LSR Vanquish frame 2010

Liberty Sports Race が改良した ION Vanquish Frames の写真を HYPER-RACE 2010 Forum で公開、近々にリリースされるようです。現行フレームはブラックの焼き付け塗装されていますが、写真のように美しいアルミ鏡面仕上げ、さらに細かいところの面取りなど精密加工されているようです。

2010 LSR frame pics

by George Neal (Mar. 17, 2010)
Here are some pics, ableit not so good ones, of our 2010 Vanquishes.

Changes for this year include:
DIAMOND cut finish, redesigned bearing pads, Brite Dip / TITANIUM grey anodize, dome labels, and new macining techiques. Bringing the frames to a new level, truly worthy of World-wide distributorship. The bearing surfaces are now triple machined to ensure flatness and parallelism across the bearings to provide maximum roll from the bearings. It is difficult for me to take pics of the new color, the pics make them look 'black chrome' instead of dark grey. The last 3 are pre-anodize to show just how brite they are right from the CNC.

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Got my 2010 Ion Vanquish today!

by 73watermutt (Mar. 25, 2010)
I just got my 2010 3x110/1x100 Ion Vanquish today. This frame is a work of art and is very high quality. I finally have my indoor setup complete.

Pinnacle Classic/Ion Vanquish 3x110,1x100/Atom Whip/Boss Swiss
SkateLog Forum: Got my 2010 Ion Vanquish today!