WIC Ostrava 2010

次は5月30日にチェコ共和国で開催される WIC Ostrava です。昨年と同じコース、大通り折り返すマラソン33kmのようです。


Ostrava is the second largest city in the Czech Republic and has the third largest population. It has got a very advantageous strategic position - it is located about 10 kilometres south of the Polish border and 50 kilometres west of the Slovak border. The distance from Ostrava to Prague is 360 km, to Brno 170 km, to the Polish City of Katowice 90 km, and to Vienna 310 km.

Ostrava offers not only sport but a lot of cultural and social events, too - to the most popular ones belongs the music festival Colours of Ostrava, visited every July by thousands of spectators. The centre of music and entertainment is the Stodolní Street with its almost 70 clubs.

Ostrava is a very sportive city. Sport grounds, swimming pools, play grounds, and courts offer to the City residents and visitors varied opportunities for their relaxation and leisure.

The International Track and Field Meeting - the Golden Spike - classified in the category Super Grand Prix, traditionally attended by the best world athletes, takes place every year in the Municipal Stadium in Ostrava-Vítkovice.

WIC Marathon Ostrava 30th May 2010 - WORLD INLINE CUP RACE

LifeInLine Tour - 6th year.
Offers again the family fest of inline skating for all, symbiosis of the professional, mid-level and fitness sport and friendly show, where everybody can be an active participant. The Tour has grown to the position of the biggest Central-European in-line series during the last five years and plans to strengthen its position in 2010. For the second time the Tour will attract to the Czech Republic top Word elite skaters ? city of Ostrava will be again host of the WIC. LifeInLine Team is looking forward to your participation.

Time schedule of WIC event in Ostrava, 30th May, 2010

  • 02:15 pm
  • 02:30 pm
  • 04:30 pm
  • 06:00 pm
  • -
    Technical Meeting at Start Line in Ostrava-Poruba
    33 km World Inline Cup Ladies - start
    33 km World Inline Cup Men - start
    WIC winners flower Ceremony

    33km Marathon Course Map

    Facts about the Race
    City: Ostrava
    Country: Czech Republic
    Day: Sunday, May 30th 2010
    Class: Class 1
    Organizer: TRIKAM s.r.o
    Contact Person: Mrs Veronika Matejckova
    Mail: vm@trikam.cz, info@lifeinline.cz
    Phone: +420 733 532 463
    LifeInLine: http://www.lifeinline.cz/en/ and Facebook and Twitter
    Ostrava is now proud to be again a host of WIC 2010 series, with LIGLASS LifeInline Tour background.
    WORLD INLINE CUP: http://www.world-inline-cup.com/
    Inline Skating Notebook: WIC Ostrava 2009 (May 29, 2010)

    WIC Ostrava

    by Nicole Begg (May 27, 2010)
    This Sunday I'll be racing in the World Inline Cup in Ostrava, Czech Republic. This will be a first for me, I've never been to the Czech Republic. The women's 33km race starts at 2.30pm and the men's 4.30. Surprise, surprise the weather forecast is for rain on Sunday! It feels like I just got off the plane from Korea. I haven't even fully unpacked my bags and on Saturday I have to hop on another one. Travelling the globe is certainly not glamorous.
    Nicole Begg News: WIC Ostrava

    WIC Ostrava 2010 Results

    WIC Ostrava: Double French-Colombian couple
    Translated by Google.com
    Race LIGLASS World Inline Cup in Ostrava had become prey to the French-Colombian couple Yann Guyader - Cecilia Baena. "It's nice that we are life partners, we support each other and it pushes us to better results? G beautiful Chechi said. In Ostrava on Main Street All together 615 athletes from 15 countries attended the Saturday evening driving almost a thousand skaters. This was a real peak of the Czech in-line skating in Ostrava in 2010 and became the perfect host.

