EO SKATES H2 HiLow Frame

軽量カーボンフレーム製造で有名な EO SKATES が H2 HiLow Frame を新発売します。フレームの重さは、魅力的な125g。販売価格は 259 Euro、前金50%・後払い50%にて予約受付中です。新製品の発送は2011年2月予定です。

EO SKATES H2 HiLow Frame

The new HiLow frame is here !!! Be the first to get it.

EO SKATES H2 HiLow Frame
super LIGHT, super REACTIVE, super FAST !!! monocoque carbon-fibre frames - weight only 125g !!!

EO SKATESThe newest of all our frames, made even lighter and stronger thanks to yet improved technology. The ultimate Hi-Low frame, 3x110+100mm.

With a smaller second wheel, the whole skate is 7mm lower than with a 4x110mm frame, providing improved handling and easier skating while keeping the same roll and speed.
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Wheels: up to 3X110+100mm
Length: 12"8 (326mm)
Mounting distance: 195mm
Front deck height: 96mm
Rear deck height: 107mm
Weight: 125g
Price: 259 €
* launch price on all pre-orders - pay only 50% now and 50% on delivery in 02/2011

ModelDIABLO.4 (2007)SPRINT (2008)MARATHON (2008)H2 HiLow (2010)
Length12"8 (326mm)12"8 (326mm)13"23 (336mm)12"8 (326mm)
Rear108mm106mm114mm 107mm

RollerEnLigne.com: Matos : une nouvelle platine Hi-low chez EO Skates

EO SKATES tests the H2 Carbon Frames

Translated by google.com (Feb. 9, 2011)

The first proto of the testing H2 (3X110+100mm):

Wow! I think we want "The Platinum is TERRIBLE!

Balance of the test this morning:
I went home to Port du Rhin (with a strong wind) and made a short tour in the city. Short in these conditions I could test a little all terrain.

EO SKATES Eric Le GallFirst sensation is handling the lower position (relative to 4x110mm) allows for a firmer holding the ankles. Weight gain with 100mm wheel is felt. The first outbreaks are facilitated always due to its lower position and length of ground supports shorter 10mm than 4x110mm.

After I get some accelerations on the test site in Port Rhin. The first kilometers immediately show the dynamism of these turntables. I start the circuit into the wind, and I got a surprise maintaining a steady speed longer work thrust is more fluidity and frequency. I arrive on the bridge and thereby finding, ankles much less work it will take less than the "wall", the rise is more active, it suffers much less. The sensations are very good, where usually you have to restart at the top of the bridge is done without the stimulus sentences;) The descent is very nice, I did not feel like going slower, more at ease when in security, law ankles are much better. I will finish the loop upwind with some good dynamic accelerations.

I test the cross on the large roundabout and again nice surprise! supports are very strong, balance front / rear is excellent, I thought with a shorter length of support it was going to be penalized. quite the contrary! The position of the front wheel from the boot is also very good, the hamstrings are much less stressed than on 4x110mm. It is likely that at the end of races with different attacks and fatigue will be a non-negligible.

The reduction of area provided on the reinforcement "E-Bridge" at the center of the plate coupled with our new techno Cage System "on the front and rear greatly improves the flex dynamics and behavior of the plate. This will be confirmed on a small roundabout where I feel very cross for the first time in my life;) The wheel-asphalt is excellent! supports are very well distributed.

In town maneuverability is unquestionable, turns, sidewalks and emergency shutdown are much easier.

Well, this first test is really conclusive, the dynamics of the plate is at the rendezvous.

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