FinLine 2010

7月5日から10日に Skate Tour FinLine 2010 が開催されます。私が2004年と2005年に参加してから数年も経ち、その間に似たようなスケート企画や開催日が重なるイベントも増え、この2年ほど FinLine は下火です。しかし、歴史あるだけにフレンドリーで文句無く楽しめるスケートツアーです。急に思い立ち、私は再び参加する積りです。

Dear rollerskating friend,

With the roller-skating season approaching and as most you are planning your summer activities we would like to remind you of the one week skating event FinLine that we organising July 5 thru July 10. It is a worthwhile alternative if you like to skating in beautiful surroundings with likeminded friends in a relaxed atmosphere. Out of the maximum amount of 30 skaters we have now filled half of the places, so there is still room for you (and your friends). You have hopefully received our first mail regarding the event. Anyway if this caught your interest you can read more about the event on our Internet pages , where there is also information how to register.

Greetings from Helsinki

The FinLine organising team Bosse, Elina, Ilpo, Juha, Merja and Pirjo

Street Gliders Finland: and Information of the FinLine 2010 (PDF)

FinLine 2010

We are glad to announce that there will be a FinLine skating event next summer too!

FinLine 2010 will take place from Monday 5th of July to Saturday 10th of July. This time FinLine will be skated in the lake-district in the central part of Finland starting from Lahti and ending till Tampere. There will be bus transportation from Helsinki to Lahti and again from Tampere to Helsinki. The route is very beautiful and quite varied (lots of up-hills and down-hills – not very high though). Our service bus is following the skaters all the time and it enables you to choose the amount of skating days as well as the daily skating kilometres. I.e. if you don't want to skate the whole skating distance some day, you can take the bus instead and keep company with Ari, our nice bus driver!

Depending of the number of skaters there will be 3 - 6 skating groups going at the different speed (averaging 15-25 km/h). Thus you can choose a suitable group to yourself and it is also possible to change the group whenever you feel like it. The aim is to get started by 9 a.m. each morning, with the slower groups going first, to be able to reach our next destination by 4-5 p.m. including stops for lunch swimming and other possible activities, in order to have time for our daily sauna before dinner.

To be able to have a cosy relaxed atmosphere the maximum number of participants is limited to 30.

Accommodation and food
Dormitory accommodation including breakfasts and dinners are booked by the organisers utilising affordable and different places by the route. I.e. during some night we will stay at a hotel, but some other night we will stay in a holiday centre, summer cottage or something similar.

Our service bus is following the skaters all the time giving water and some snacks (fruits, biscuits, pickled
cucumber) during the breaks, but otherwise (e.g. lunch) the skaters have to take care of their food.

What does it cost?
The participation fee will be about 150 euro including the services of the bus, transportation of your equipment during the skating, a technical t-shirt, and the bus transportation from Helsinki to Lahti and back to Helsinki from Tampere on the last day. In addition you have to pay a membership fee to the Street Gliders for 2010 25 euro. Furthermore there are the costs of the dinners and accommodations (including breakfasts), about 40 - 60 euro per day.

The Street Gliders’ aim is not to make a profit on the FinLine skating event. The only goal is to cover the real costs of the arrangements by the participation fee. If the participation fee turns to be too high compared to the costs, the surplus will be credited to participants during the trip.

I participate?
Finline is a skating event also YOU can participate in. Previous experience of several day skating tours is not
necessary. To join you only need to
  • have experience of skating tours of 50 km – you are able to skate 50 km a day at your own speed
  • be able to enjoy a vacation week among other skaters
  • be a member of Streetgliders/join Streetgliders
The route and daily skating program
Monday5. JulyBus from Helsinki to Lahti and Lahti-Kuortti (70 km)
Tuesday6.JulyKuortti-Korpilahti (90 km)
Wednesday7. JulyKorpilahti - Koskenpää (58 km)
Thursday8. JulyKoskenpää - Juupajoki (78 km)
Friday9. JulyJuupajoki - Tampere (78 km)
Saturday10. JulySkating around Tampere and Bus from Tampere to Helsinki
total skating distance 374 km

Bored With Short Distance Skating?

May 12, 2010
Do you find the 20km distance of an LFNS too short and dull? Is a 42km marathon a doddle for you? Unsatisfied by the 135km of Rhine On Skates or the 140km of the Athens To Atlanta? Is the mere 220km of the NRW Inline Tour just a shuffle in the park?

Well we've got news for you!

The FINLINE SKATE EVENT runs every year in July over 5 days and covering a whopping 300 - 500km! FinLine 2010 takes place from Monday 5th to Saturday 10th of July 2010 in the lake-district of central Finland, starting from Lahti and ending in Tampere. It's a skating tour divided into 3-6 skating groups averaging different speeds between 15 and 25 km/h. This years event costs Euros:150 + costs of accommodation & food per-day. It's a non-profit event, so if costs are less than the fees you even get back the difference - you can't say fairer than that!

If you're into skating holidays therefore this might be one to try. We'd love to try it. If you go, be sure and take notes so you can report back to WoW central on your experiences!
London Friday Night Skate: Bored With Short Distance Skating?

Participants of the FinLine 2010

17 skaters from four countries (Seven Russians, One American, Eight Finn and One Japanese.)
  • Sharov Alexey
  • Kolgurin Alexey
  • Danilova Larisa
  • Nikitin Gennady
  • Nikitina Ekaterina
  • Chervyakova Elena
  • Kotov Ivan
  • Sjöblom Bosse
  • Tuominen Panu
  • Sääkslahti Elina
  • Kenttämies Jouni
  • Mäkelä Jouni
  • Häyrynen Ilpo
  • Kämäräinen Heikki
  • Laakso Tapio
  • Kerl Klaus
  • Masuda Yukio
  • We will meet in Helsinki on Monday morning July 5th at 8.00 a.m.

    The meeting point

    The Paavo Nurmi Statue (N 60º 11' 3.49", E 24º 55' 36.56") on street Mäntymäentie, near the Olympic Stadium

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    FinLine20010 : Sjöblom Bosse and Sääkslahti Elina at Tampere

    A train of five FinLine skaters passing by in Haminanmäki, Joutsa, Finland (N 61° 41.463' E 26° 14.995') on Tuesday July 6th, 2010. The train of Panu, Jouni K., Tapio, Elina, and Heikki reached speed of 56 km/h here. Camera by Ilpo.

    FinLine is an annual multi-day recreational inline skating event in Finland. Arranged every summer since 1992, it is one of the oldest non-competitive long-distance inline skating events in the world. There is no timing; the target is just to enjoy skating and the landscapes of Finland. Everyone is free to select their skating group, speed and distances - the service bus is always available if you like to have a break. - And you do not need to make trains in downhills if you do not feel like so!

    Why not to join FinLine next summer? There have been skaters from all around the world during the 19-year history of FinLine. All skaters with basic skating and braking skills are welcome! For more information on FinLine and how to register, see

    Tuominen Panu

    FinLine 2004

    FinLine 2004

    Downhill with Russian Guys

    Break time at Market

    Inline Skating Notebook: FinLine 2007 in FINLAND Lake District and FinLine 2006