World Championships Guarne 2010

いよいよ、10月20日から30日まで World Championships Guarne 2010 開催です。日本から山本紳貴/喜多秀明/篠塚奈知のシニア3選手が参加、出来れば上位入賞し、世界ランキングのポイント獲得を期待したいところです。現地のネット環境は悪くなさそうですが、速報はスペイン語だけになりそうです。

Guarne 2010

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Teleantioquia: Mundial de patinaje Guarne 2010 (Spanish)
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Track Day 1 - 22nd October (Results , Photos)

Junior Women E 15000m
  1. Paola Serrano (COL) 25:41.402
  2. Natalia Giraldo (COL)
  3. Katharina Rumpus (GER)
  4. Meng Chu Li (TPE)
  5. Mi Kyong Lim (KOR)
Senior Women PE 10000m
  1. Simona Di Eugenio (ITA) 15 Pts 16:11.891
  2. Nachi Shinozuka (JPN) 09 Pts
  3. Anniek ter Haar (NED) 07 Pts
  4. Nicole Begg (NZL) 06 Pts
  5. Laetitia Le Bihan (FRA) 02 Pts
Junior Women T-T 300m
  1. Yesenia Escobar (COL) 26.393
  2. Estefania Hurtado (COL) 26.566
  3. Solymar Vivas (VEN) 26.890
Senior Women T-T 300m
  1. Jercy Puello (COL) 25.937
  2. Erika Zanetti (ITA) 26.305
  3. Sandra Buelvas (VEN) 26.602
  4. Elizabeth Arnedo (COL) 26.686
  5. Sara Sayasane (USA) 26.721
Junior Men E 15000m
  1. Boris Pena (COL) 23:14.181
  2. Min Yong Park (KOR)
  3. Mario Vaencia (USA)
  4. Hugo Ramirez (CHI)
  5. Siemen Tas (BEL)
Senior Men PE 10000m
  1. Diego Rosero (COL) 23 Pts 14:36.341
  2. Bart Swings (BEL) 16 Pts
  3. Peter Michael (NZL) 11 Pts
  4. Yen Shen Liao (TPE) 10 Pts
  5. Fabio Francolini (ITA) 08 Pts
Junior Men T-T 300m
  1. Juan Camilo Perez (COL) 24.378
  2. Nicolas Bermudez (COL) 24.739
  3. Pierre Benjamin (FRA) 24.933
Senior Men T-T 300m
  1. Andres Munoz (COL) 24.009 WR
  2. Joey Mantia (USA) 24.253
  3. William Bowen (USA) 24.313
  4. Sebastian Arce (COL) 24.347
  5. Ricardo Verdugo (CHI) 24.631

Silver to Bart Swings in points elimination

(Oct. 23, 2010)
Bart Swings took the silver in the first race at the World Championships in Guarne!

The 10,000m points elimination race is one of the hardest races possible, and therefore Swings' favourite. Last year he took the victory in this event, but now Colombian Diego Rosero was a bit stronger.

The very experienced and super strong Diego Rosero took a lot of points early in the race, a gab that could not be closed anymore by the Belgian talent. Rosero took 23 points, Swings 16 and the bronze went to New Zealander Peter Michael (11p).

In the ladies points elimination, Italian Simona di Eugenio took the gold, while Nachi Shinozuka surprisingly took the silver and Dutch Anniek ter Haar the bronze. One of the big favourites Nicole Begg finished just outside the podium.
Pure Skating News: Silver to Bart Swings in points elimination

Senior Men PE 10000m

Jercy Puello breaks the 300m TT World Record on Matter Wheels.

Editor: Scott Arlidge (Oct. 22, 2010)
Jercy Puello has just broken the 300m TT World Record at the Worlds in Guarne.
She clocked a time of 25.838. The finals are later this evening.
Powerslide Racing News:

Jercy Puello breaks record TT 300m

TT 300m World Record


by X-tech (Oct. 23, 2010)
Rained out mens 300 T/T, bad news for some, but great for MPC.

Winner Colombian Andres Munoz
  • Qualifying 24.694 sec Matter Wheels
  • Final rained out 24.575 Matters
  • Real Final 24.009 World Record MPC ROAD WARS.
SUPERSTAR Joey Mantia sponsored by Simmons, Shankel & Matter wheels, alleged to be the highest paid skater in the World & deservedly so.
  • Qualifying 11th just made it 24.754 sec on Sponsors Brand Matter.
  • Rained out Final Improvement 24.542 on Atom his previous sponsor
  • Final Final 2nd 24.253 on MPC Road War Firms, not his sponsor, but the wheel winning approx 90% of the Medals.
So the story goes on, as everyone tries to Hunt down the MPC firms, that are in very short supply.


