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ローラースケートのようで、ローラースケートでない、ベンベン!。インラインスケートのようで、インラインスケートでない、ベンベン!。それは何かと尋ねたら、Viiroll Skate、Viiroll Skate。しかし、この「V字フレーム」の発想は特に新しいモノでは無いので、これから流行るとは思えません・・・Viiroll Skate もベンベンみたいに廃れそうです。ねずっち!、次は「ベンベン」ネタを復活させて頂戴。

V-Shaped Roller Skates

Welcome to the future of skating! Introducing the VIIROLL patented universal roller/ice skates. Thanks to the novelty of the V-SHAPED GEAR, this design not only enables you to go as quickly as you want but with more maneuverability and less effort. The bigger wheels create a better rolling ability by lowering friction. And when you want to stop, all you have to do is put some additional weight on your heels. Because the wheels are so close, you don’t need to place your weight on the ankle for long like a traditional rollerblade. This makes braking safer and easier and decreases your chances of falling. As there are different types of wheels, it's easy to customize your skates for whatever terrain you would like to tackle. It can be used on the city streets, dirt roads or even on the ICE! The skates are ideal for those looking for a great workout, a new hobby or for professional training. Do you have your rollers on yet?

Green viiroll
Red viiroll
Orange viiroll
Blue viiroll
Gold viiroll
Viiroll Aluminium Running Gear - OrangeViiroll Aluminium Running Gear - Gold
Viiroll Aluminium Running Gear
Viiroll 6 Wheels
Viiroll 6 Wheels
Viiroll Ice
Viiroll Ice

Viiroll Inline Skate demonstration

This invention similary to the traditional roller skates, makes it possible to move swiftly and comfortably by skating on wheels. The novelty of the skate lies in its universality, its special running gear.

The design of the running gear enables to glide at quicker pace with less effort and better manoeuvrability. The bigger wheels ensure higher rolling efficiency through lower friction losses. Given its special design, the skate requires no strain of the ankle to hold it in position, because its structure offers stability, making it easier to learn the technique of using the skate with less risk of falling. The running gear of the roller skate is exchangeable, and can be used for any skateing boot size without adjustment. By changing the various types of running gears, the roller skate can always be adapted to the given surface conditions, as of asphalt , unpaves road or ice, The roller skate is fit for both hobby and competition (roller hockey, aggressive, speed racing) purposes.



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