MPC defends MTECH

レースと言えば MPC Road War, StormSurgeと言われる昨今ですが、どうやら模倣品が出回っているようです。そこで、MPC MTECH 技術の特許権を有する Mearthane Products Corp は模倣業者に対して知的所有権を主張していく事を宣言しました。

MPC defends MTECH

(Dec. 21, 2010)
"We will agressively defend our property rights", says Mearthane Products Corp, in reaction to other brands trying to copy the multi layer technology.

The MPC successes in the past few years have been incredible. The patented multi layer construction (MTECH) MPC wheels are famous for, have proven to provide best grip and rebound by far. This year, almost all World titles on the track were won on MPC wheels.

This incredible success made other brands try to copy this multi layer idea. Mearthane Products Corp therefore states in a press release, to 'aggressively defend its intellectual property rights against any imitator or competitor confusing the market."

Mearthane's Multi-layer Technology (M-Tech)

By geert (Dec. 21, 2010)
Press release:

Mearthane Products Corp is patenting or has patented advances in multi-layer technology across the USA, Asia and Europe, and continues to develop new products and technology to advance wheel science. Our commitment to producing products of the highest quality and performance has unfortunately encouraged others to introduce similar wheels that are not of the same level of quality and performance as Mearthane “M-tech” wheels. We want to assure our customers that Mearthane will aggressively defend its intellectual property rights against any imitator or competitor confusing the market with an inferior or “knock-off” product.

MPC dominates the European Championships
MPC Speed Skating: Mearthane's Multi-layer Technology (M-Tech)

Pure Skating News: MPC defends MTECH

Staying ahead of the game with revolutionary designs.

You probably already know that MPC manufactures world renowned, premium recreational products, including a variety of popular patented high-end in-line, skateboard, and other recreational wheels. But, it might surprise you to learn that we also make shock absorbers for bicycles, couplings for stationary bikes, and wheels for rowing machines. We even make the track shoe bottoms that help Olympic track stars run circles around their competition. Every day we find new and exciting applications for urethane that help weekend warriors get in the game and professional athletes boost their performance and break records.

In fact, you'll find our wheels on the most notable roller hockey brand skates, trademarked as Rink Rat Hockey Wheels. MPC Speed Wheels (Street Fight and Black Track) are found on the top of podiums at all major international and world championships.

MPC's proprietary multi-layer wheel technology, called Mtech®, features what we call a “Soft Heart, Hard Body.” Mtech wheels are comprised of two layers: a soft (62A shore hardness) highly resilient inner layer, not unlike a super ball, that acts as a pneumatic tire; and a durable (80+A shore hardness) outer layer of long wearing, surface-hugging urethane. The result is wheels with the largest footprint (ultimate grip), highest rebound (fastest) and firmest outer tread (best wear) available. To learn more about MPC's championship wheel technology, please visit

MPC also recently signed a licensing, sourcing, and distribution deal with bbc international to introduce bbyhds™ (pronounced babyheads) to the U.S. market. bbyhds are the world's first (and only) skateboard/ sneaker combo product. Equipped with MPC's urethane wheels and cast aluminum trucks, this multi-functional skate product combines two top line sports: inline skating and skateboarding. To learn more, please visit

If you have a recreation-related application that might benefit from the unique properties of urethane, call 401-946-4400 or contact us.
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MPC pioneered precision bearing use for skateboarding back in 1975.
Today you'll find our patented multilayer technology wheels on the best in-line skates and boards in the world.
MPC: Staying ahead of the game with revolutionary designs.
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