Atom Wheels unveils 'Xflex' Technology!

Luigino Racing によると Atom Wheel の外観は変わっていないようですが、コアが新しい 'Xflex' 仕様となり、軽量かつ俊敏になったようです。また再び、Joey Mantia とウィール独占サポートも決定したらしく。とりあえず、Nistevo Sport のプレスリリースを自動翻訳できるよう、テキストを書き起こしました。

Atom Wheels unleashes NEW 'Xflex' wheel technology!!

Atom Wheels proudly introduces Xflex... Faster, Lighter and More Responsive Than Ever!

Atom Wheels Proudly Introduces‘Xflex™'...
Faster, Lighter and More Responsive Than Ever!

Xflex TechnologyAtom Wheels have proven themselves over the past 3 years, winning multiple world records and world titles. When Atom first introduced inline wheels with Reflex™ cores, they were purposely over-engineered for one reason; to SMASH all indoor flat track records. Mission accomplished! Now, having broken nearly ever record in the book over the past two years and winning 85% of all indoor national titles in 2010, Atom Wheels flat track development continues to excel past the opposition with Xflex™.

Atom began planning, engineering and testing Xflex™ Technology over 1.5 years ago with the narrow focus of outdoor racing. It was evident that we would need to make a lighter, faster product that offers superb grip and control. The result? Xflex™.

Our one-price Xflex™ cores are precision tools, not toys and the feedback on Xflex™ has been positively overwhelming. Atom uses superior urethane with higher-quality cores and now, thanks to Xflex's‘scooped' spokes are even lighter and faster, creating more‘flex™' which in turn equals more Load & Explode!

Size: 110, 100
Duro: 84a, 85a, 86a
Weight: 143g. (110mm)
Profile: High Performance Racing
Core: Xflex™ with interlock
Models: Atom ONE & Atom Trix (coming soon)
Available: January 2011
Price: 100mm-$3.50, 110mm-$14.50

Atom Wheels ONE-Xflex™...Arquably the ULTIMATE performing wheel for ALL types of outdoor racing!

Doug Glass
Product Development

Nistevo Sport MFG Newsletter: Atom Wheels unveils Xflex Technology!
Atom Wheels:

Mantia & Atom Wheels Reunite!

Atom Wheels (Jul. 1, 2011)
Joey MantiaMantia skated Atom wheels during the 2009 world championships winning 7 gold medals, establishing a personal best and going down in history alongside Chad Headrick for the most gold medals won in a single championships. Following up at 2010 World in Colombia under other wheel obligations he had a championship not meeting his expectations. Atom Wheels and Mantia are poised to get back to winning form together again in 2011.

Mantia is now in pursuit of becoming an Olympic Champion in long track ice skating, in addition to his pursuit he's poised to return to from and execute to the best of his ability one last inline world championship in Korea, September 2011.

Mantia had a hand in Atom Wheels' development in the very beginning with a strong influence on our core design and winning chemistries. Our collaboration provided extensive testing launching Atom straight to the top of the podium inits debut world championship in Spain (2008) where Atom Wheels collectively won 15 gold medals. Since then Mantia, our chemist and Doug Glass have spent hours of developing and testing iQ and Xflex Technology for the most important inline event of his life.

Joey Mantia :
"Winning is my priority and being with the right support system is vital".

These guys got me 7 gold medals in china. Magic. Simmons & Atom, greatest combo of all time

Doug Glass :
"Atom Wheels' objective is to create a great brand valued by passionate skaters. Atom's work with the best skater in the world, Joey Mantia, allows our designers and product team to design and develop products that meet the exacting standards of committed skates everywhere. It is our sole responsibility to produce wheels that enhance skater performance and bring evolution to the sport"

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Nistevo Sport MFG Newsletter: Mantia/Atom Reunite!