    Over the Ostrava race LIGLASS LifeInLine Tour floated dark threat of weather, but long-athletes showed a more benign face of the weather. Total of 188 participants in children's races has been run dry, but before a dozen Fitness with 187 skaters on the start already sprchlo, yet only slightly. Women in the WIC race at 33 km preventive přemontovaly the frames' wet? G wheel - but the rain stopped. WIC race of men, however, has been home for the brutal torrential downpours.

    Female participation in the WIC race 34 competitors was a tactical matter. Already in druhémz eleven circuits had covered manifested in the leading Italian group 12členné Caniatti, but it was clear that her strong group pronásledovatelek early slides. When the rider escaped persecution 6členná created a steering group composed of Baena, Begg, Barbotin, Ghezzi, Karabová, Caniatti, as she rode her fourth, four, and sister Bakošová Novak. In the leading group but nobody wanted to go, and efforts at evasion Novozélanďanky Begg teamwork Baena - Barbotin liquidated. Taktizování and fluctuations in the pace in the leading group used a second group of emotions. Decided to dramatic long burst mass 10členné group, which confirmed the quality of the leading competitor's World Cup Cecilia Baena of Colombia. Renata and heel Karabová had the same time as winner. Best Czech Republic has become the 7th Kamila Novakova place.

    "I am totally satisfied, we came out great and the weather. We rely to a colleague Nathalie team tactics and the final spurt, it worked perfectly. In Ostrava, I liked the track last year, excellent scenery was again a spectator,? G said after the race Cecilia Baena. Enjoyed the race and second in the objectives of Nicole Begg from New Zealand: "In the second place I'm happy, Chechi Nathalie I strongly guarded. I was in the Czech Republic for the first time in my life, in Ostrava, I liked the track and the perfect atmosphere around the plant. I was very surprised how many riders took part in races ahead.? G

    WIC race of men with a large foreign participation has become an active racing and show the main role played favorites. In the fifth circle of the group drew a strong trio Widmer, Boucher, Guyader and objectives should lead to twenty members 12sekundový group. Lead trio in another circuit has increased to 28 seconds, but in another circuit, thanks to the pursuers has dwindled to 19 seconds. Race held Guyadera rapid escape in the 9th circuit, when on a wet surface has reached an average speed of 42 km / h. The objectives of the 10th circuit had a triple world champion Guyader lead 31 seconds ahead of Widmer and 1:05 min. before Boucher, another solo rider Francolin losing leadership was 1:25 minutes. The first four riders rode alone for the World Cup points, a dramatic spurt mass Dobbin won a strong group from a fellow New Zealand Alridgem. The best Cech became the 14th Ondrej Suchy place, occupied the 20th Matej Krupka place.

    "It was a very tough race, I went solo three sets of sustained rain. My victory was not the result set of tactics, we rely on team finish. But I had to respond to the leak and then I decided to try to drive solo. I'm happy? G stated in the objectives Yann Guyader.
    LifeInLine Tour 2010: WIC Ostrava and Photos
    WORLD INLINE CUP: WORLD INLINE CUP Ostrava - race report

    Men 33.5km Marathon Results
    1. Yann Guyader (Powerslide Matter) FRA 53:09.187
    2. Severin Widmer (Luigino Rollerblade) SUI 53:57.179
    3. Thomas Boucher (Rolleblade Speedodrom) FRA
    4. Fabio Francolini (Powerslide Matter World) ITA
    5. Kalon Dobbin (Powerslide Matter World) NZL
    6. Scott Arlidge (Powerslide Matter World) NZL
    7. Francisco Peula (Marianistas Rrollerblade) ESP
    8. Mathieu Grandgirard (Rolleblade Speedodrom) FRA
    9. Niolas Iten (Luigino Rollerblade) SUI
    10. Iñigo Vidondo (Marianistas Rrollerblade) ESP
    Women 33.5km Marathon Results
    1. Cecilia Baena (Powerslide Matter) COL 1:05:48,393
    2. Nicole Begg (X-Tech MPC Team) NZL 1:05:48.708
    3. Natrholie Barbotin (Powerslide Matter) FRA
    4. Laura Ghezzi (Vitamine Ferrara) ITA
    5. Renata Karabova (Ideeprint X-Tech) SVK
    6. Desiana Caniatti (Vitamine Ferrara) ITA
    7. Kamila Novakova (Gigasport ISC) CZE
    8. Barbara Bakosova (Fila Blak Ice) SVK
    9. Klara Prokopova (BK Powerslide Nachod) CZE
    10. Karolina Novakova (Gigasport ISC) CZE

