Skate Off Heerde 2010

2日の日曜、イタリアの WIC Ferrara は雨でレース中止になり、遠く離れたオランダの Unive Skate Off は雨に見舞われながらも、レース続行したようです。その雨の中、Bart Swings と Mulder 兄弟がウィールから水しぶき上げて戦う500mレースの様子をビデオで観る事が出来ました。

Unive Skate Off Heerde 2010

Rain affected Univé Skate Off Heerde

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The rain last weekend's games for the Univé Skate Off the Job Skeeler Skeeler Club East Veluwe Heerde kept very much in its grip. Was there Saturday with rain starting, so the matches were postponed until a quarter past four in the afternoon because at that time was dry. Sunday started well but the prospects were so dry that it was decided not to ride on the parabolic track but on the asphalt track that is around it. In retrospect a good move, because soon after the start of the games started to drizzle. The drizzle of rain that was gradually into increasingly intensified.

For participants, audience and organization from all this was a lot colder as the days past. Yet despite the cold and wet, there was question of good races with a large international participation. Several categories were on the podium many nationalities can be found. On the Sprint Distance to the Senior Men's podium was still well stocked with the Dutch Toppers, brothers Ronald and Mulder Michel won on their home track Sprint. In the 300 meters was over two tenths Ronald seconds faster than brother Michel. Together with the Australian Daniel Greig, they were the only ones who could stay under 27 seconds. Michel had a time of 26.438 seconds while Michel for the distance needed 26.693 seconds. 500 meters on the two brothers were also in the final, along with Belgian Bart Swings and Frenchman Lepivert. The klasbak from Belgium knew the two brothers behind him to keep Ronald was just before half brother Michel. On stage, the third completed by Bart Swings.

At longer distances might be Bart Swing the highest place of the podium climb. He knew the knockout race on Saturday with his team Cado Motus so check that Bart in the sprint victory could easily within reach. Sunday at the points race Bart could not win the price because his brother and teammate Martin Swings off there was Crispijn Ariëns. Crispijn Ariëns Martin finally managed to defeat because he just knew more points to glean. This allowed the Dutchman Crispijn best sixth in the final standings get. Unfortunately not enough to just a few of the prize of 10,000 euros to do. The events made clear that the Dutch still some work to do before they travel to the European Championship skating this year be held in Italy. Because after Crispijn Dutchman was the next in the final standings can be found only in 14th place. Very well, the 18th place of local rider Jasper Dijk Battle are listed as first-year senior, he could do pretty well along with the world class players. He means that the fourth Dutchman, he had not previously dreamed of.

In women, the longest distance dominated by the New Zealand Nicole Begg both distances to win. Second, the small French to German Leatitia le Bihan Tina Struver. Fourth was living in the Netherlands Australian Brooke Loch Country. Best Dutch was sixth place Mariska Huisman. On the Sprint Distances victory went to Colombia, the world champion Puello Ortiz was second on the 300 meters and a victory over the 500 meters for the largest U.S. Erin Jackson and the winner of the 300 meters Italian Erika Zanetti. Bianca Roosenboom could not go further because of an injury as the fifth place in the final outcome.

In the junior girls, the German Alisa Gutermuth doing well, she knew the Sprint standings to win the Colombian Delgado and strong driving Mandy Large. Long distance, the Colombian Valencia Gardana three French ladies in charge. Great Mandy was again the best Dutch with fifth place.

In the junior boys were the first prizes in France, Aurélien Roumagnac from the French Juniors selection was the strongest long distance while his compatriot Souze the Danes was the strongest in the Sprint. On the Sprint knew Lars Shin Strasburg good honor the Dutch to defend third place overall, while the Long Distance Wim Dillen prices fell just outside the sixth place.

When the Cadets were girls sprint won by two German ladies Sophia Monique Teiler Adler was first to the third was this Belgian Sandrine Tas. On Long Distances were Belgian girls Vicky Jacobs, Sandrine Tas and Ellen Catsije of the stage populated. Dear Dutch, Beau Wagenmakers. Berber also rode very well spark a pupil who actually still has this weekend but once it was done with the ladies who run a higher category. She was the second Dutch have long distances to sixth place in the Sprint was even with the best Dutch eighth place.

