Joey Mantia on the ice in Holland?

Joey Mantia が Twitter にオランダでアイススケートするような事を書いていたので、気に成っていましたが・・・ドーやらインドアリンクでクリニックを開催する為に訪れたみたいです。

Joey Mantia wrote on his Twitter:
(Dec. 4, 2010)
On the plane to holland... First time skating long track, should be mmm interesting. No cameras please haha

(Dec. 7, 2010)
First time on the ice... LOVED it. Can't wait for tomorrow

(Dec. 8, 2010)
Its 6am... I'm wide awake in heerenveen and all I can think about is bacon. Why am I such a fat kid?

bout 2 have another go on the ice; TV crew here, WONDERFUL ha! just what I need, documentation of my 'bambi-esque' ice technique

(Dec. 9, 2010)
Learned a lot teaching here in holland, can't wait to get home and work towards perfection.


Opening indoor skating track Heerenveen

Translated by (Dec. 2, 2010)
Dear Sir / Madam,

Due to some cancellations for the clinic because of work, we decided to move to the clinic the night of the opening in this way to give everyone a chance to participate. The clinic is open to all club coaches, trainers, regional and national coaches from skating and ice skating.

indoor-skatebaan HeerenveenThe old training track from Chad Hedrick has during the summer on the inside lane Thialf located. As of now there is a whole new training facility for athletes and talent. The wooden track, the size of 27.5 meters wide and 61 meters long, is very unique in Europe. The skating rink is now placed in a so-called dome. This hall is next Thialf.

The program for Wednesday, December 8th will look like this:

19:00 - 19:15 Reception
19:15 Official opening of the runway
19:30 Demo race National and international skeelertop
20:15 Start clinic Joey Mantia
21:15 Opportunity to free skating

Material is present. Use your own material is also possible, we recommend this new wheel or wheels indoor use.
For the clinic we ask you to sign up yet to the e-mail address for questions, please click here.
We apologize for the change in the program.

We hope to see you on Wednesday, December 8!


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@marktuitert: Want to learn skating from 33-times world champion Joey Mantia? Tonight 19.00 hours indoor hall

indoor-skatebaan Heerenveen Opening indoor-skatebaan Heerenveen

Indoor Track Heerenveen Opened

Translated by (Dec. 8, 2010)
The indoor skating track was officially opened today in Heerenveen. In the hall, put down specially for the job today were some test competitions.

The opening of the indoor track was multiple world champion Joey Mantia came over from America. Mantia is one of the best indoor riders in the world. The Dutch selection will skate all winter to train in the hall.

"The new Hedrick" teaches skating

Joey Mantia is only a few days on the ice and now tips the Dutch skating world to him as the big favorite at the Olympic Games in Sochi. The American is 33-times world champion inline skating, and his American Dream come true on the ice.

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Skating Clinic With Joey Mantia in Bogota
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