(Oct. 25, 2010)
New Zealander & X-TECH MPC INTERNATIONAL TEAM STAR Peter Michael was the first accross the line at the end of the 10 km Points Elimination race, in a time of 14 minutes 36 .341 secs to break the Current World record time set by Bart Swings in Haining last year of 14 mins .41.425 sec, taking 5 secs off the old World record on MPC Road War firms & E-TECH IS Plates.
X-tech Skates


Colombia Days Begin in Guarne

Track Day 2 - 23rd October (Results , Photos)

Junior Women PE 10000m
  1. Natalia Giraldo (COL) 21 Pts
  2. Meng Chu Li (TPE) 10 Pts
  3. Aura Quintana (COL) 09 Pts
  4. Anna Giroldi (ITA) 08 Pts
  5. Katharina Rumpus (GER) 07 Pts
Senior Women E 15000m
  1. Alexandra Vivas (COL) 24:48.176
  2. Brigyte Mendez (COL)
  3. Laura Lardani (ITA)
  4. Simona Di Eugenio (ITA)
  5. Melisa Bonnet (ARG)
Junior Women 1000m Line
  1. Estefania Hurtado (COL) 1:37.571
  2. Paola Serrano (COL)
  3. Ga Ram Le (KOR)
  4. Eun Chae eong (KOR)
  5. Meng Chu Li (TPE)
Senior Women 500m Sprint
  1. Jercy Puello (COL) 42.841 WR
  2. Erin Jackson (USA)
  3. Erika Zanetti (ITA)
  4. Sara Sayasane (USA)
  5. Desire Contenti (ITA)
Junior Men PE 10000m
  1. Sang Cheol Lee (KOR) 16 Pts
  2. Boris Pena (COL) 12 Pts
  3. Livio Wenger (SUI) 09 Pts
  4. Mario Valencia (USA) 07 Pts
  5. Ysung Nan Nan (TPE) 05 Pts
Senior Men E 15000m
  1. Jorge Lus Cifuentes (COL) 22:06.092
  2. Bart Swings (BEL)
  3. Diego Rosero (COL)
  4. Matteo Amabili (ITA)
  5. Yen Sheng Liao (TPE)
Junior Men 1000m Line
  1. Min Yong Park (KOR) 1:24.326
  2. Brayan Garzon (COL)
  3. Mario Valencia (USA)
  4. Juan Camilo Perez (COL)
  5. Mathias Voste (BEL)
Senior Men 500m Sprint
  1. Joey Mantia (USA) 39.601 WR
  2. Andres Munoz (COL)
  3. William Bowen (USA)
  4. Sebastian Arce (COL)
  5. Ezequiel Capellano (ARG)

Second silver medal for Bart Swings

(Oct. 24, 2010)
Bart Swings took another silver medal in the 15k elimination race. Caught between two Colombians, he once again showed his class.

Helper Maarten Swings was eliminated early in the race, and therefore Bart had to fight alone, against strong duo's, specifically the Colombian super stars Diego Rosero and Jorge Cifuentes. Cifuentes took the gold, Rosero the bronze.

Meanwhile, 90% of the World titles go to MPC Road War wheels. Andres Munoz, winning the 300 meter in a new World record, did it with Road War wheels. Joey Mantia captured the gold in the 500 meter, also on MPC.

Tomorrow the 1,000 meter and the relay are scheduled. Two new chances for Swings to go for the gold, although the tournament so far has been incredible.
Pure Skating News: Second silver medal for Bart Swings

Andres Munoz = World Champion

Editor: Scott Arlidge (Oct. 23, 2010)
Last night rain postponed the final of the senior men's 300m TT until this morning. There was no postponing Andres Munoz though. The Powerslide skater won the 300m TT and in the process took almost 0.2 seconds off the World Record with a time of 24.009. We also understand that he covered the first 100m in an incredible 9.12 seconds. (VIDEO : )
Powerslide Racing News: and
Powerslide TV: Guarne 2010 - Men Elimination 15.000m Part 1 and Part 2

Colombia World Championships

Andres Munoz TT 300m World Record

Track Day 3 - 24th October (Results , Photos)

