BONT US Flag Vaypor

2010年の BONT Vaypor は Union Jack の Flag Vaypor に始まり、South American と Zero の発表へと続きました。さらに、今度は星条旗をデザインした US Flag Vaypor の発表です。これで、終わり・・・では無いのかも知れません。

Bont's 2010 Products
by Alexander Bont (Apr. 7, 2010)
I have just finished a sample US Flag Vaypor on the request from this forum. Please let me know if you like it. If you do, I will put it into production, or if you think it needs some changes, please let me know.

BONT US Flag Vaypor

BONT US Flag Vaypor


by Alexander Bont (Jun. 17, 2010)
I'm still O/S so I won't be online much but here are some pics of the US Flag Vaypor samples.



Seeing them all in the flesh, I like Ver1 the best.

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