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北米主体になりますが、SkateLog Speed Skating Forum でスピードスケートのブーツ統計をとっています。さすがに Made in USA の Pinnacle Boot と Simmons custom のパーセントが高く成っています。更に、フレームマウント選択の統計を加味すれば、北米におけるスピードスケートブーツの傾向が見えてきます。

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Simmons, Pinacle, Bont, or ?

by topcarbon (Jan. 30, 2011)
I tend to move out of stuff quickly when it comes to performance equipment.

I have improved tremendously over the last month and can see myself going for uber performance within the month. If I want to change my skates, I have to choose and order the boots relatively soon.

Currently I use my Bont Apache(which are good, but I would not rate them as high performance). They were great to re-introduce myself to the sport again.

So, that leaves me wanting a high performance setup.

I had Simmons customs way back in the early 90's and I hated them. They were molded wrong(by me), and made cheap(by Simmons). He was new in the business and I don't really blame him. It just left a pain in my foot. I would love to try the all carbon model they have not made any of and likely will not in the near future, but they look so damn nice.

Don't know much about Pinacle.

I love Bonts, and there a lot of people on the Vaypor. Are they that good?
Bont three point?Two point?

Its frustrating. Making a $1000-$2000 commitment for the right choice makes me hesitate. Give me your opinions.

I skate flat circuits on 110 wheels. I will be seeking out some racing this year on the road. I don't know if this information is important.

SkateLog Speed Skating Forum: Simmons, Pinacle, Bont, or ?

Do you skate 3pt or 2pt ?

by InlineWarehouse (Jan. 6, 2011)
I'm looking into expanding our selection of Bont skates. We carry almost all 3pt mount boots in Bont and wanted to learn if you guys are more partial to 2pt or if an even split?

great stuff and great response. Thanks for the insight. I won't stop carrying the 3pt, but I damn sure better get going bringing in more 2pts. Keep up the responses please... great stuff.

SkateLog Speed Skating Forum: Do you skate 3pt or 2pt ?