Shockliner Prototype

この Shockliner は名の通り、衝撃を吸収する板バネ状のフレーム前後にウィール2個を取り付けたインラインスケートです。ビデオを観ると板バネは硬軟両方用意され、状況により選択できるようです。ビデオ観ただけでは判断できませんが、コレを待ってた!という人がいるかも知れません。

shockliner - next generation inline skate - prototype presentation


next generation inline skates

Shockliner Prototype

Inline skates have taken over their part in the world of sports and leisure but there has been very little true innovation in the past few years. Timo Azadi and Daniel Wagner want to change that with their innovation – the shockliner.

It has only 2 wheels that are connected with a leaf spring construction. Because of that, the skate not only absorbs roughness of the underground for more comfort but is also very dynamic with more speed and effectivity than normal skates.

The main part of it, the leaf spring construction can be fixed to almost any existing speed skate and could so chenge the way of modern inline skating. The Shockliner has already convinced the coach of the German national team of ice- and speedskating.


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