Skating with a motorized unicycle

どちらかと言えば敬遠したい Skatedrive ですが、来年2011年には Skatedrive にエンジンを付けたような FlyRad が発売されるそうです。以前からインラインで使えそうな似た道具が幾つもありましたが、日本ではコレまでと同様の理由で公道の走行は禁止されるでしょう。それでも使ってみたくなるほど、コンパクトで性能も良くなっているようです。

Get your skates on with the FlyRad motorized unicycle

By Darren Quick (Nov. 7, 2010)
We've seen a few vehicle designs that have had a crack at bringing the unicycle out of the circus and onto the street. Here's a very different approach. Although it is a one wheeled motorized vehicle, there's nothing self-balancing about the FlyRad - the design requires the rider to wear a pair of inline skates while they sit, stand or simply get dragged along in a way that reminds us of the Zap Powerski.


Invented about six years ago by Thomas Rank, the latest edition of the FlyRad comes in three sizes: one for adults, one for teens and one for children. The currently configured adult model is fitted with a 500W motor powered by a 36v battery. It weighs about 24 kg (53 lb) and can reach a maximum speed of about 40 km/h (25 mph), traveling about 50 km (31 miles) on a single four hour charge. It can also be fitted with a 1,000W motor and stronger batteries for those looking for an bit of extra oomph.

Users can “ride” the vehicle in a number of ways including sitting, standing, squatting or hands free. Riders can even switch positions on the go. In standing mode the device is held much like a jackhammer which tows the rider along, while in sitting mode the rider sits on the saddle with a pair of skates acting as the vehicle's front wheels.

Since steering is controlled by the skates, the rider can let go of the handle bars altogether to give the sensation of flying that presumably gives the FlyRad its name. When ridden in this way the FlyRad stays in place by transferring the rider's weight onto a couple of pads attached to the bottom of the handlebars that push down onto the rider's upper legs.


Designed as a form of environmentally friendly transportation as well as for fun and extreme sports, the FlyRad took a silver medal at iENA 2010, the International Trade Fair for “Ideas-Inventions-New Products” held in Nuremburg in October.

The first FlyRad (German) is expected to be available in 2011 at a price yet to be announced.
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Easyglider: a fun new way to skate/ride/drive

By Estelle Tonelli (Sep. 20, 2009)
Made in Switzerland, Easy-Glider is basically an electric motor attached to a wheel attached to a handlebar. It is a fun new method of transport, a cross between a motorbike (the controls are similar) and a skateboard or chariot.


Easy-Glider feels safer than a skateboard or roller skates because you have three 'legs', not two.

Easy-glider has a top speed of 20 km/hr and, under normal conditions, fully charged batteries should last up to an hour.

Easy-Glider on Beyond Tomorrow
In Switzerland, Easy-Glider can be registered for the road and driven with a moped licience.

Is Easy-Glider Switzerland's answer to the Sedgway? For more information, please visit
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Zap Powerski

By Mike Hanlon
Turning every road into a downhill run and adding a whole new dimension to owning a set of inline skates, the Zap POWERSKI is capable of towing its 'skier' at speeds of up to 24km/h. Designed for use with roller-blades or skateboards, the POWERSKI is made up of two steering 'poles' attached to a plastic and steel casing containing twin sealed 12V electric motors driving eight inch pneumatic tyres.

Zap Powerski

The speed is controlled via the trigger switch on the hand-grip that acts as both throttle and brake, and steering using the poles delivers a 'zero' turning radius. The whisper quiet POWERSKI boasts enough torque to pull an average person up just about any hill and the rechargeable battery provides a range of up to 11km depending on the terrain.We can only imagine how much fun you could have with one of these! Available for US$399 online at , an investment in the POWERSKI will go a long way towards beating the end of ski season blues.
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