CadoMotus 2011

CadoMotus が廉価版コンプリートライン Junior Skates Newspeed Transformer と Newspeed 110 HiLo skate を発表しました。ジュニア用のユニークな3輪4輪兼用 Neo Transformer Frame が面白い。

    New CadoMotus for 2011:

NewSpeed 110 inline boot. Higher ankle part for more stability. Glass fiber boot.
CadoMotus Skating: and

Newspeed Transformer

(Jan. 18, 2011)
Experience the benefits from switching back and forth from 3 to 4 wheels, without having to purchase two pairs of skates for it!

CadoMotus reveals a new skate package for junior skaters. The Newspeed Transformer. Buy one skate, but in fact get two. The Newspeed Transformer skate gives you the opportunity to experiment with wheel diameter and number of wheels. From a smooth and light 3x90 to a more grown up and powerful 3x110 or 4x90 solution. Whatever you prefer.

New junior skate, the Newspeed Transformer. Switch from 4 to 3 wheels, using your very same chassis.

This skate is based on the all new Newspeed 90 boot, with a nylon/glassfiber shell and 165mm spacing, going from size 210 - 260 (EU 34 - 41).

The skate goes with the new Neo Transformer frame that makes the switching possible. A frame which takes as well 3 as 4 wheels.

Neo Transformer Frame that takes as well 3x110 as 4x84 or 4x90
Price: € 300,00
Sizes: 210 - 260 (EU 34 - 41)
Boot: Newspeed 90, nylon/glass
Frame: Neo Transformer 2-in-1, 3 AND 4 wheel frame (10.6" / 11.2")
Wheels: Spin-R 90 / 100 / 110 mm
Bearing: Bones Reds
Pure Skating News: New for 2011: Newspeed Transformer

Newspeed 110 HiLo skate

(Jan. 19, 2011)
If you look for stability and comfort, but don't want to compromise on top speed, the Newspeed 110 Hilo skate is your best choice.

The Newspeed 110 boot is based on the succesfull Comp 110's last. A glassfiber higher ankle part, which is heat moldable, ensures great support and stability. Comfort, easy speed, the ultimate joy of skating.

CadoMotus Newspeed 110 boot
Newspeed 110 skate. You like the speed, but you need support and stability.

This new skate comes with the Comp HiLo frame, with 3x110 and 1x100mm Spin-R wheels and Bones Reds race bearings.

Race quality fitness skate. You like the speed, but you need support and stability.

CadoMotus Comp Hilo 3x110/1x100

Price: € 400,00
Sizes: 235 - 290 (EU 38 - 45)
Shell: glassfiber, fully heat moldable
Closure: strap and buckle
Mounting: 195mm (for 100 and 110mm wheels)
Frame: Comp Hilo 3x110/1x100 12.8"
Wheels: SPIN-R
Bearings: Bones Reds
Designed for: semi race and active recreational skaters
Pure Skating News: New for 2011: Newspeed 110 HiLo skate

Speedskates 2011

CadoMotus Speedskates 2011
  • Comp-100 skate
  • Pro db-III dualbox fame
  • Bones REDS bearings
  • SPIN-R wheels
  • Price: €400

  • Speedskates 2011 Comp-hilo skate

    CadoMotus Speedskates 2011
  • Comp-110 boot
  • Comp-hilo frame 3x110+100 12.8"
  • Bones REDS bearings
  • SPIN-R wheels
  • Price: €400
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