Cadets at the boys was on the Long Distance German Marius Melz the Dutch too quick. Second was Rick Schipper Jordy Harink here. At Sprint, the Dutch boys are the fastest. The brothers Rick and Kay were there along with Captain Tim Kieft Burg a whole stage with members of the skating association Radboud Medemblik out of. The club during the Ascension weekend NK Baan may organize.
Skeelerclub Oost Veluwe: Rain affected Univé Skate Off Heerde (PDF)

Sprint Results of Saturday May 1st

300m TT Results
  1. Erika Zanetti (A.S.D Pattinatori Spinea) ITA 28,282
  2. Puello Ortiz (Valle Indervalle) COL 28,581
  3. Erin Jackson (Team USA) USA 28,984
  4. Bianca Roosenboom (SKOV Heerde) NED 29,378
  5. Aurore Schiro (-) FRA 29,509
  6. Manon Kamminga (De Draai) NED 29,553
  7. Nicole Begg (X-Tech) NZL 29,602
  8. Brooke Lochland (Cado motus) AUS 29,676
  9. Laethisia Schimek (Blau-Gelb) GER 29,882
  10. Hanne Wouters (RSC Heverlee) BEL 30,048
  1. Ronald Mulder (SKOV Heerde) NED 26,438
  2. Michel Mulder (SKOV Heerde) NED 26,693
  3. Daniel Greg (-) AUS 26,989
  4. Gwendal Lepivert (RS GUINGAMP) FRA 27,005
  5. Bart Swings (Cado Motus World) BEL 27,018
  6. Brian Lepine (-) FRA 27,255
  7. Thomas Boucher (RB Speedodrom) FRA 27,575
  8. Kwinten Tas (ZRC Zandvoorde) BEL 27,616
  9. Julien Sourisseau (Cado Motus World) FRA 27,708
  10. Niels Provoost (ZRC Zandvoorde) BEL 27,956
Ranking at Day 1 : Results
  1. Nicole Begg (X-Tech) NZL
  2. Laetitia le Bihan (RPM Poli) FRA
  3. Tina Strüver (Turbine Halle) GER
  4. Brooke Lochland (CadoMotus) AUS
  5. Mariska Huisman (radboud) NED
  6. Sara Bak (Slagelse) DNK
  7. Hilde Goovaerts (Stouwdam) BEL
  8. Aurore Schiro (rs valence d'agen) FRA
  9. Diana Rocio Guzman (Valle Indervalle) COL
  10. Bianca Roosenboom (SKOV Heerde) NED
  1. Bart Swings (Cado Motus World) BEL
  2. Ferre Spruyt (Cado Motus World) BEL
  3. Thomas Boucher (Rolleblade Speedodrom) FRA
  4. Brian Lepine (-) FRA
  5. Julien Sourisseau (Cado Motus World) FRA
  6. Wannes van Praet (Reko Zemst) BEL
  7. Julien Despeaux (-) FRA
  8. Carlos Esteban Perez (Valle Indervalle) COL
  9. Joris Garderes (Valence Roller) FRA
  10. Benjamin Douchin (-) FRA

Races of Sunday May 2nd on the asphalt track and road

The Sunday races will be organised on the asphalt track and road. The 500 meter and Points Skate on the road and the Skate Off is skating on the track.

500m Sprint

  1. Bart Swings (Cado Motus World) BEL
  2. Ronald Mulder (SKOV Heerde) NED
  3. Michel Mulder (SKOV Heerde) NED

15,000m Elimination
  1. Nicole Begg (X-Tech) NZL
  2. Laetitia le Bihan (RPM Poli) FRA
  3. Brooke Lochland (CadoMotus) AUS
  1. Bart Swings (Cado Motus World) BEL
  2. Ferre Spruyt (Cado Motus World) BEL
  3. Thomas Boucher (Rolleblade Speedodrom) FRA
  4. Brian Lepine (-) FRA
  5. Julien Sourisseau (Cado Motus World) FRA

Bart wins 500m against Mulder brothers

Bart went out to take the win in the 500 as well. Mulder's coming up 2 and 3.
All in the wet, Bart took lead from the gun, still a close finish.

Sprint overall Results
  1. Puello Ortiz (Valle Indervalle) COL 28,581 (2+1) 3P
  2. Erin Jackson (Team USA) USA 28,984 (3+2) 5P
  3. Erika Zanetti (A.S.D) ITA 28,282 (1+7) 8P
  4. Aurore Schiro (-) FRA 29,509 (5+3) 8P
  5. Bianca Roosenboom (SKOV) NED 29,378 (4+5) 9P
  6. Nicole Begg (X-Tech) NZL 29,602 (7+4) 11P
  7. Hanne Wouters (RSC) BEL 30,048 (10+6) 16P
  8. Brooke Lochland (CadoMotus) AUS 29,676 (8+8) 16P
  9. Anke Vos (Bemog/PS) BEL 30,266 (11+11) 22P
  10. Sara Bak (Slagelse) DEN 30,427 (13+10) 23P
  1. Ronald Mulder (SKOV) NED 26,438 (1+2) 3P
  2. Michel Mulder (SKOV) NED 26,693 (2+3) 5P
  3. Bart Swings (Cado Motus) BEL 27,018 (5+1) 6P
  4. Gwendal Lepivert (RS G) FRA 27,005 (4+4) 8P
  5. Kwinten Tas (ZRC) NED 27,616 (8+6) 14P
  6. Brian Lepine (-) FRA 27,255 (6+8) 14P
  7. Thomas Boucher (RB S) FRA 27,575 (7+9) 16P
  8. Julien Despeaux (-) FRA 28,002 (12+5) 17P
  9. Daniel Greg (-) AUS 26,989 (3+15) 18P
  10. Ferre Spruyt(CadoMotus) BEL 27,998 (11+7) 18P

