Scott Arlidge is getting married

ワールドクラスのニュージーランド選手 Scott Arlidge さんと arena geisingen でスタッフとして働いている Anna Bryan さんが御結婚されたそうです。

N.Z. world class skater Scott Arlidge (Pwerslide Matter) is getting married with Anna Bryan.

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by Bill Begg (Jan. 3, 2011)
Unfortunately 2 weeks out from his wedding Scott Arlidge Crashed when trying to pass in the finish of the relay, he lost teeth & facial injuries when he hit the ground head first, it was a very bad crash & all the skaters wish Scott a quick full recovery & there thoughts are with him.

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Scott Arlidge wrote on Twitter.
(Jan. 14, 2011)
skate this morning. Feeling normal again. Off to the dentist again this afternoon. Just waiting for my bride to be to finish her hair cut.

Scott Arlidge:

Scott Arlidge just got married!!!

Editor: JvS (Jan. 26, 2011)
POWERSLIDE congratulates Scott and his beautiful bride Anna and wishes them a happy and prosperous life together.

Powerslide Racing: Scott Arlidge just got married!!!

Scott Arlidge's winter in New Zealand

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Looking back, 2010 was for me personally a very good year, even though it felt very long. My first race was in mid-February, if you remember, and the conclusion was then the World Championships in Colombia in late October. I've obviously taken my time out in the season, but most of the time it was over pretty stressful.

I've been about 4 weeks in my home in New Zealand and there are only a few days until Christmas. Typically in New Zealand are held the first race each year since the National Championships in early January for the same scheduled. In the coming year will change that fact. While in Europe just now usher in all the countdown to the big New Year's Eve party, we are on 1 January at 9.00 clock already at the starting line for the first race. It may be strange to start the championship directly on New Year's Day, but here in New Zealand, the skate scene is organized by volunteers who vote on the racing calendar with the holiday of their work. It is now summer here. Championships are so often at the same time qualifying race for EM or in our case the World Cup, but our coaches are aware of the fact that there are still nine months until the next World Cup and the season highlight of the past year is not so long ago.

Since my return I also already put in pre-season in 2011. I work on the foundations for the tough race and the hard, intensive training that will follow later. So I train for a long time on the bike and working on my technique. I've said before me, that technology is an important factor in our sport. A good technique is the key to put your hard training on the role - especially in preparation for the new season, one should pay much attention to the technical training. I have also received a new custom-made shoes, which I travel, and with which I am testing some new products, will present the Power Slide in the next year. I get here with all kinds of snow chaos in Europe and especially Germany and I am glad it geisingen the arena a perfect location, where the skaters can train for all year.
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Anna Bryan is a graduate and has lived for a year Geisingen. As the partner of Scott, it is in recent years with the inline scene is very familiar and they can also very good advice in the shop.
arena geisingen: Anna Bryan