Junior Women 500m Sprint
  1. Estefania Hurtado (COL) 44.881
  2. Yessenia Escobar (COL)
  3. Solymar Vivas (VEN)
  4. Hailey Leech (USA)
  5. Carlotta Simbula (ITA)
Senior Women 1000m Line
  1. Brigyte Mendez (COL) 1:32.020
  2. Sara Sayasane (USA)
  3. Paola Andrea Segura (COL)
  4. Carolina Santibanez (CHI)
  5. Elma de Vries (NRD)
Junior Men 500m Sprint
  1. Nicolas Bermudez (COL) 41.259
  2. Edwin Estrada (COL)
  3. Mauro Corselli (ITAL)
  4. Mario Valencia (USA)
  5. Min Su Kim (KOR)
Senior Men 1000m Line
  1. Joey Mantia (USA) 1:22:202
  2. Andres Munoz (COL) 1:22.316
  3. Jorge Lus Cifuentes (COL) 1:22.439
  4. Bart Swings (BEL) 1:22.667
  5. Davide Amab (ITA) 1:22.832
Junior Women 3000m Relay
  1. Colombia ( Paola Serrano/Johana Viveros/Aura Quintana ) 4:18.054
  2. USA ( Hailey Leech/Darian O'Neill/Kimberly Goetz ) 4:20.769
  3. Italy ( Sofia D´Annibale/Valentina Fede/Anna Giroldi ) 4:22.045
  4. Venezuela ( Solymar Vivas/Jessica Estevez/Mayra Torres ) 4:23.992
  5. Portugal ( Elisabete Batalim/Cristiana Costa/Andreia Canha ) 4:38.073
Junior Men 3000m Relay
  1. Korea ( Jeong Hun Im/Min Su Kim/Min Yong Park ) 4:01.513
  2. Colombia ( Nicolas Bermudez/Boris Pena/Brayan Garzon ) 4:01.737
  3. USA ( Mario Valencia/Andrew Valinsky/Brandon Hall ) 4:01.648
  4. Frace ( Pierre Peridy/Benjamin Pierre/Aurelien Roumagnac ) 4:02.207
  5. Italy ( Mauro Corselli/Luca Perticaro/Matteo Melis ) ---
Senior Women 3000m Relay
  1. Colombia ( Jercy Puello/Brigyte Mendez/Kelly Martinez ) 4:19.933
  2. Germany ( Sabine Berg/Jana Gegner/Tina Struever ) 4:20.214
  3. Argentina ( Maira Arias/Estefania Fasinato/Melisa Bonnet ) 4:20.685
  4. Italy ( Erika Zanetti/Simona Di Eugenio/Laura Lardani ) 4:21.016
  5. USA ( Sara Sayasane/Erin Jackson/Briana Kramer ) 4:21.079
Senior Men 3000m Relay
  1. Colombia ( Andres Munoz/Carlos Perez/Jorge Luis Cifuentes ) 3:57.575
  2. USA ( JoeyMantia/Harry Vogel/William Bowen ) 3:57.612
  3. France ( Thomas Boucher/Nicolas Pelloquin/Gwendal Lepivert ) 3:57.934
  4. Belgium ( Bart Swings/Ferre Spruyt/Maarten Swings ) 3:58.368
  5. Venezuela ( Fabricio Ervitti/Alexander Bastidas/Daniel Alvarez ) 3:59.358

Bart Swings wrote

(Oct. 24, 2010)
Track WC done, mixed feelings.. 2x silver when Gold is so close and 2x 4th can't be happy with that place!
Bart Swings on Twitter:

Final track day: Swings fourth, De Vries fifth

(Oct. 25, 2010)
At the final day of racing at the track in Guarne, CadoMotus athletes performed great, but unfortunately, no medals were added.

Elma de Vries qualified for the 1,000 meter final, leading the complete semi final race, making the final on fastest time. In the final, Brygite Mendez took another Colombian gold and Elma finished on a nice fifth place.

The Joey Mantia Show (500m and 1.000m)
Bart Swings just missed another medal in the 1,000 meter final, having to compete against Cifuentes and Munoz from Colombia and Mantia (USA). Mantia took the victory, Swings came in fourth. Some time later, he took another fourth spot with his team mates Ferre Spruyt and Maarten Swings.

"I have mixed feelings", says Swings. "The track is done. Two times silver when gold is so close... And two times fourth, I can't be happy with that place".
Pure Skating News: Final track day: Swings fourth, De Vries fifth

Rest Day - 25th October

Japan Senior Team for WC Guarne 2010

Shinki Yamamoto and Nachi Shinozuka and Hideaki Kita (LtoR)


Interview with Shinki Yamamoto