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HYPER Indoor WRW G Series Wheels日本では稀ですが、北米では盛んに開催されているインドアレース仕様の HYPER Indoor World Record G Series Wheels が販売中です。ウィールは G2, G3, G4 の3種類、ハブは Sidewinder & Heat Seeker と同じ ARC Racing Core です。先月リリースされ、手ごろな価格ですが、インドアなので日本に入ってくる気配無し。

HYPER Indoor WRW G Series Wheels

The 2010 “G Series” Indoor Race wheels are made with a newly developed Hybrid indoor race Chemistry & New composite “ARC Racing Core”. Hyper’s cutting edge, composite race core is leaps and bounds above the competition ! The mechanics of the “G Series” is pushing indoor racers to the limits with it’s extreme response and lightening fast overall speeds!!

These superior HYPER mechanics will give indoor racers the fastest possible roll overall while providing the most grip ever experienced in the turns on an indoor race track.

HYPER-RACE 2010: Hyper G Series Indoor Race Wheels (May 10, 2010)
SkateLog Forum: New Hyper wheels, indoor and outdoor! (May 12, 2010)

HYPER G2 2010

SOFT for Slightly Coated Indoor Race Tracks.

Size & Color: 100 mm and 110 mm ( Blue - W/Natural Core )
Hardness: 89.5a or 90a
Price: US$12.25

HYPER G3 2010

FAST for Semi-Coated Indoor Race Tracks.

Size & Color: 100 mm and 110 mm ( Pink - W/Natual Core )
Hardness: 90.5a or 91a
Price: US$12.25

HYPER G4 2010

X-FAST for Freshly Coated Indoor Race Tracks.

Size & Color: 100 mm and 110 mm ( Orange - W/Natural Core )
Hardness: 91.5a or 92a
Price: US$12.25


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