e-money Band

テレビ朝日の深夜番組「雑学王」で出題された「時計型 E-マネー」はアスリートにとって、なかなか良さそうな携帯アイテムだと思います。調べてみると、"e-money band" と言う電子マネー「Edy」の時計タイプとして3000円で販売されていました。分解した方に寄れば、薄いコインのような部品が入っているだけです。数年前からJCBとカシオが電子マネー機能付きの時計「Officaウオッチ」を開発実験しているそうなので、しばらく待てば、カシオとかスウォッチから普及品が出てきそうです。

You must have been used to purchasing something in convenience stores with a credit card, but what about using a new device that is more convenient for using? It is the E-Money Band, a silicon wristband designed by a Japanese company that allows the users to purchase with electronic money so that you can stop anywhere to make a shopping though without enough cash in your pockets.

New Mobile Money "e-money band" for Japanese athletes.

    e-money band
    Size: W40×D10×H250 (mm)
    Color: Black, White, Pink, Orange and Green.
    Website: http://hashy-topin.com/

EdyEdy provided by bitWallet, Inc. in Japan is a prepaid rechargeable contactless smart card. It uses Sony's FeliCa technology, also used by the competing Suica/Pasmo cards by JR East. While both cards can be used at participating stores, vending machines, and websites, Suica is the only contactless card that works with JR's ticket gates. While the name derives from euro, dollar, and yen, it works with yen only.

On April 18, 2006, Intel announced a five billion yen (approx. 45 million USD, or 35 million euros as of May 20, 2006) investment in bitWallet, aimed at further developing the technology for PC-based electronic money settlements.
Edy: http://www.edy.jp/ (in Japanese) or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edy

30% in metropolitan regions use e-money

Japan Kyodo News (Sep. 8, 2010)
Offica WatchThe share of electronic money users in two major metropolitan regions has more than doubled from four years ago to 30 percent, a think tank said Tuesday.

A rising number of people view quick settlements without small change as attractive, the Hakuhodo Institute of Life and Living said.

"Smart shopping is becoming deep-rooted in Japan," it said in a report based on a survey of consumers in the Tokyo and Osaka metropolitan regions it conducts every two years. The latest survey was carried out in May and covered 3,389 people.

The rate of people using e-money rose from 12.1 percent in 2006 to 22.0 percent in 2008 and to 30 percent in 2010, it said.

The poll also found that the share of respondents who shopped via the Internet in the past year came to 38.3 percent, up 8.1 points from 2008.

Simply put, electronic money or e-money is the electronic alternative to cash. It is monetary value that is stored electronically on receipt of funds, and which is used for making payment transactions. E-Money can be held on cards, devices, or on a server. Examples include pre-paid cards, electronic purses, such as M-PESA in Kenya, or web-based services, such as PayPal. As such, e-money can serve an umbrella term for a number of more specific electronic value products and services.

The Japan Times Online: 30% in metropolitan regions use e-money

JCB and Casio announce Credit-Card Wristwatch in Japan.
(Jun. 2004)
The Offica watch has a non-contact chip that enables the wearer to pay for merchandise and services by simply passing the watch over a reader at a cash register. The Watch can also be used for access control to buildings and rooms. The chip uses the same format as Sony FeliCa non-contact smart card technology. JCB will begin field testing the Wristwatch in their headquaters.

Non-Contact Access Wristwatches are available from Swatch since a couple of years. They are mostly used for Ski Lift Access.
Offica Watch: http://www.jcbcorporate.com/english/news/seq_2354.html (June 2004)

e-money bandにSuicaを組み込めるそうです。

e-money Band を分解して Edyトークンを取り出した方のブログがあります。
(Dec. 5, 2010)
YAS TSUCHIYA: Edy内蔵リストバンド「e-money band」

2006年には e-money Band に内蔵されている円形チップを使った、ANAのノベルティーが作られていました。


(Mar. 21, 2006)

このキーホルダー落としちゃったら誰でも使えるんですよね?きっと。おっちゃんな私はそんなピカチュウ落としたら怖くてつかえません。 他にもいろんな形したEdyはあるんでしょうかね?edy派なあなたの情報をお待ちしております。

10年目の電子マネー 次の「かたち」は?

2010年12月16日、テレビ東京の報道番組WBS(ワールドビジネスサテライト)で放送された。動画では e-money Band を分解し、新開発した内部の円形チップも紹介しています。

動画は著作権侵害により削除されました。 なお、こちらで、放送内容をテキストで確認できます。