Friday, 01, - Sunday, 03, August 2008

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Skate BostonSkate Boston 2008. This is one of the best weekend skating events in the USA. The Boston chapter of the National Skate Patrol (NSP) and the The Inline Club of Boston (ICB) organized an awesome weekend event with multiple skates and distances. Skates were led by local skate leaders taking you through many of Boston's great sites and skating territory. Thank you Boston!
A weekend of skating in Boston, with a chance to win prizes, party with friends. You will receive lunch both Saturday and Sunday, a free logo item.
Skate Boston:

Philly Free Skate 2008 in Philadelphia

Friday, 20, - Sunday, 22, June 2008

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Philly Free SkateThis is one one of the most fun skating events in the US. After the era of the "Philadelphia Freedom Skate" ended, the friendly skaters of the city of Philadelphia take on the streets for 3 days of fun filled skating.
All skates start and stop at the top of the Art Museum Steps. Helmets required for all skates and pads recommended. Skate at your own risk! Approx. 1/2 hour before each skate, we will be warming up: (learning and teaching tricks, doing tricks on the cones, so show up early! ) All skates are BYOW (bring your own water). There will be a bathroom & water break during each skate. This is a FREE event.
Philly Free Skate :

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