First Wedding on Skates in the races.


You, Alena Urminská and Paul Polasek for your wedding day, choosing the latter part of the largest in Central series in-line skating LIGLASS LifeInLine Tour.


Svatba v InLine (Wedding in InLine)

First wedding on skates: the husbands said yes to the races in Hradec.

Translated by (May 24, 2010)
First wedding on skates - foto by PoláškováRace on in-line skates in Hradec Kralove were attractive on Sunday insert. At the airport, where it landed next to the racers competing aircraft at high noon on the stage and the podium wedding took place.

Wedding guests were dressed completely in style racing skates, even the groom dress vystylovaný in the spirit of your wedding dress.

He told her yes, rings and a kiss exchanged enthusiastic applause of the big in-line skaters and participants LifeInLine Tour Urminská Alena and Paul Polasek. Neither the company under the stage might not have time social clothes, on the contrary, most dressed in sports jerseys and skates on his feet.

Alena Urminská walks to the altar on skates podium
"The in-line skating, I came across his father Miroslav Radka Urminského, which I recommended the sport as a good tool for losing weight," said fresh wife Alena University.

"My father later also began racing. I'm with my boyfriend Paul Polasek knew several years of winter sports stadium, where we both went to cheer Hradec hockey players. When we started dating, I had completed the first in-season Lino. He previously rode for agressivech so was skating close to a long time I did not have to cajole him. His first big start on skates was the 24 Hours of Le Mans. It hit him so we odjezdili next season together, "said Alena.

But soon had to move up the racing break. Her belly began to grow and large-Lino in love with last summer, Patrick Polasek was born. First wedding on skates: the husbands said yes to the races in Hradec.