Long distance overall Results
  1. Nicole Begg (X-Tech) NZL (1+1) 2Point
  2. Laetitia le Bihan (RPM Poli) FRA (2+5) 7P
  3. Tina Strüver (Turbine Halle) GER (3+4) 7P
  4. Brooke Lochland (CadoMotus) AUS (3+4) 7P
  5. Sara Bak (Slagelse) DNK (2+8) 8P
  6. Mariska Huisman (radboud) NED (5+7) 12P
  7. Diana R Guzman (Valle Indervalle) COL (9+9) 18P
  8. Suzanne van Praet (Bemog/PS) BEL (12+8) 20P
  9. Bianca Roosenboom (SKOV Heerde) NED (10+10) 20P
  10. Aurore Schiro (rs valence d'agen) FRA (8+16) 24P
  1. Bart Swings (Cado Motus World) BEL (1+3) 4P
  2. Ferre Spruyt (Cado Motus World) BEL (2+7) 9P
  3. Brian Lepine (-) FRA (4+6) 10P
  4. Thomas Boucher (RB S) FRA (3+8) 11P
  5. Joris Garderes (Valence Roller) FRA (9+4) 13P
  6. Crispijn Ariens (SKOV Heerde) NED (14+1) 15P
  7. Maarten Swings (Cado Motus World) (13+2) 15P
  8. Adrien Despeaux (-) FRA (12+5) 17P
  9. Carlos E Perez (Valle Indervalle) COL (8+9) 17P
  10. Wannes van Praet (Reko Zemst) BEL (6+12) 18P
Skeelerclub Oost Veluwe: and Handbill Univé Skate-off Heerde, 01.+02.05.2010 (Photos)
Jannes: Skate Off 2010 May 1st and May 2nd (Picasa Photo)
Dennie Kwant: Skate Off Dag 1 and Dag 2 (Picasa Photo)

Ronald Mulder late winner in Heerde

Ronald Mulder
Stichting Sportief Zwolle: Ronald Mulder eindwinnaar in Heerde
Be hard on ur self (Sara Bak): Bak IS BACK!! ^^

Swings takes overall

(May 3, 2010)
Another impressive victory; CadoMotus World wins the Heerde Skate-Off.

A long racing weekend it was, starting on Thursday in Emmeloord, then Oldebroek on Friday and two days of track racing in Heerde on Saturday and Sunday. CadoMotus teams and MPC wheels took almost all victories.

On saturday, after races were delayed due to rain, the racing took place on the 200 meter banked track. The 300 meter was won by Ronald Mulder and World champion Erika Zanetti. Bart Swings placed fifth and Bianca Roosenboom fourth.

Late in the evening, temperatures dropping to 8 degrees Celsius, the elimination races took place. French Laetitia Lebihan (RPM Poli / CadoMotus) took the initiative in the final laps, presenting the croud some excitement. She won the sprint, but was placed second by the judges, who found she obstructed Nicole Begg. Brooke Lochland from the CadoMotus ladies team placed fouth, Mariska Huisman sixth.

The men dominated the senior race from start to finish. Maarten Swings impressively led thoughough three quarters of the race, then followed by Julien Sourisseau, who did the final lead out until two laps before the finish. Then Bart Swings outsprinted all other finalists by meters. Ferre Spruyt took the second place, Frenchmen Thomas Boucher third and Brian Lepine (RPM Poli/CadoMotus) fourth.

On Sunday, it rained cats and dogs, and races were on the road course around the track. Bart Swings handled the rain best in the 500 meters. The points race was won by Dutch Crispijn Ariëns, who broke away from the pack together with Maarten Swings, who placed second. Ferre Spruyt crashed, but still secured his second place in the overall. Bart Swings took the win in long distance overall, and placed third in the sprint ranking
Pure Skating News: Univé Skate-Off: Swings takes overall and Heerde Skate-Off 2010 (Picasa Photos)