    Liglass LifeInLine Tour 2010 - Ostrava World Inline Cup - 33km - men


    Ostrava World Inline Cup - 33km - women

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    WIC Ostrava Results

    by Nicole Begg (May 30, 2010)

    Just back from the WIC race, I finished 2nd in the sprint. It was dry for the ladies race although it threatened to rain nearly the whole race. Cecilia won and Nathalie 3rd. There weren't a lot of top skaters so it was very slow and there wasn't a lot of action. They really need some sort of incentive to liven up the women's racing, the only team here wanted a sprint finish and there was a lack of strong skaters willing to have a go so the race was dead.

    About 5 minutes after the ladies race finished it started to rain. So the men's race was fully wet the whole way. A break away formed about half way through the race with Severin, Thomas and Yann. Severin and Thomas were working the break and then with about 4 or 5 laps to go Yann broke away from them and won, Severin 2nd and Thomas 3rd.

    LIGLASS LifeInLine Tour 2010 Ostrava 33km

    Nicole Begg News: Ostrava Results

    WIC Ostrava

    Editor: scott (May 31, 2010)
    This past weekend was another stage of the WIC. It was held in the Czech Replublic city of Ostrava. The class 1 marathon was 33km, or 11 laps of the downtown circuit. Events kicked off on Saturday evening with a night skate. Fabio Francolini, Kalon Dobbin, and Scott Arlidge were all there in time to take the chance to skate with some locals, and also see the course as it all their debuts racing in the Czech city.

    Come Sunday there were the usual prerace rituals going on. Skaters checking their skates, talking tactics and loading their bodies with carbohydrates. However there was one element which nobody could control, the weather. By the time the ladies start time of 2:30pm had come around it had rained, dried several times over. Luckily for the ladies they raced in dry conditions with only a few spits of rain in the closing laps, but nothing substantial enough to wet the ground.

    Going into the race Checy Baena was once again the overwhelming favourite. So fast this season she hasn’t lost a marathon, and this weekend would be no different. There were several attacks by other skaters, but nothing managed to put Checy or her team mate Nathalie Barbotin under pressure.

    Depending on how you look at it, the men were not as lucky as the ladies. Several minutes before the start the heavens opened, dousing the men waiting on the start line. Fortunately the roads were not as slippery as some other road conditions in Europe. There were several attacks in the opening kilometres, but nothing serious happened until just before the half way mark of the race. Yann Guyader found him in a breakaway group with two other skaters. He decided not to share the work of the breakaway because he did not need to simply because he was part of the strongest team. Eventually it became clear that the teams who were not represented in the small breakaway group were not strong enough to bring them back. There were several attacks by other PS/Matter skaters to try and sneak off the front, eventually Fabio got away from the chasing pack. Meanwhile Yann had decided it was time to put the hammer down up front. Once he put in one single attack it was game over for his breakaway companions.

    So Yann finished alone, taking his first WIC win of the season. Fabio finished 4th, then Kalon and Scott finished 5th and 6th by winning the sprint of the main group.

    Next weekend is a big one. Its a double header with a tough WIC marathon in Pamplona, Spain on Saturday followed by some World Class road racing on Sunday.
    Powerslide Racing News: WIC Ostrava

    World Inline Cup Calendar 2010

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