Alterations of CIC Sports Rules

先日来、話題に成っていた、2011年度の World Championships のジュニア出場資格年令などに関する CIC のルール改正が発表されました。

World Changes for 2011

By Bill Begg (Oct. 29, 2010)
  1. Age Junnior 15 minimum 19 maximum.
  2. Marathon Stand alone event.
  3. Earphones to be banned.
  4. Full drug testiongt Korea 2011
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Alterations of CIC Sports Rules

(Dec. 6, 2010)

Dear Mister the President,

After FIRS Executive Board in Portimao/Portugal ( December 4, 2010), the Comit International de Course is communicating you some important alterations of 2011 Sports Rules. The final version of 2011 CIC Sports Rules will be sent you within the month of January.
  1. Starting from 2011, the minimum age to participate at the World Championships in Junior category is 15 years and the maximum is 19 years at December 31 of the year of the championship ( as by I.O.C. rule, i.e. 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 years).
  2. Starting from 2011, the use of earphones is forbidden is all intercontinental and world events.
Yours sincerely,
Federation International de Roller Sports: Alterations of CIC Sports Rules

New Rules for Worlds

The question now must be how will USA Roller Sports restructure the outdoor program which must be done immediately. Possibly the following age groups for 2011
  • Senior World Team 20 years and over
  • Junior World Team 15 to 19 years only
  • Freshman National Team 12-14 years only
  • Juvenile National Team 9 to 11 years only
We will need to know if skaters will be allowed to compete in the next higher division at Worlds - Jr skaters competing in Sr.

Coaches, your comments are needed for any new rule changes for the USA Outdoor Program.
What do you think about the changes for World Championships. Does it benefit the USA?
Coaches with potential rule change ideas should contact Ed Mueller, Speed Committee Chairman ASAP

Joe Cotter
Regional Speed Coaches Representative Chairman.
HYPER-RACE 2010: New Rules for Worlds